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  1. Wof man said I need new leaf bushes, so decided to give cruiser a birthday and do full suspension overhaul. Settled on an Old Man Emu kit - ordered mid December 3 months later full list of parts still hasn't shown up which is pretty dumb. Enough to make a start though, which I did today and found this when I pulled out the first front spring: The eagle eyed will notice that the leaf eye has sheared off and the only thing keeping the spring captive was the wrap of the next leaf. This would give probably 20mm of side play - and quite glad the diff didn't decide to go for a walk while
  2. Good shit on getting this thing moving, looking forward to seeing what it can do... How are you setting up the dust collection, direct connection to the router or come in after to clean up the mess?
  3. Cool, I found this thread that lathed up some wheels to ride on the extrusion https://www.festoolownersgroup.com/other-tools-accessories/router-sled-with-80-20/ but the above and below (?) multi roller style you linked to looks way better. In my head I was imagining almost identical to what you have built (box steel table with extrusion), but mounting at the extrusion ends rather than just shimmed to rest on top also seems like it'd be an improvement since then the table surface doesn't need to be mirror flat - at least for surfacing rigid slabs... Most of the slabs I've cut are
  4. So what rides on the ali extrusions? I've been looking to build a router sled for surfacing slabs, full manual style and fancy linear bearings obviously way overkill but looking for a rail solution that is better than the all MDF projects that are all over the internet...
  5. Been tossing up whether to keep the drive by wire setup or go to a cable throttle body. Was going to have to make a cable bracket or retrofit Chevy gas pedal either way, but making the pedal work looked like it was going to be hard given the shape of the foot well so decided to go manual style. Bought a not stupidly expensive but better than the generic super shit billet throttle bodies that are all over eBay. Bit bigger than what it is replacing too, throttle plate on the new one is 92mm. Made a shiny stainless bracket today and one more thing ticked off the list...
  6. Looks wicked, perfect murica-lyfe tow wagon to suit too. Are you looking to do gigs with this or is the trailer just for fun?
  7. At least you can go faster than 80kmh, DDing the BJ 80kmh is getting up there
  8. Daily driving vibratey sparten interior old cars is the way of the future
  9. Well done mate, looks mint. Did I miss the conditioning step? What wood did you use for the brisket?
  10. Beer and meat on tap - ingenious. People are gonna be pleased to see you showing up at the party!...
  11. This thing continues to inch forward. Have the intercooler mounted and pipes built. Have also done a few other things including mounting a remote radiator reservoir (since rad sits low), and modded this rad support/ crossmember thingee as wanted to get the intercooler as high as possible and throttle body pipe runs straight through. Ended up getting bit more than half of the intercooler in air flow with the grill fitted up, 2/3rds without. Happy with that outcome as with the tanks at top and bottom was pretty hard to achieve And here's what it looks like with grill and
  12. Is this also screwed to the hood of the zuki? EDIT damn kimjon il beat me to it
  13. CR500? Is it violent in the cab when you land? Second to last pic is wicked!
  14. The funny thing is I was really grumpy when I made this as the perfectionist in me wanted to do a good job, but the reality is the kids couldn't give a shit and have been playing with it way more than full effort stuff I've made
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