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  1. Is it a legit AE86? Might be worth more leaving it with an A motor, though my vote is 12 throttle 1GZ (or LS hehe) Truck is coming along at a snails pace, twin turbs sounds good but gotta buy two of everything which is pricey. That 2867 oughta suit the EP nicely, what a/r housing you going for?
  2. Good shots mate, didn't know you'd added an AE to the stable. Re turbski, what chu got? Re AE, do we get to play the which motor game?
  3. Good choice on painting the bonnet pin surrounds, more sleeper = more awesome IMO. I'm currently agonizing on whether to go pins for my thing, REALLY don't want to but seems like the only way I'm gonna be able able to run the intercooler I want dammit
  4. KP_wag

    Fiat 126p - discussion

    Sounds like a fun adventure, and no broken bits is a win too!
  5. A thing of beauty, love yer work. Must be so stoked to get this over the line - awesome job
  6. KP_wag

    Gav’s Honda N360

    This is so great, you are living my dream project. Look forward to hearing max revs sound clips
  7. KP_wag

    Gav’s Honda N360

    What flavour donky donk? You're in it for real now, looking forward to seeing the progress...
  8. KP_wag

    Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    Read your thread end to end and got many smiles from it. Also nicely reinforces my allegiance to jap cars...
  9. My guess is once it's got the cert on it, WOF guy will not be that interested (my WOF guy at least).
  10. Great, will look to go that way then I think, a boost referenced valve that is as loud (flowey) as legally poss when open, and quiet as possible when closed
  11. Thanks for that. So my reading of that is that you can have a switched 'bimodal' exhaust as long as it is not manually actuated and as long as it doesn't exceed the max decibel limits under either mode?
  12. I'm interested in this - suspect I'm the old man you speak of... Keen to have unrowdy whisper quiet sleeper spec for tootling into work carpark and have free-er flow when on the gas for my conversion (was thinking boost referenced). Re OK if OEM, I assume the OEM bit is the chassis/body versus engine? I believe some HSVs had vacuum actuated exhaust valves and donor motor is LS so?... Recipient is Hilux so nothing fancy there exhaust-wise
  13. KP_wag

    kpr's starlet

    Who needs turbos anyway. You barried up a dyno in yer shed or something?
  14. KP_wag

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Glamour shots on trademe look so lush, are you happy or sad?