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  1. So awesome, and loving the snorkel - you should swap the top for a copper downpipe elbow for max future patina. How does she handle highway speeds?
  2. KP_wag


    Ah yeap, different length axles is another thing that dawned on me today re these diffs. I was under the assumption they were centre pumpkin style but after having a measure up the passenger side is ~100mm longer than the drivers side (as measured from the yoke centre to the leafs). This is not so bad in my application as gas tank is on passenger side and driveshaft in old setup was touching cloth so this would give a bit more clearance there, am wondering what impact this might have on harmonics though? The Hilux hanger (is a 2 piece d shaft setup) is actually also 30mm offset to the drivers side, but still not enough to allow front and rear shafts to run on the same axis... Any comments from you diff gurus whether this is likely to cause problems?
  3. KP_wag


    It's actually ~40-50mm too narrow, so was just gonna adjust with spacers (cheap) or new wheels (not cheap). Mostly after the 8.8 as a cheap way for extra strength and discs to boot. Are you running the same in yer Valiant?
  4. KP_wag


    Yeah, was thinking could just flick the arb carrier and compressor, switches etc and use that to fund one of the carbon clutch Ford performance LSD units ex the US, they pretty cheap so potentially break even for a brand new inside bits diff. Thing is the housing is also drilled for the air fitting so might be better to just sell as a complete diff for someone's offroad project and try and find another standard one for the hilux, hmmm...
  5. KP_wag


    Major diff sharn for this weekend... So I bought a new diff, and it came attached to this: Explorer was in Aucks with a dead trans for the same price as wrecker wanted for a complete disc to disc diff outa the same, so thought I'd drive up from Hams and transport back. Ring the dude up and get him to climb under the truck and check the tag, 3L73 yuss it's a 31 spline LSD 3.73 8.8, perfect. Mad mission up there showing up after dark, bundle it on the transporter without really any inspection getting home late last night. Then while basking in the 90s luxury Ford cockpit this morning I notice this on the centre console: Initially super excited holy shit has a moonbeams air locker in it, but then dawned on me I drove all the way to Aucks to pick this thing up and now I still have no LSD, as open/full locker setup less than ideal for what's sposed to be a fast road ute. So now can't decide if it's a win or loss, prolly come out ahead if I sell it to fund another diff (or new internal bits for this one) but mo time and wheeling and dealing while I should be trying to get this damn ute finished... As an aside also found this wedged under the truck, looks like someone's been explorer red necking
  6. Awesome that you can buy a brand new crank, are most other parts still available new for 4A?
  7. Loving the steelies... That must cause some butt hurt among the purists
  8. If you hate the car and can't see the way through, sometimes its better to ditch and run in my experience. Feel way better after the fact too.
  9. Issue with hilux was that it was pretty much drag spec motor in a 2ton brick. Big cam, single plane intake, large runner heads and oversize exhaust which went great up top but midrange was seriously lacking, so was a lazy gas pig as a daily driver. True that It did epic wheelies though... Re LS1, I reckon persist with it as will probably be super reliable once you iron out the kinks, have that reputation at least... Is this the candidate for retro conversion? Why not turbo the LS1 that should make all your issues disappear
  10. My '05 hilux was transplanted with a '97 350 chebby (LT1) and was certed as such. I bought it that way so prolly also need to see a psychiatrist and certainly felt like I needed therapy after driving it for a while as was depressing what a horrible pig it was. Sounded good but
  11. Haha that's good info, will need to take a look at some stage. Cool that the cert info is there as well, and that yours is the only v8
  12. Rear wheel/tyre combo looks so good on this, looks tough but retains some sleeper feel also. Re number of wagons left, where do you get this info? Have heard other people say similar things about other cars and wondering where this data comes from
  13. Because of this ^. It seems to own all other trucks everywhere so wondering how it'd go in the rocks. Not that I've seen/done much of it but rock crawling is pretty fun, something about an adrenaline rush at 2kmh...
  14. How do you think it would crawling through a rock field, do you have the throttle control to keep it in its powerband and still under control at very low speed? This is where I'd expect it could get tricky compared to a low revving big flywheel 8 for eg. I imagine the 4-links would carve up the rocks tho