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  1. Hey boes, So i accidently replaced the A/T transmission filter with an engine oil filter, I damaged to old A/T filter in the process so i cant put that back on. Will an engine oil filter be fine with Automatic transmission fluid going through it? Cheers
  2. ratt

    Now crownin round's 73 Datsun 240c

    Those look ace man! Glad they went to a good home
  3. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    Sorry for not updating boes. I won! After bashing away with hammers and getting nowhere (was using a 20 pound sledge and a 5 pound mallet) I borrowed this: 30 seconds later the job was done On another note, I just purchased these for nicks: Enkei 92's 14" 5x114 Unsure of width or offset, will have more info when they arrive, at the price they were im not too concerned though. Matt
  4. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    Haha yea looks like one of my ex's too my brother's coming over after work today so i'll get him to help, gonna shoot down the road and grab a decent drill bit for drilling hardened steel soon and try and take some of the tension off, hopefully that will do the trick
  5. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    Good to know im not the only one Will go tackle have another crack at it now, video may require some tricky camera mounting as i am working by myself.
  6. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    Have tried drilling, chewed through the drill bit and hardly made a mark, might try again with a carbide/diamond drill bit or something along those lines. I gave it some solid whacks, gave up for tonight though, should make some progress tommorow, all things going well.
  7. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    Thanks for the advice guys, tried the hammers, no luck there, will go have another crack at it after dinner as I'm starting to have a rage
  8. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    cool thanks for the tips, might be time to go hire a gas torch
  9. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    Yea i see the error of my ways now lol... I was going off advice from someone who apparentley knew what they were doing. Putting it in a vice would mean removing more parts, which I am trying to avoid as I dont want to open a can of worms
  10. ratt

    Ball Joint Seized

    I'm no mechanic so you'll have to pardon me if I get a few terms/part names wrong So I decided to change the upper ball joints on my crown as the grease boots were split and pissing out grease. The drivers side popped off easy, the passenger side, not so easy... The ball joint connects to the (control arm?) by means of a spindle and a crown nut. After much bashing with a ball joint fork and BFH had made no progress, so decided to cut the ball joint from its spindle. I am now left with a piece of metal stuck inside another piece of metal and no bloody clue how to get it out so i can replace the ball joints. Any suggestions?
  11. ratt

    jamie_schollum 1969 Mk1 Escort

    ^ this. but yeah, old cars have rust. Its a law of nature.
  12. ratt

    Zeeb's 230 Cedric

    Fuck I cant believe that old datsun does 200 clicks
  13. After makita adjustables were installed. With earthwurmjurms rx30 Immaculate condition all round. Have possibly sussed some rather nice rims for it Will get it tinted at some stage too. Engine is gonna stay stay the way it is for now, might change the exhaust for something a bit less restrictive though. Interior pics tommorow.
  14. ratt

    nobumps' Isuzu B-Boy

    Good Shit. Can u do the hook ups? Do you have brushes too?