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  1. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    Maiden Voyage was - Auckland, New Plymouth, Wanganui, Palmy, Kapiti, Wellington, Upper Hutt, Masterton, Hastings, Napier, Taupo, Auckland. Went sweet apart from a wee drip from the gas tank, tried to tighten the offending cap and sheared it off in a rest stop, managed to bung up the hole and repair properly in another rest stop. Did some 0 - 60 times and 1/8 mile stuff on the OBD app thing. 4.9 second 0-60 and the 1/8th mile time translated to about a 13.9 second 1/4 (was 130 ish at 1/8 so pulled the pin), so pretty rapid for a 2.5 tonne pig, and 11.5l/100ks on the trip, with some looseness thrown in along the way. Been looking at Magnuson supercharger set ups...
  2. Sluggy's C20

    It felt like an adventure, its been a long time since I have done miles in an old car and I really loved it. Bench seat cornering, no anti roll bars, no grab handles, the fear of a door springing open at every turn..... god I have missed you all.
  3. Sluggy's C20

    Drove it to Russell a couple of days ago, not that it really matters, but 13.75l per 100kms. Im pretty happy with that number... zero break downs or issues. Big Tick from me !
  4. Sluggy's C20

    I have put the retro sound head unit in it so it looks old school, it is bluetooth and phone sorted, Im just really over the wiring on this thing now....
  5. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    I now have a working electric handbrake, aircon that blows cold - had to do a bit of a rewire of the fan... a gas gauge that reads right, and Ive worked out the WOT dead zone issue with the thing. Also resealed all the doors / windows / rattle free !! Washed original blanket and reinstalled. The WOT bit is due to a stupid gas tank that has a pick up at the front and no tube internally to the rear of the tank, so I will make up an adaptor fitting and see if that works, or do some kind of surge tank set up to alleviate the issue for ever. To do list is little - Rear deck (full day job Im thinking), sort out fuel issue... The End. Also need to install speakers on stereo and probably alarm it. Anyone on here do this ? Im seriously unmotivated towards the stereo. And the speedo stopped working just after the gas gauge started working. Its a sign I think.
  6. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    Couple more photos of engine bay and interior.
  7. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    And we are rolling, needs to go upwards 1/2” in the front (joys of torsion bars) and an alignment, stereo, handbrake and work out why the fan isnt flicking on. Wheels feel good, power steering way to light so have a shim kit on the way to sort this. Merry Christmas to me. Hoping Santa installs rear tray and the bajillion nuts and bolts that hold it down.
  8. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    Exhaust sorted, brakes need some love, bit more wiring, electric handbrake sort out, door seals and stereo and probably more.. hopefully get wheels back soon...
  9. Sluggy's C20

    Drove it tonight, exhaust tomorrow. driving there with open headers and excessive traction issues. borrowed wheels...
  10. Sluggy's C20

    Yeah I was thinking that, 24 kgs a rim plus tyres.... Will see how it rolls, I have found someone to redrill them thanks to Stu, so will see how it works out !! No deafening exhaust here though. Im going for quiet as a mouse status.
  11. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    Monumental Fuck Up 101 - when ordering wheels, make sure PCD is correct... I screwed the pooch on this one, and now have a set of steel wheels that are 5 / 4.75 (and 5/4.5) instead of 5 / 5.00". These are std chev passenger fitment, detroit steel wheels, 20x8 and 20 x 9. 1/4" of doom... So options are find someone to sort this for me, or sell them and regroup.... Any suggestions welcome. Im pretty confident there is enough meat to weld / redrill - just finding the right person to do it. Pic is of the front of wheel, dimpled stud holes are the 4.75" ones.
  12. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    It Lives ! After a week of thinking and fucking around with wires, it starts. VATS hadnt been turned off in the ecu, so no sparky and no fuel. have a problem with the pedal not moving the throttle body, and TPS errors, will try another throttle body next week and see if that solves it, its a drive by wire deal. Wheels arrive in the country monday, working on timber decking in the tray this weekend. Spindle swap and disc brakes are on the front end. Used CPP C20 to C10 conversion spindles so was an easy swap. To do - radiator and hoses, power steering, re attach front end properly, tray and the back end, wheels, rear brakes, handbrake (keep forgetting to do something about this), exhaust... Maf sensor wasnt in front of throttle body hence death.
  13. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    Seat is sorted !! Big thanks to Midnight Upholstery, awesome work !! Been trying to start it, radiator is in, condensor for air con and the tranny fluid cooler. Had to strip and clean starter solenoid, turns over but no bang bang. Experiencing voltage drop killing ecu and fuel pump during cranking, will sort next week with help from Stu the electrical guru. To be fair the wiring has gotten a bit gnarly, loom, then ecu, then air con, cruise control, tranny shifter etc etc... not happy with my work... This weekend I will finish off brake lines, change front spindles and get discs on the front end. Got some closed foam underlay to whack over the top of the dynamat and carpet on the way.... closing in on it !!
  14. Sluggy's C20

    Dynamat or one of its variants would be great on the floor of a car I used to draw as a 3 year old. Basically a shoebox. 1) wear gloves (i got a bazillion little cuts on the end of my fingers because tough guy) 2) get a decent roller - the long socket I used was cheap but tough work. 3) pay some other dweeb to do it. I have some closed cell foam coming to go over this then carpet. Hopefully is quiet like a tiger.