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  1. Just in case anyone has been thinking.... I wonder what happened to this. I have hit a major curve. The holes in the heads that the pushrods pass through are making contact with the pushrods at about 3/4 lift... File it out I hear you say, but alas, these need to seal against the pushrod tube seal, and they have already been moved so they are hard against the valve cover rail. And welding and machining opens a whole new can of worms. So to "fix" the interference issue, I will be reassembling, trying the set up with the old smaller cam and maybe go to a different ratio rocker if the adjusting screw centreline is closer to the pivot point, and hopefully I can find enough clearance to make it work. I can probably sort it and have crappy rocker arm geometry, Ill go there if I have too. Pushrods are 1/2" diameter and tapered at the ends. Because this engine is not exactly off the shelf, Pauter (the manufacturers) were contacted, they no longer have castings made and all their current heads are billet at the amazing price of $8k usd a pair (holy fuck is the correct expletive here). Unfortunately if plan A fails this is where I am at, which is why I have mothballed it for a while. This week, next weekend Ill get it together and start trying shit.
  2. Got wood ?
  3. Autoblast that puppy. Happy chassis, happy life, just waiting on the timber for the deck. Found some nice swiss cheese in the floor, so have some patch panels in the shed to throw in in the next couple of weeks. Truck is ridiculously solid barring the floor. Also have the C10 front end to pick up later this week and another rear end. But I found some 3.38 gears for the stock rear end (currently 4.57) which will put it at about 1600 rpm at 100 ks in 6th when the LS and auto go in. So in the name of getting it done I might go down this route.
  4. Been daily driving for a couple of weeks now. Leads, plugs and a holley 600 worked mint on the old girl. Taken the tray off and sent it to autoblast to have all the chassis sealed up against the dreaded rust !! Got a mate machining up some boards for the bed, mounted fuel tank in the back and the front seat will be off to be re upholstered soon. Engine swap is happening end of September so anyone after a 327 give me a yell !
  5. As per the build thread (which is lame) nearly complied, have later front and rear ends, 5 stud and goes to a coil over rather than the torsion front end. Im pretty sure the Ls/6l80 combo wont squeeze between the torsion bars/front suspension set up. The box is a monster. As pe build post, kleen to talk to people who are up for doing front suspension swap and engine swap - would like it done in the next 3 months (not 4 years like the other project...)
  6. Soo nearly complied,has seat belts brakes all sorted, authorities blah blah. Ive been collecting a few bits, what has become blindingly clear to me is I have no time. So Im looking for someone to do some of this for me. Once its all complied, doing the LS swap, also all suspension, I will have a 78 front end and an 88 rear axle to chuck into it. Any suggestions around potential people to do some of the work would be great, preferably in aucks but can also road trip it. I have the loom all reworked so the ecu will sit inside the cab, and a 3 wire hook up to make the magic happen. also have an hptuners set up for post install getting going so not looking for an electrical genius, Im happy to get that side of it happening.
  7. Angus we need a planning committee meeting with beer and more wheels up pics !!
  8. I will be selling the 327 and box. Will hopefully be 3 or 4 months away. Unsure of engine/gearbox goodness as yet.
  9. Yeah, the options are limited in the 60 - 62 trucks. There is this option - but I will need to check with the authorities. The plan was always to keep it stock to get it complied. Rebuild all the stock suspension, and see how it rides. Then do the conversion/cert stuff post that.
  10. God Bless the Authorities. I was looking at a Fatman Fab IFS front end and emailed them. Here is the response.... Due to the excessive new testing requirements on welded and cast automobile parts by the Australian and New Zealand governments we have formally withdrawn from those markets and will not supply parts to those countries. They are now requiring aviation level fabrication techniques and non-destructive testing on all welded parts. Cast suspension parts regardless of quality or testing are no longer allowed on any basis, while forged parts are required to have documented individual testing done per each part. In addition, we are receiving requirements for detailed engineering analysis far in excess of normal practice and empirical testing as is currently done. These additional costs in addition to the additional shipping and Customs cost for you simply force us to this regrettable decision. We apologize for any inconvenience. Where are my cotton wool overalls. Im vewy vewy precious.
  11. I have been looking around for a while for a new work truck, wanted to go old school and update it to modern running gear and some creature comforts. I didnt have much of an idea but liked the look of older Chev trucks, did some reading and looking and got to this point. Truck will be in the country mid April, it is currently running a 327 and manual gearbox, and pretty much stock apart from that. Plan is to get it complied with existing running gear then modernise a wee bit. I have an LS3 and 6L80 trans and all associated wires and mechanical stuff in my warehouse now (cart before horse) and maybe a front end suspension transplant from a later truck and a diff with a lower ratio. this one will be either a 4.11 or 4.56 ish I believe, so a bit on the highside. While the intention wasn't to start/have another project, Im quite fizzed up about it. Going to keep it stock looking, no fancy wheels or any of that crap. Will get some hand painted signage on it, I want it to look like it was always there.
  12. Have been doing a bit on this. Tinware is just about done barring a couple of naca duct holes then out for powdercoat , fire system is in. Have ordered pushrods, springs, retainers, keepers, spare bearings, new rod bolts and have sorted rocker geometry, friends with mills are good friends to have. Wiring is sorted to the engine plug, really just the plug to engine to do, its a short run so shouldn't be long. 4mm steel plate welded in pedal area - floor pan was super flexi. Getting all the flexi brake/clutch lines remade as they have been in the car a while. Really not that far away... famous nearly last words.... March 2017.
  13. Since the engine is apart, heads have gone to Marsh, there was .018" difference in seat heights so this is all being sorted. Changing the cam, decided I might as well maximise the potential, the heads are good for around 300hp NA based on the flow numbers, so biggy upsized to 280 @ .050" lifting .611" at the valve. Potentially good for 600 + ish hp at the flywheel. So will remove boost to make it tractable. The 10th December is now a distant memory unfortunately. The pushrods I need (7/16 tapered) have to be cut to length in the US (the only way they will sell them to me), so need to get cam, set up geometry (currently miles out) then order pushrods. Also down speccing on valve spring size as they were way overkill triple K900's.
  14. Crank not cracked. Sigh of relief...
  15. Yeah, I was pretty keen on the programmable digital one but this is the stocker, runs mint though. Very happy to throw another 009 in the bin.