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  1. Clutch and gearbox porn... Weddle MD5S 5 speed sequential, triple plate clutch. My kids are going to inherit so many shiny parts, bless them...
  2. I really just want to get something running, there is potential to do this and I'm pretty sure this is a tough sell at best, will just see how it all pans out. The likelihood of having both cars haunting me for years to come is high !
  3. If anyone is interested, I am looking at selling the 55. It is a roller, engineless, with or without gearbox. I have a ton of options/stuff that will go with the car. Looking for 20k without the box or 30 with it. Box is a mendeola MD4S, good for 1000 flywheel horsepowers (rotary maybe ? ). The whole deal is no expense spared. Prepared to do deals. As per my build thread, I have bought another car, I have thought about finishing this, but motivation/time are against me. Yet another notch in the bedhead of broken dreams.
  4. Oh the delays... After much looking and talking to authorities, the potential horsies versus the VW pan chassis I have is not going to fly. So I went looking for a chassis that will work with the power plant I have. I have found this in the UK. It is heading back to the chassis builder for more work ( Cotsweld engineering). Not sure when it will be down here, but a much better option and less likely to kill myself, which is a positive. Chassis is built to SFI specs to a 7.5 second standard. Intention is to add bars to get it to 6.5 s spec (not that it will ever go this fast) so completely future proofed. Rear end will be re done to make it IRS, currently a swingaxle set up. So one goes to the garage of broken dreams, and the project continues... year 9...
  5. Yeah I think I do somewhere. Will have to check... All good mate, Ive moved on !!
  6. Large tube of silicon sealant.... For the record, do you still have my torque multiplier thingy ? Or have I misplaced it...
  7. Most of the engine is here, so time for some cutting and tucking. Waiting on piston pins and some hardware. Also going to a fueltech ecu, so I have a link fury and 2 race tech dashes up for grabs if anyone is looking for one. Will try and update this a bit more regularly as I make progress. This is just mocking up, fitting everything in and then will do the engine build once that is all sorted.
  8. Accumulating more stuff, and selling other stuff. Shiny video from Sao Paulo... running a bit behind time, but car life.
  9. Some shiny stuff arrived today. 3 months or so before i have something to attach it too.
  10. And Im back, actually been doing a bit of work on this. Previous plans have led to abject failure, so have taken a deep plunge to do this right, once (although cheaped out on gearbox a bit) Have started selling off most of the engine bits and gearbox shown in previous posts here, and Im sure I will be left with a pile that will be added to the cupboard of broken dreams.. If anyone needs a new T3/T4 turbo, eboost 2 , tubosmart wastegate and bov... all for sale and more, listing in FS sooon. I have bought a Mendeola 2D box with a vertigate shifter, pro ringed, spool set up. Not new, but the previous owner put 980hp to the wheels through it, so it should hold up. Also bought a new engine, it is 3 months away, basic specs are 90 stroke x 109.5 bore , G42-1450 turbo, methanol injected (8 injector set up). Going away from any thoughts of street driven to dedicated drag car. Pic is similar to what it is, without the mount and inlet/exhaust going the other way for a rear engined set up. There is potential for a lot more HP than I think I will be able to put through the chassis I have. Longer term a tube frame chassis may be the go. I started this thread 7 years ago..... pre death is now the goal...
  11. Can I win Brisket ? Its fucken great ! Everything is up for consideration ! When is it ?
  12. Just for fun really, I was thinking of hiring it out for weekends when I am not using it. Once the initial excitement is over, I wont be using it all the time. I have a pretty good feel for the fire management and have done 3 briskets in it so far and some ribs happening this week. You could get probably 8 briskets in it. One feeds a lazy 8 - 10 people, so good for crowds over Jacindas prescribed size. Considering the size, it is pretty efficient, an 8 hour cook uses about half the wood bin (depends a bit on the ambient) that is maintaining 225 - 275 F for that time, roughly 4 - 5 splits an hour. Pic is of a wagyu brisket I did last weekend on at 7am, eating at 6pm after a 2 hour rest.
  13. Still a bit if finishing to do, but basic form is there, bench tops are macro. One behind the bbq is on drawer slides, wood and stuff stored under there. Cooking another brisket this weekend.... fingers crossed !!
  14. couple more pics. firebox gets hot enough to make coffee (slowly)
  15. Did do a burn for a couple of hours then the oil up and 4 hours at 300 prior to the cook. Had a mix of pohutukawa and manuka, I have a couple of m3 of each so that will be the go too for some time.
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