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  1. One of the important tasks for making this bad boy road legal, was a handbrake. The original Handbrake and Gear Stick were mounted on a massive "U" shapped Panel that bolted up from underneath the floor. Pretty Italian. Basically I wanted to raise and shift the gear selector mounting position, I took it as an opportunity to completely remove this underfloor panel. Being that handbrakes a fairly redundant when circuit racing, I never got around to remedying the situation until now. So I brought an El Cheapo Hydraulic Handbrake set up that I can put on my MSNZ Authority Card. I wanted to buy something of reasonable quality but also had the ability to be either vertically or horizontally actuated. I ended up buying a GKTech unit, which arrived promptly even during lockdown. "Essential" Car parts. Yeah Right. Pretty sure, this is just a Aliexpress unit but hey it turned up quickly enough so I guess I can't complain too much. Wasn't all that sure where this was going to be mounted so I drilled our the spot welds for the original handbrake cable bracket mount. Looks like shit. I don't have any of the original paint I used for the interior, which is definitely a bit frustrating. Feeling like a high strung anorexic these days. All mounted. Decided on a semi vertical lever position. Feels natural enough, elbow doesn't jam on the seat. Underneath the aircraft alloy patch is the original opening for the handbrake assembly. As I have just mounted the handbrake with 4x Rivnuts in the floor, I was a little worried about the rigidity, being so close to this opening. I won't know for sure until I've plumbed it up and tested it in anger. But so far so good, feels solid enough. Alloy tape looks way better than shitty not painted area. 'Cause Racecar. So far I've added another 1.1Kgs, but it had to be done, the weight is in about the best position you could hope for, low down and very central. After the gains from my front doors, I'm still well ahead, so happy days. I've got to decide whether I plumb the handbrake after the Brake Light Switch, or whether I don't worry about it and plumb the handbrake through the switch. I figure it's probably a good thing to have the brake lights come on when I'm tearing a phat cone slide.
  2. Everytime. Just bought a new 1/2" Torque Wrench for home, after doing it everyday, I just can't bring myself to not use one on wheel nuts.
  3. Well that kinda ended up drawing the same conclusion I did...
  4. I absolutely agree, but please explain method. Fuck I have been away from interesting shit on cars for too long, my brain don't work no more. Ex Mechanic Decline is real and fuck it's quick.
  5. Would the Standard exhaust Cam be relatively limited in the overlap that can be produced then? So unless the difference between the 2x exhaust manifolds is significant in regards to the clearance of exhausts gas on the exhaust stroke, then your unlikely to be able to measure a significant change in MAF. If the designs were conducive to creating scavenging then you'd require Dual VVTi to generate Overlap and aid your dip?? Might be waaay off. Likely waaaay off.
  6. @Roman Am I right in thinking you are running a standard 3SGE Exhaust Cam without VVT?
  7. I feel like this very situation would be much more ideal for tuning VVT in general? Being able to measure the Air Flow increase or reduction in real time. If you could fit a MAF as an overall tuning reference on a Dyno I feel like it would be a very helpful signal, even if it's outside the ECU loop. Could you put a MAF or similar sensor in the exhaust also?
  8. I'm of the opinion that EGR is completely detrimental to Power and Effeciency and that is purely used to allow Nox reduction in a Startified Charge condition, because Nox would be prolific in that situation.
  9. This would only occur if you are using Valve Overlap?? Or if the manifold is not allowing full cylinder emptying on the exhaust stroke? But yes, I'm sure you would see a difference.
  10. Can I ask this question? In a road vehicle where harmful emission reduction is not legislated for. Does EGR aid in reduction of fuel consumption? In the situation of pumping losses. BMW Valvtronic system uses variable valve lift to reduce the valve lift and minimize pumping losses rather than EGR.
  11. I wasn't under the impression that EGR was used in a Lean Burn - Startified Charge Situation.
  12. EGR is used to reduce Combustion Temperature and intern reduce Nox formation at the outter perimeter of the combustion chamber. My understanding is that it is purely for Emissions Reduction and does not improve Fuel Effeciency. I stand corrected.
  13. The big problem with Chequebook set ups is budget. Paying someone to tune your entire set up from Cold Start, to Full Load Power run, along with VVT maps and associated varying conditions is unrealistic cost wise. It takes hours. At between $100 - $200 an hour or more. Let alone if they're installing components and building custom wiring looms. Only drug dealers have the kinda spare cash lying around for a professional tuner to build and tune an engine management system from scratch, and end up with a system that has 80 - 90% of the startabilty, driveability and reliability of a factory ECU. Also they're constantly blamed for Failures, so on top of that, usually have super safe ignition tables and wildly rich fuel maps. Which itself starts causing problems. Like anything you can get 70% of the result with 30% of the effort. The last 30% takes time, patience and understanding.
  14. On the subject of Glass 1st. Would using an outter layer of carbon and then supported my 1-2 layers of Glass, aid rigidity but also balance cost? Basically Glass weave is like $60 for 1mx10m. The equivalent in Carbon is closer to $400. Once you go to wider Cloth, it climbs further. My plan is to build Glass, Guards and Bumper, then modify the glass panel, to make wider guards and a splitter mould, then potentially make these from Carbon. But tbh, besides absolute critical weight savings and the wank factor of Carbon, I'm starting to think the cost and repair-ability of Glass makes it more attractive. Fuck I really need to find that properties chart I saw years ago, that balanced Carbon, Kevlar and Glass.
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