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  1. Can probably swing by Wednesday evening if that suits? You should buy it so you can cart @Geophy sweet mill that I haven't finished modifying back.
  2. I'm pretty sure those lockout pins only go in 1 spot. Not all 4 cavities. I was investigating a Subaru one once and they have a pin that limits the advance until it has enough oil pressure to retract the pin. That was only on one of the cavities
  3. For an oil light? If you have a dead short for a lamp, 7.2w will flow at 12v. What is the resistance of the lamp?
  4. Yea just mash it in there and it looks like a pro did it.. +1 for a bit of ss wire on some crusty mild. Also, like sheepers said, dont need a foot pedal. Just set the downslope and when things start getting a bit spicy, let off the trigger and back on before it shuts off. Couple of them to get you out of trouble and youre away again
  5. Is it possible to just set a max acceleration ramp? And have a knob to change the slope depending on available traction?
  6. This. The fuse holder probably just china'd out. Have seen it a few times in various applications. I always check the the fuse is a nice tight fit into the terminals. If not, give it a bit of a pinch up with the pliers to close the female parts up.
  7. Possibly could sponsor a differential pressure transmitter. 4-20mA. I think I have a 10kpa one that is surplus. It has damaged thread on the cable entry so its certification is not valid.
  8. Thanks guys, I'll get hold of ya when I hear back from the guy.
  9. Im looking at a lexus gs350 somewhere near Berhampore? In wgtn. Just got to wait for the seller to get it back from storage. I'm ready to pull the trigger, but just want someone local to check it's not a dog/hidden damage. I'd anybody able to have a quick look for me? I'll post you some beers or something else to enjoy during the coming lockdown
  10. Took the kids to the caroline bay festival today. A solid 4 boring hours of flat out straight road. Well on the way there it was flat out, the way back was full of bloody caravans Done about 1100 or 1200 miles so far. Hasn't missed a beat. Just rolled over 105,000. Still got the sticker on the windscreen saying next service due @105 or june 2010. So hasn't done a lot of work the last 10 yrs Edit, soz upside down pic. Dunno why. Easier to turn ya phone around.
  11. Action shots! Well some photos at least. I'm shit behind a camera, and forget to take them. Currently in chch on a family holiday of the sth island. Been to Nelson for a bit, over to Takaka, down to Westport then Hokitika and across to chch. Went up to the Denniston Mine. Was quiet so snuck through the barrier for some photos. Did some other stuff too. Discovered the rubber boot thing on the wiper on my side leaks and drips on my foot
  12. @anglia4 I'll be back mid Jan, got a mudbug lined up. Keen to do some exploring.
  13. yea maybe a bit cheap, but its no 240z.. Unfortunately i need the space and the time. Not that this takes a lot of my time. Going to the south island for a month in december, but the wif does not love getting stuck to the vinyl seats. Have been measuring up to fit A/C. Got a vintage air unit i was going to fit to another project so might mash that in
  14. The front spring change made it handle better but made the soft rear springs stand out a lot more. @Bistro had some leaves lying around that looked like they might fit so i engaged the safety squint and split some springs from the parts car Spot the difference No real change in height when relaxed, but around 10mm higher in the car which is what i wanted. The bolt through the leaves was too short, but fyi a chinese honda gx390 headbolt is perfect, even same thread. Had to engage the safety prop under the diff to change the springs out too. has been load tested under heavier things so is only slightly bowed Took the family to the mount for the nth island Datsun Nats over labour weekend. Did heaps of driving. most of it at a fair clip too. Under 10L/100km too. didnt take any photos, but saw this one of FB Im thinking about selling this as i need the space and time to work on my next one.
  15. If your only doing hay, then yes, it will take a lot. But who on here is only going to use them for what they were intended for?
  16. Dusted this off last week to use it next month for a family trip. Wof man did not approve of my 'custom' shocks. I found some old ones from some holden that were a bit short but did the trick. no pics, but you can see the bump stop has been working a fair bit. I was looking at getting some of those air shocks that you can pump up to take some weight, but might trim the bumps a bit first, and look at some new springs I also changed the front springs to HQ super lows. They are 17.5mm vs 16mm wire diameter so a bit harder. the stock trimmed ones felt a bit soft. Done a few kays on them, not sure yet.Think the rear needs to be harder Getting good at changing them, only 15mins a side now so can change back easily. got a bit of a lineup going on.... Probably got enough now.
  17. Have you got a regular set of pullers? I have a China set and bought 2 lengths of 3/8 threaded rod to extend the clamshell bit to allow me to do the same as you have pictured. You might be able to buy some locally. I think I paid $10 for 2m of it
  18. If you peel the top gasket off there will probably be a hole/groove into the base if the carb
  19. I would try and borrow a sensor to try first, Then 2nd, try new wires from the ecu to the sensor. It could be a bad connection somewhere leaking a bit of voltage into the map signal wire.
  20. Lol, I have a fwd maxima with the early faulty guides. The plastic bit behind the red square slides down and the tensioner hasn't got enough extension to tighten the chain. I have found that if you leave the car off for a week or 2, the piston will retract enough to start the car pinned for a full Italian tune up. The chain goes so fast it pushes the plastic bit up the guide before the tensioner piston can be pushed out and shes fixed for 6 months!
  21. had a mate with a z powered 1200. z18et head, z22 block, z20 crank or something close to that. ran an early link. went very well. plus its nissan lego so mechanically you can do anything. ka24de+t
  22. Can you take a photo of the wiring inside the terminal box of the motor? It says 400v star, (Y) so it should be able to do 230v delta with a Chinese vsd or 2nd hand trademe one. If you can get one cheap it will be the easiest way
  23. @Ja1lb8 made a jig to hold rims for a large wheel importer friend of ours. It was cheaper to buy them blank and drill them to suit, than stock every offset and hole pattern. It was pretty rugged. (the drilling, not the fixture) and they would just go at it and it seemed to be all good. /depends if you have enough meat
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