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  1. yes, but down there for 2 weeks, back 2 weeks then Easter mission
  2. @Mof @NickJ sorry fellas, kinda forgot this was still happening and am taking son south on thursday to whack lead into goats/deer, help pour a concrete floor and assist tree removal for a damsel in distress etc L/C80 needs a few things done before it gets involved in anything more serious than towing shit up and down the island. IE: no recovery points, no traction adders fitted. Vitara is in a similar situation, but at least it has a winch open diffs suck !!
  3. gravelsprint organised by Paddonrallysport on the Nevis Rd. don't go that scenic route to get to Cromwell , but worthy of a sneaky peak, as some serious cars/quads turning up and free spectator entry
  4. or send it down to mine, we still have more bush to clear !!
  5. i could tow the scrubby up there and thrash that instead ?
  6. yes, something i need to add to it. front factory lashing points were broken, so had no issue cutting them off to fit nudge-bar
  7. would my L/C80 get in there without lift/snorkel/muds ? can easily swap winch of Scrubby for assistance
  8. won't the VN have a wiper relay to control the park and intermittent delay ? you may need one to get the electrickery to work ?
  9. ok. plenty dead in paddocks from fuckwits towing without external trans cooler
  10. any chance bighorn or isuzu ute use same clutch pack ?
  11. does it need to be electric choke ? have a few here and have a enough bits to build a few good one if you wanna go down that path
  12. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    when was this bulletin issued ? i got a bollocking for suggesting it when i first bought it ( 3yrs/55K ago ) from guys that have been at Toyota dealerships for many, many years, claiming internet myth. one tech said a customer demanded they inspect at 300k, so they did, but only fitted shells because it was open, but not due to wear ?
  13. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    bit hard to pre-fill when it upside down mounted. it not rattly, so it can do another summer of hauling shit down south
  14. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    mate. povo-spec 80-series oil light, not factory gauge