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  1. and after the nonsense with a certain certifier, good luck finding someone to do the workings and sign it off. unless changed dramatically in last 5 years, many left due his shonky behaviour
  2. how are required numbers looking ? know it months away, but 'locking it in' is a major tick in the box ?
  3. so something slower than an N/A 80-series diesel cruiser exists ??
  4. engage repair certifier before even contemplating a re-vin, if their is any doubt....... so many think they know the system, then spend mega-bucks on repairs. my project has some repairs, but appear cosmetic only and full chassis. repair certifier pretty kosha with everything
  5. the simple fact that people can back out of/ enter their garage during darkness, and not pick up on the fact that one headlight has blown, truly fecken astounds me. what other obvious things do not compute behind their retinas
  6. possibly. have not decided our plans before/after event, but Kaikoura and west coast are on the radar
  7. registered and paid x 2. unsure if Raghead/Tommoose has actually joined here yet......... or just a fecken stalking misfit !!
  8. same set-up as GT4, but different ratios are the 2 versions of 4WD carib. need Raghead to join up as he obsessed, but 1600 and 1800 are different, unsure if transfer ratios the same. pre-ABS models have lockable centre/transfer.
  9. liteace springs to mind, as needed short unit to avoid manifold in a KP60 . may only be 5/8, though
  10. best get the Raghead to sign up as a member, and not a lurker. he has stock of some very absorbant material for wiping up the foam, and the dribble from both sides of Simpson's mouth !!
  11. Taiwan has/had better cred than most China made................. once upon a time Taiwan ROC and HongKong made good-ish gear
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