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  1. there is a Suzuki van insert that fits the common jappo coil-overs. tried to get replacement adjustable-valve KYB inserts, but JIC/KEI office etc get them custom made from KYB
  2. my manual bus is not a fan of hills, needs a split-diff to halve the ratio.
  3. i breifly considered turboing my one, but by the time one acquires bits and matches it up, tunes etc, be easier to find a 1HD-T, and sell mine underground
  4. and it's allergic to hills ?
  5. can't remember specs, but Mitsi 4G63 8V sigma valves are an upgrade for T engines. will measure when back home
  6. surely, if the valve springs don't bind, the 2mm shorter will work. the 5mm longer ones could be shimmed at the head if the caps don't tighten due to installed spring tension whole lot of ifs, as a lazy old stationary motor not as critical as 10K screamer
  7. what about a sealed electrical enclosure ? https://www.jaycar.co.nz/sealed-abs-enclosure-240-x-160-x-90mm/p/HB6134
  8. being contact with original builder is the key, from when i talked to tech office
  9. looking sharp does this still have 38mm main hoop ? did you have any issue with modifying cage members/gusseting ? last time i talked to MSNZ about my cage, and wanting to add components, they were quite dark on it, but was 3-4 years ago, when the rebuild was supposed to happen.
  10. cheap enough to give it a hoon. would have had a go on one, but scored a Magmate180 for reasonable price
  11. looks pretty decent, shame about shipping price !!, get it filled with filers or something similar. whatever you do, don't use the budget marine style ones. they don't seal and are illegal for use, but many scrutineers let them pass previously, SLA/VRLA batteries were not required to be sealed, and i am one of many who paid the price. had a non-rusty RWD Toyota (yes, rare !!) rust from the inside out , and requires extensive repairs before next event
  12. will give her a buzz and get back to you. cheers
  13. haha, only good AU is a crushed or derbyed one !!
  14. 25th July Darfeild to Darfeild allowance for 2 people
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