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  1. or send it down to mine, we still have more bush to clear !!
  2. i could tow the scrubby up there and thrash that instead ?
  3. yes, something i need to add to it. front factory lashing points were broken, so had no issue cutting them off to fit nudge-bar
  4. would my L/C80 get in there without lift/snorkel/muds ? can easily swap winch of Scrubby for assistance
  5. won't the VN have a wiper relay to control the park and intermittent delay ? you may need one to get the electrickery to work ?
  6. ok. plenty dead in paddocks from fuckwits towing without external trans cooler
  7. any chance bighorn or isuzu ute use same clutch pack ?
  8. does it need to be electric choke ? have a few here and have a enough bits to build a few good one if you wanna go down that path
  9. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    when was this bulletin issued ? i got a bollocking for suggesting it when i first bought it ( 3yrs/55K ago ) from guys that have been at Toyota dealerships for many, many years, claiming internet myth. one tech said a customer demanded they inspect at 300k, so they did, but only fitted shells because it was open, but not due to wear ?
  10. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    bit hard to pre-fill when it upside down mounted. it not rattly, so it can do another summer of hauling shit down south
  11. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    mate. povo-spec 80-series oil light, not factory gauge
  12. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    might fire a oil pressure gauge on it, then. bit slow on the oil light at start-up, even straight after a service
  13. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    if one was to replace bearings in a Toyota 1hz, and genuine toyota bearings are not available, does one need to go to ACL Race series for longetivity, or normal ACL's sufficient flogging season about to start again, and clutch is slipping, so birthday could be on the cards
  14. YX60 ? series Cressida could worth investigation ? i know the 2L diesel have different sumps for application into same range of vehicles