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  1. deeply apologetic, have a good friends 'random' wedding in Darfeild, so might try and sneak to CHCHUR to talk shit with those lads before hand
  2. any truth that silicone bronze wire can be used for MIG welding cast ? need to do repairs to spare coal range before installation
  3. it could be already loaded, but i like your optimism of a successful day !!
  4. was mentioning the the run through the middle with my son, but we normally have a tandem trailer on the back. if it works, we could leave trailer somewhere and tag along
  5. raise dissy, rotate rotor 180degrees, then reinstall.
  6. if dead rego before 91-ish ? when the system went digital, it will say plate not issued, never been registered etc
  7. need to rebuild it before pics. we found most of the operating side on weekend. need to find/make barrel and locate the air solenoid
  8. better rebuild the super-Nerf 200. 600mm 1/2 copper barrell 12v airhorn solenoid and resivour 12v 4wd-shock compressor jam D6 reo-bar down inside of Nerf bullet for 200m approx distance. will use lead this time, so i can surf-cast hopefully 250-300m
  9. if you are removing the doors to make access easier, ensure you have the door card available for position the side intrusion bars. whole lot easier to shift the bar during cage build, than to relocate door handles / latches / etc....................... not that i have done it!!!!!
  10. 100+ from NPD and the full vacuum lung cleaning method
  11. i found waterbed heaters (if one can still buy then) are decent as they are easy to clean. lecky blanky get manky quicky
  12. exact wording i would have used running Migmate 180 with straight Argon and very hard to get an even consistant weld through the torch, as a slight bend will slow the wire down
  13. a weekend meet could be a goer ? beer and snacks or sommit i am often up during week, but always on mission, as i fecking dislike CHCH on weekdays !! so need to have extra excuse for a weekend visit to get some jobs attended to
  14. how is the Toyota LN147/167 with 5l-E FBW throttle set-up ? plenty round an must be rugged as never heard of issues
  15. i too am a frequent southerner, but not permanant, as i havn't built a toybox yet so i can acquire excess shit at this property as well !!
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