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  1. cheers, found that last nite, and i guess if everything is mounted as close to original bumper line, it should be ok. some of the ones i have seen, leave a lot to be desired
  2. @cletus does a winch bar need cert ? did search on here, but no result. fanx
  3. smokin'joe

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    would repower to suit. can't be any more gutless than a HFZ !
  4. smokin'joe

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    does that make it an LFD ?
  5. smokin'joe

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    sorry Barry, but to correct you. RB's may have been in existance in '85, but RFB wasn't even a bunch of sperm in dad's bags in 85
  6. smokin'joe

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    maybe RFB is why it has been made pre-98?
  7. smokin'joe

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    1998 ain't Old or cool
  8. smokin'joe

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    good score, Luke this may be the needed motivation to do something with mine!! i reckon i still have A>K50 box in shed as well as bumpers if you are wanting
  9. i'm sure it was Jeep that the stock car guys referenced as OEM for stock-car use... not that i own a stock-car
  10. Jeeps are performance, arn't they ??
  11. brand new 86 rotors from brake shop here in town $75 brand new willwoods from idiot that was broke $200 CAD CNC brackets from mate in Dunedin $100 all in the last 12 months, not fitted to car, yet. late hubs made me $25, once i sold bare struts to an 86 owner
  12. the recipe i am using, well proven in KE and KP willwood superlite 4 pot AE86/Late KE70 hubs and 230mm AE86 discs CAD machined brackets can still run a 13" wheel, only variable is bolt pattern for donor struts owe me less than $400 and only hubs are s/h
  13. that may have been what i fitted ? @Bling what is the state of the front shocks ? if the shocks are fucked, or too soft, the brakes will work harder. if you have the bigger diameter strut tube, a cheap option is CE70 shocks. they are valved different for the heavier diesel engine.
  14. unless you are gonna make it boogie a fair bit more than standard, that kit would be over kill ( although i have similar going up front on the rally car). have you tried decent pads up front ? can't remember the brand i originally used in the TE71, (some BNT special order), but made a huge difference with fade. i have some late KE70 discs backing plates and calipers if you want them, as i only wanted the hubs, and a mate bought the struts
  15. didn't make a lot of sense to me in a standard strut tube situation, as springs have to be captive, and the welded ring was good enough for factory. my original perches were gently cut away with hacksaw, and adjustment used for (god forbid) gaining ground clearance, not lowering.