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  1. cunts of things only slow ya down fuck, sounds like i have competition for unfitcunt....... @igor
  2. depends on who all is arriving with Igor and myself, i may be able to throw an extra bike in
  3. safe to say i won't have building gear and a scooter filling the back this year. i have a couple of MTB's here, one needs gears tuned? , and can use double bike rack if there are bodies in the back seat
  4. are they easy going or mildy trick ? havn't been able to do much proper biking recently , but could bring mine up for a leisurely jaunt
  5. Good mechanic in Dunedin

  6. Karl's eb civic discussion

    Karl, do you want some 12" Tirdens for the civic? a set were posted on Facecrack, and hoped they would be mini/imp.... but no.
  7. Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    how ya going. reason for that, is they want us from Timaru to belong to 'them' !!
  8. share the driving ?? can take my wagon from Timaru, and play with the cool kids with 4wds
  9. Need the end of 2" copper pipe flared. Chch

    how much 2" are you looking for ?? got quite a stash of used copper wastes, but nothing of decent length ( maybe up to 1.2-1.5m)
  10. Who wants a hand with their projects?

    just noticed some spelling mistakes.
  11. Who wants a hand with their projects?

    Good lad, Igor. so you'll pick Adrian up on the way through ?
  12. entered and paid @- i5oogt - just curious ,why no communal BBQ this year ?