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  1. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    when was this bulletin issued ? i got a bollocking for suggesting it when i first bought it ( 3yrs/55K ago ) from guys that have been at Toyota dealerships for many, many years, claiming internet myth. one tech said a customer demanded they inspect at 300k, so they did, but only fitted shells because it was open, but not due to wear ?
  2. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    bit hard to pre-fill when it upside down mounted. it not rattly, so it can do another summer of hauling shit down south
  3. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    mate. povo-spec 80-series oil light, not factory gauge
  4. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    might fire a oil pressure gauge on it, then. bit slow on the oil light at start-up, even straight after a service
  5. smokin'joe

    diesel spam

    if one was to replace bearings in a Toyota 1hz, and genuine toyota bearings are not available, does one need to go to ACL Race series for longetivity, or normal ACL's sufficient flogging season about to start again, and clutch is slipping, so birthday could be on the cards
  6. YX60 ? series Cressida could worth investigation ? i know the 2L diesel have different sumps for application into same range of vehicles
  7. will there be a difference with the donor vehicle ? 2wd ute v 4wd ute van v car/wagon
  8. cheap insurance . many 15A appliances will run on 10A (if it actually is 10A), but ensuring you have at least 15A spare, after lights/stereo/compressor etc is where heavier circuits come into their own . have run some pretty decent loads on 10A, but wrecked a few motor windings on it too furthermore, ensure the supply cabling to the workshop submain is adequate.
  9. so nobody told anyone at Ashburton Car Club, did they ?? !!!
  10. pay for gas and a kind gesture and its available for her.
  11. will this work ?? or colour not sit right?
  12. Ask MV Motors, they have every flavour covered !! but I can ask Jimmy if the GT Coon is available, he clutha based.
  13. find someone with an F code Toyota centre and check the spline fitment, as easier to get LSD from Altezza I know the smaller H165 is same spline as Toyota T and they can be trans-fitted with some tweaking .
  14. does he have access to a hiab ? he could try prying the BJ45 from around the corner