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  1. what about a sealed electrical enclosure ?
  2. being contact with original builder is the key, from when i talked to tech office
  3. looking sharp does this still have 38mm main hoop ? did you have any issue with modifying cage members/gusseting ? last time i talked to MSNZ about my cage, and wanting to add components, they were quite dark on it, but was 3-4 years ago, when the rebuild was supposed to happen.
  4. cheap enough to give it a hoon. would have had a go on one, but scored a Magmate180 for reasonable price
  5. looks pretty decent, shame about shipping price !!, get it filled with filers or something similar. whatever you do, don't use the budget marine style ones. they don't seal and are illegal for use, but many scrutineers let them pass previously, SLA/VRLA batteries were not required to be sealed, and i am one of many who paid the price. had a non-rusty RWD Toyota (yes, rare !!) rust from the inside out , and requires extensive repairs before next event
  6. will give her a buzz and get back to you. cheers
  7. haha, only good AU is a crushed or derbyed one !!
  8. down here for a night of it ?
  9. 25th July Darfeild to Darfeild allowance for 2 people
  10. povo spec AE70, on spitties and bolt-on 2" flares, then ?
  11. a good friend of mine wants to spoil her son with an epic ride to his first Formal is there anyone in CHCH with something special for his arrival ? dosn't need to be classic/hot-rod/ mental, just that she merely has a Mazda MPV, and the young fella deserves better than that. beers, fuel, abuse for payment
  12. does that make it closer for Wayne in the mighty Hatsu ??
  13. true, but even worserer with the shitty NZ 91 fuel
  14. righto, may need to do a quick trip south and bring scrubby truck up on trailer.... i'm not brave enough to drive it all the way from Timaru
  15. silly cunt piping up here. have never got decent fuel economy with our 91 with a carb'ed engine, even with timing. always run highest pump octane i could get, usually 95-98 depending on love affair of said vehicle.
  16. all part of Oldschool Karhmacollect, brother. what goes around, comes around.......... now, where the fuck we getting OTP in August ?
  17. jesse has lifty good stuff at his work. not point manhandling the cunting thing a 3rd time !!
  18. you gonna need help !! you need at least 3 hands to perform a decent reach around on stinky Tom ! (so he has advised!!)
  19. smokin'joe


    $700 seems spendy for them. they used to be $2-300, and aimed at guys who would weld centre to gain traction
  20. will know tomorrow. been COAW, and heading down empty, as nothing ready to go south apart from product
  21. stinky Tom would be with me, and could rustle up one more if needed.
  22. you got it sorted, punk. missed this post when i came through last week, but shooting down to grab scrubby Zuk for winter modlifications
  23. loving this. Oldschool at it's finest hour the young lass mentioned she had just finished shopping, i said 'yes you have, i have photos' , boyfriend on blower 2 minutes later making sure he had correct details. as for the ruckus whilst we were talking.: it appears at least 2 cars got baseball batted, cops everywhere until 20 mins ago, lots of other action. fuck the P-head MM/BP or whoever the fuck have moved to my hood
  24. a rewardable detour may be required ? will pm
  25. i need a car located. it appears they used a fake payment screen to show payment on pick-up on Sunday