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  1. Day one is not technical at all, but still ~200km. A regular 50 should easily do it in 5 hours riding time. Having not done anything similar I'm not sure on the timing, but I reckon you're on the right track.
  2. Is there anyone heading down via Nelson with a trailer? As capable as the bike is I'd be happier trailering down on Thurs afternoon/night and back to town on Sunday night in a perfect world. I'd also be happy for the bike to travel down/back with a GC, and I'll drive down after work on a Thurs/back Sunday. It's not quite as simple for teachers to take annual leave as regular folk. I'll get Bart to write a note to my boss otherwise...
  3. Not at all, I'll be on the WR250R which is cheating heaps. But happy to be bullied for being a slow boomer.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's privately owned so DOC don't have a say. Their Facebook page looks like it's days or weeks rather than months until it reopens.
  5. It's right where you left it, so you're welcome.
  6. Oh my, this makes me swoon. Those drive by videos sound epic too, huge congratulations, 100% worth the time and $ invested.
  7. The trail is probably in worse condition now - but obviously doable.
  8. https://www.marlboroughonline.co.nz/marlborough/information/commentary/the-road-to-nowhere/ An article on the road up Mt Patriach.
  9. We're doing ~200km a day, the Maungatapu would be a little exciting on 10/12" wheels (especially with road tyres), but should be doable. If we can't get 4x4 support through there then I will play tail end Charlie to make sure everyone makes it through.
  10. It's technically closed to vehicles after a boy died (in a Samurai) on it ~10 years ago. Dozens of motorbikes are up there every weekend, if not every day. Getting 4WD access requires access to a key, which I'm working on. But I have my suspicions that it's s going to be a bit tricky. @WankBankA100 @RUNAMUCKand I have talked about keeping it as low key as possible to avoid any public liability issues. The theory is that we're just a group of riders who are all going the same way at the same time, what a coincidence, but there might be good reasons why we would want a
  11. I'm going to be on a WR250R which isn't really in the spirit of the event, but does mean I can actually ride as still way too broken for days of ass punishment. I don't know how the protocol works on this officially but I'd imagine a koha would be offered to support vehicle drivers towards fuel. Still waiting on NCC chap to get back from holiday next week. At the moment I'd assume we can get a support vehicle from Pelorus into where we turn off to the Maungatapu, then meet it again in town. On the plus side, the speed limit across the Whangamoas has been lowered to a small bi
  12. Unfortunately the DR250 was 12v, '2 phase', I tried to do a GN250 conversion to mine, in hindsight an entire GN250 engine swap would have been a winner. The DR400 was 6V though. My wife's smuggest story is about how she tried to convince me to keep my (then only year old) DR-Z400 instead of taking on a DR250 project to save money.
  13. Nope, Mt Patriarch is on day two. We go from Blenheim to Renwick, then head up North Bank road to Mt Patriarch. If there are people looking to avoid gravel as much as possible your route suggestion would be ideal. They would probably want to avoid the Maungatapu section from Pelorus to Nelson too as that is definitely the most 'technical' part of the ride. If you have never ridden gravel before I'd avoid this section. I'm looking into the possibility of getting a support truck through here tomorrow, stay tuned...
  14. Over the last 10 years I've owned some real piece of shit bikes, but my DR250s took the cake. The stock stator/CDI were the worst spark generating team ever created. I really hope the 85 DR200 was blessed with points?
  15. Dice tower, laser cut from cedar pulled off my house...secret santa for my d&d playing brother in-law ( the engraving is of the name of his podcast...).
  16. Nelson will depend on where we stay... Not a lot of places left that serve jugs to be honest....
  17. Rode my pushbike to work for the first time this week, appointment to see the surgeon tomorrow to get the all clear to start physio. WR250R is now paid off so I can start eyeing up other options. If anyone is keen on my FT500 project (rego on hold) I'd love to exchange it for a lifan'd (or similar) beauty.
  18. You mean the F1 cars going past while @tortron packs the bags in record time?
  19. http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/12/vintage-daily-bensopra-cedric/
  20. Interesting project, there was a white one of these with pale blue airbrushing with SR20DET in Dunedin in the early 00s on Enkei Tarmac Evos. Looked like a death trap!
  21. I'll be on a WR250R at the moment, there's no way my body will be up to a small small bike unless I heal super quick!
  22. I'd be happy to give it a shot if they actually work, was thinking of giving one of these a try too. Being 5ft 2 in a modern soap block car.
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