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  1. Yeah slips galore unfortunately along that road. Portage is boat access only at the moment. I'd be suspicious it's a pretty big deal slip as they'll be missing out on the Summer season. Queen Charlotte Drive will be hilarious on a small bike.
  2. Just foreshadowing a possible issue here, the road is closed just before Portage as of yesterday (currently staying in Momorangi Bay) I'd propose a back up of heading towards French Pass if we needed it? It would involve a bit more of a seal stage but still the same kind of flavour.
  3. I imagine @Mof means to St Arnaud, then down the Wairau on the road to Blenheim?
  4. Great ideas here, here is a ride I did about 12 years ago, it's ~500km total so probably not bad over 3 days, but I'd tweak it with @Pee Dubs sounds ideas. https://www.wikiloc.com/trail-bike-trails/20091114-seven-summits-ride-89525114
  5. Does this mean that @ajg193 will be into it? So confusing....
  6. @terceldude https://photos.app.goo.gl/MBY81UZp6TmNbJya9 Here is a NZ new one that I spotted this year. The owner is local and has had it from new, her grandchildren go to the same school as my kids. If I see her around I'll ask her on your behalf.
  7. The Maungatapu is a little gnarlier than that, but it still looks a lot more comfy than @Chunky_ts ride!
  8. Yeah I'd love to see a twist and go at this event, but it probably needs to be capable of an 80km/h cruising speed. Last year the slowest bikes appeared to be new Honda Monkey 125s (they were fine, but pretty consistent). I want something for this event, last year I rode/cheated on a WR250R. If someone has anything interesting, road legal, <200cc and is interested in a running/reg on hold 1983 Honda FT500, hit me up.
  9. I have a possible top of the south island loop planned for a future ride that includes these plus quite a few other adventures, we'll see what the appetite is post Molesworth 2022.
  10. There's plenty of side trails on day 1 like Mt Altimarloch, or other bits and pieces towards Hanmer if you went in the Rainbow a wee way. https://www.adventureridingnz.co.nz/gps-tracks-rides/south-island-tracks/
  11. Your motor in one of these, oh my! https://www.trademe.co.nz/3241799129 Does anyone know anything about them?
  12. Little bro is after a combo oil pressure/boost gauge for his 180SX Type X. This funtionally is sweet, but doesn't look that great. What does the hive mind of Oldschool reckon? https://www.shopsaas.com/saas-dual-gauge-boost-0-30-psi-ana-oil-press-140-psi-dig-trax-series-sg611230?fbclid=IwAR2KQqQ73Ew48wN09SviaAW6KycIBPPqZGnzvNbrLhkl128JvDUHvVrIj5s
  13. I'd like to see the support team go through at zero cost in fuel/accommodation/dobros when not driving if possible. They make a huge difference to how much fun these rides are.
  14. Although on closer inspection, these still appear to be shipped out of Australia.
  15. Duckduckgo is the answer https://starrinstruments.co.nz/temperature-monitoring/45-temperature-strips-8-level.html
  16. If you swapped directions, I'd say your descriptions for day 1 and 3 would swap, with possible almost falling asleep on the third day! I'd be keen to host/organise a Nelson pub crawl - would make me feel better about missing day 1/half of day 3. I'm still looking to swap my FT500 for something more event sympathetic.
  17. The Ender 3 Pro is great for the $, but I reckon the max bed temp is closer to 80-85 degrees by the time the build plate is attached.
  18. Was a solid turn out for a mid-winter meet! I'll let Alex post the photo shoot...
  19. I'm picking an Avenger on a Landcruiser chassis with a V10 diesel engine....
  20. I'm now away the following weekend, so if I play my cards right I'll ride over with you guys and Maungatapu home...
  21. You just need to get a key, and pay a $100 refundable deposit. Really straightforward, @JustHarryand @Mof drove over it in support of the Molesworth Melee.
  22. @ThePog could use it as an excuse to Dynafari over the Maungatapu. Unfortunately, if the weather is good I'm doing the Rameka/hanging out in Golden Bay.
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