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  1. Good video of our favourite track being ridden by Chris Birch on a slightly bigger bike with a mountain bike in the back. https://fb.watch/81jWl7eiRb/
  2. Yeah, was thinking an old ag bike rack of some description.
  3. I’ve been torn between upgrading the Monkey’s suspension, which was the worst part of it, or getting another bike. I want to put a 125 eleccy start in my CT90, but I bought another Monkey so other projects have got in the way. But last weekend a 1976 XL250 popped up, and I had to have it. I VMX slightly older XL’s, and this one is so mint I had to have it. I know it’s definitely it the mid sized bike realm, but it’s not massive, it is old, and I hope you’ll let me in again. Just got to find a rack for it.
  4. My 2 cents, the ride was perfect the way it was. Food, brews, BBQs and good dudes with awesome riding. The direction it ran was perfect, like a few have said, to iron out any issues in the easier day. And if Jollies Pass didn’t shake it out of you, the rest of the ride was going to be fine! As for side tracks, there was talk of Mt Altimarloch on Day 1, and Mt Robert on Day3, but fuck knows when we would have squeezed them in? We were rolling into town fairly late at the end of a big days ride. Not sure riders, fuel or bikes could have taken much more.
  5. Great to see the scree downhill from the rider.
  6. Someone have a look and see if these links work, shows each days riding through the Scenic app. https://scenicapp.space/ride/LZVGVSeJ https://scenicapp.space/ride/tJxnVusP https://scenicapp.space/ride/NmShYloJ
  7. In Aussie, quite a few of them mount XR tanks for the long haul. Cause you know, you should try and ride a postie bike across a desert...
  8. Shit, that’s a good buy if you wanted a flash new postie bike next year. Would be perfect. 500km on the clock, and selling for $1600 +ORC less than new price.
  9. Fuck that, anything bigger than 12” wheels for me next time. Or better suspension.
  10. The Kiwi Bike guy wants to talk about the Monkey firstly I think as it’s a current model, but the ride overall. If you’re happy to send me your ramblings, I’m happy to talk to him. The Nz Bike Rider guy I can put in contact with you?
  11. Maybe once we get the photo dump set up, with your words we can just send that then?
  12. Guys, I feel I’ve hijacked this ride a bit by posting the photos on a couple of Facebook groups. Most of you have seen I shared in Small Bike Runs and Moped NZ. I also shared on the local and national adventure bike pages, just to show them you don’t need $20,000 KTMs with all the toys. Those guys are loving what we’ve done, and now I’ve had requests from both Kiwi Rider to do a Zoom interview and NZ Bike Rider Magazine want some words put together for their magazine. Who’s the official media spokesperson for this bunch of motley hooligans? There must be a good wordsmith among us? And do you think we can wrangle sponsorship from Double Brown for next year?
  13. Hey fullas. Monkey Jeff here, not long time listener, first time caller. Just thought I should join up, chime in and say a massive thanks to you all. That was my first time riding in a group like that, first multi day ride, and first ride on a small bike of any distance. It was just fucking brilliant! I haven't figured out who is who yet, but more big ups to the arrangers and handlers; Bart, Karl, Will and the boys in the 4WDs and on the barbie. I may go to the supermarket just to get DoBros and sossies and remember good times. The Monkey was comfy to ride, bit of a sore back from being hunched over but all good now. What surprised me was the speed that some of the bikes had. While no Monkey likes a fat man on it's back, it needs better gearing and suspension before the next Melee. Even lighter Sean said his suspension was bad. I did love it on the Mangatapu though. The riding over the three days was too good to describe, every day so different. Highlight was Mt Patriarch and Day 2 in general, as I hadn't been up there before. But watching everyone smash out all the roads was so cool. Some bikes I just didn't expect to make it, and they just blew it out of the water. I'll figure out how to load yup the photos, I think Steve was going to put something together so if you want to let mew know the best way to share that and the riding app info we talked about, let me know. Other than that, just thanks again!
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