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  1. Goddamn it, alternator is stuffed. Made it to Petone and conked out. Fml, second time when trying to go camping.
  2. Yeah they're press in I'm pretty sure - they're almost impossible to find and the carb rebuild replaced them, so I'm not doing that again. Can't imagine they'd be completely blocked almost straight away... but maybe some of that micro cleaning wire is the way to go and rule out the pilots.
  3. Kinda hard to hold revs steady and spray intake unfortunately... I've reset and tightened the intake clamps already though. Other than buying new ones the only other thing I can think of is sealing them with some silicon lube. Good point about earths - tbh I'm now scratching my head about how the whole ignition system works, it doesn't look factory that's for sure! Any simple way to balance carbs without the vacuum gauges? I did have an inline fuel filter but broke it changing the fuel hose - replacement is on the list.
  4. So I still can't get this running well. I've cleaned out the tank cock and replaced fuel lines, plus removed carbs and cleaned as best able without fully dismantling. Only seems to run with full choke and over approx 3000rpm. I think issue could be a combination of air leaks and blocked pilot jet - any other thoughts to troubleshoot? It's also possible that carbs weren't balanced - anyone have a 4 pot vacuum kit I can borrow? (Or should I just take it to a shop for this?!) Lastly, I was thinking that I need to rule out ignition system. Plugs and leads are newish, and running >3k means coils are ok, so thought timing. Usually points could need adjusting, my my bike has this: Electronic points / ignition? Where should I start?!!!
  5. Weekend camping Otaki Forks for discussion? Need to gather some enthuse otherwise have to find other weekend plans!
  6. Touch wood!!! 23 Mar is @Dolan‘s kid’s birthday that I’ve kinda committed to going to... but is a possibility
  7. Anyone keen for another camp out soon? Now appropriately equipped and needing a test run.
  8. Treated this to a new exhaust and had the carbs looked at - the PO 'rebuild' was all over the place so needed quite a few things put right. Goes and sounds better, but still needs a proper tune.
  9. Paint on the top end turns soft when the engine gets hot so I've already scraped some of it off with a flathead screwdriver where I could get to it. Obviously just can't get between the fins and into corners like that though. Not sure that water blaster would help unless engine was hot; would cooling it too quickly risk cracking the barrels? Alloy underneath looks pretty good from what I can tell.