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  1. If I eventually start tweaking it I imagine it could become something like this: https://bikeshedmoto.com/blogs/blog/cambodia-cb400ss-shedbuilt
  2. That’s an original twin. I would keen for one of those, but old bike = work, and modified old bike = even more work. At the moment my SS is doing the job of actually working so I can just ride it. Some waffle about it (from a UK perspective, basically moaning about the price when new) https://adventure-motorcycling.com/2015/05/19/honda-cb400-ss-quick-look/
  3. There's already a semblance of a plan formed to do 42 Traverse 15-16 May...
  4. Coupla Molesworth trip pics. Bike went well, was better than the rider! I put it down a couple of times, no major damage luckily.
  5. I couldn't leave it completely untouched though! First issue was hard to start (kick start only, so got a worn out leg pretty quickly!) and running like a sack of the proverbial. Diagnosed and replaced the 100% dead battery, surprised it ran at all actually! Then just got riding to remember how to! So good, something to induce a smile I then saw the Molesworth Moped Melee and thought why the hell not?! This meant getting the bike ready to tackle a bit of gravel/offroad, and also a full service to limit chances of breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Slammed some cheap new LED ind
  6. My old CB500 has mostly been sitting in the garage for the last 3 years or so, and despite a bit of time put into it I haven’t really managed to get on top of the poor running issues (ignition related I think). I can’t bring myself to sell it and buy something else, so I’ve been missing out on sweet two-wheeled action all this time... I decided before Christmas last year that I needed to get an unmolested and running bike to at least get riding, even if it wasn’t properly OS. Problem is for the most part I dislike the styling of modern bikes, or the ones within a reasonable budget at le
  7. I think I have a solution for the next one. Something slightly more suitable / with less care factor than a fancy big road bike!
  8. Haha I checked that next morning after you mentioned it. Think it's just a warped rim, which I knew was there prior to the ride. I think everything else is sweet, I mean I rode Hanmer to Picton straight afterwards no issue! Might give the dirty bitch a clean this weekend and have a proper check while I'm at it.
  9. Day 2 Maungatapu track. No photos as was too busy holding on and trying not to fall off (and failing). That's my swollen ankle after munching it under the bike on the way down. Wish I had the GoPro rigged up to show how rough it was!
  10. First event like this for me also and despite being a bit of a newb on a bike I can say I absolutely loved it. Great bunch to ride with, epic roads (tracks), scenery to die for, and BBQ + cold DoBro for lunch. Can hardly wait to do it again and am already trawling the classifieds for something more suitable than a CB400! Thanks again to the combination of the organisers and the support team@- i5oogt - @RUNAMUCK @Mof @JustHarry. You guys made this possible and my gawd that was an epic 3 days!!! Some pics, quite a mish to get there with 4 bikes + 3 dudes in a very small ute! Moles
  11. Interested for the spare bed in Nelson. Also need one more or a tent site if someone else has extra space? Could take over an Auckland crew's booking perhaps...
  12. Yeah cabins or dorms at all of them. Just you pay by bed/person so gonna be a bit more spendy than camping/tent site. Anyone else camping? Bueller?
  13. Thanks, I think I have a plan forming involving the ferry. Logistics of camping shouldn't be too bad for those not flying. I've checked out the websites for where the drinking team have booked, shared tent sites should be no problem and work out super cheap. Hanmer: Alpine Adventure Park - $32, up to 8 ppl Blenheim: Blenheim Bridges Holiday Park - $42, up to 8 ppl Nelson: Paradiso Backpackers - $59, up to 6 ppl (This is a bit more expensive, but I think someone mentioned it's worth avoiding the big parks in Nelson over Summer) Who else is keen to form a camping group?
  14. A 400 road bike, so possibly needing to find some more suitable tyres! Just found this local to me https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2965132650. More betterer if could get it going + legal in time?
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