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  1. Nice bike. I got carb boots plus rebuild kit from 4into1.com and they had quite a few other CB650 parts too, both genuine and repro. Unsure about engine internals though as I haven’t pulled the head on my one. Carbs are quite lean from stock due emissions apparently, so need richening up for pods + exhaust.
  2. As a newb rider the relatively mild day 1 allowed me to ease into this event, relax a little, and get my bike properly sorted (not the only one who needed this). I reckon leave it as is for his reason, even if the old hands have to feel like it's a Sunday cruise (sorry guys). Maybe work in some interesting side trails?
  3. Day 2 literally broke me, had to stock up on beers as pain relief! The Nelson accom was perfect, BBQ dinner a win, but we missed a few ppl due space - need to organise and book one place in advance if possible.
  4. Yep, lugs sit in notches in the barrel, under the gasket.
  5. That's kinda what it looks like to me. But obviously then need to order a new head gasket, which could make a 10min job another week or more... And while the head is off I might as well chuck in new rings yeah?
  6. Ok so I have my CT125 engine (70s/80s SOHC design, same as CB125 and others) somewhat apart after timing advancer failed. I suspect lack of cam chain replacement and excessive slop caused this, so intent is to replace the cam chain + tensioner before timing her up and sending it. The tensioner came with the cam chain guide that sits on the opposite side of the chain. I thought it would be a simple case of flicking the either the top or bottom end out from where it seats to remove the old one, and reverse procedure to replace with the new, but the bottom end is out and the guide won’t budge. The new guide has moulded pins part way up it that (I think) sit between the barrel and the head and hold it in the middle, so looks like I can’t replace it without taking the head off - who’s done this before and can confirm this is how these work? Next question: how important is it to replace the guide as well as the tensioner? I don’t really want to take the head off as if I do then I might as well take the barrel off, piston out, and nek minut I’m rebuilding the whole top end, which wasn’t the plan! So, should I just replace the chain and tensioner and she’ll be right?
  7. I don't want to spend too much $$$ on a little old engine, so mainly just cleaning it up + replacing the obvious. Locating pin on the camshaft had been smashed out, hoping a replacement bit turned up and jammed in will hold ok.
  8. First step was to clean out most of the grease and grot so I could remove and properly inspect it. Then engine out and cleaned up the top end that had bits floating around after timing advancer flew apart.
  9. Seat is clearly fubar. Spare Chinese junk seat sitting on doesn't look too bad for a cheap replacement.
  10. Picked this thing up a couple of months ago. Is pretty stuffed + a non-runner, so I’ve been very slowly trying to figure out what’s wrong without breaking the bank.
  11. If I eventually start tweaking it I imagine it could become something like this: https://bikeshedmoto.com/blogs/blog/cambodia-cb400ss-shedbuilt
  12. That’s an original twin. I would keen for one of those, but old bike = work, and modified old bike = even more work. At the moment my SS is doing the job of actually working so I can just ride it. Some waffle about it (from a UK perspective, basically moaning about the price when new) https://adventure-motorcycling.com/2015/05/19/honda-cb400-ss-quick-look/
  13. There's already a semblance of a plan formed to do 42 Traverse 15-16 May...
  14. Coupla Molesworth trip pics. Bike went well, was better than the rider! I put it down a couple of times, no major damage luckily.
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