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  1. WLDRX2

    WLDRX2's .......Rx2

    Now now dabuzz, don't be like that. And it's closer to 4 years between efforts. But not this time. wait and see. Big things happening soon. Cheers piazzanoob , I'm bloody stoked with it, and the lads at Vinny Fab did a great job. It is hard taking it anywhere I've ended up being very protective of it, and trusting anyone is hard. But so far I've been very lucky to have dealt with some top guys, who are just as crazy and bigger perfectionists than me.
  2. WLDRX2

    WLDRX2's 1974 RX2

    And now thanks to the awesome boys at Vinny Fab. I now have an exhaust. Better pictures to come
  3. WLDRX2

    WLDRX2's 1974 RX2

    Soooooo. About 3 weeks ago. This happened.
  4. WLDRX2

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    The Winchester swap meet ?
  5. WLDRX2

    Hanmer Motorfest 2019 - 23 feb

    Us and a couple of mates going up to this as well. Weather isn't looking too flash at the moment though.
  6. WLDRX2

    Mrs WLDRX2's Mazda B1600

    It is so amazing what a big difference such a small thing can make to a car. new rubbers make it a different beast Also, still stoked to have a Mazda that you can get new parts for.
  7. WLDRX2

    Mrs WLDRX2's Mazda B1600

    So, 10 months on from the first wof, we have loved using the wee ute, a couple of things have been changed. We got the windows tinted, it's a very small cab and gets bloody hot, and most importantly the height has been changed, not low enough for me, but Rebekah loves to remind me it's her ute, not mine. She now has the bug, and in the next month or so we will be getting the interior sorted.
  8. WLDRX2

    headlight upgrade for VK holden.

    Will be dragging it's poor old ass out of the shed tomorrow, so will have a play around. Cheers for all the advise guys. Kind of keen to keep this one as og as possible, so not likely to go chopping up the headlights on this one.
  9. WLDRX2

    headlight upgrade for VK holden.

    Any recommended brands of bulbs.
  10. WLDRX2

    headlight upgrade for VK holden.

    Reflectors are sweet, not that you would know it by the light output. Looks like new bulbs and relays it is.
  11. So a mate has us signed up to go to the Kaikoura hop this year, should be good, apart from the fact that the headlights on the commodore are absolute shit. Thanks to the random headlight shape, what options are there for an upgrade ? Not expecting greatness, but anything has to be better than factory. Options ?
  12. WLDRX2

    Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    Sweet wee ute, looks the goods. Could be keen on the alloys if you were thinking of selling.