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  1. injector rail looks good mate, hope the recovery is going well could imagine it would be rather frustrating at times!
  2. Finally found a front disc brake set up and a few handy spares, hopefully strip it this week, fingers crossed the 5 speed is in good condition.
  3. nice work! gauges look really good too
  4. the last few months I've been down headingly lane off lower queen street, its a really eye catching colour, look forward to checking it out up close some time
  5. Nice work as usual Alex! I saw you drive past the other day the Imp looks so good awesome colour choice
  6. dragged it out of storage got a wof and some rego, and a well needed clean
  7. What are you going to do with your other Imps Alex?..............
  8. Yeah completely agree on not the gulf scheme, just that blue I think would be a sweet colour
  9. nice work on the rad hose tunnel Alex! gulf blue for the colour?
  10. @kiwi808 cheers man, think they should look quite good. @mutiny yeah mate ill take you up on that thank you, ill pm you
  11. that sounds good, will get in touch closer to the time, maybe a golden bay run to wharariki beach? or Tata beach?
  12. Well its been awhile since parked this up. going home for Christmas, looking forward to dragging this out and finishing off some of the odd jobs left to do on it. also managed to find a full set of NOS mazda chrome hubcaps have been keeping an eye out for a set of these for such a long time pretty stoked to have found some. hoping to tidy up the interior when get back, re-cover the door cards and dash and maybe clean or paint the hood lining or replace it. also want to weld up the hole someone cut to put a head unit in the dash and then put the original stereo blank back in.
  13. I’ll still be in Dutch land hopefully back for Xmas so unfortunately will miss this one, anything happening in Jan?