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  1. Cool shaped crown, looks like you are making some good progress nice
  2. pulled the front off to see the differences between the 1600 and 1500 fronts, I transferred the mounting points for the top trim and put some rivnuts in, the 1600 headlight trim mount and outer headlight fouls the 1500 top trim from sitting into place. Then after looking at how twisted the top trim is thought I would leave it for now and carry on tiding up the other pieces and try find a better top trim or maybe look at making a mould to make a fibreglass top trim, Can buy them but quite pricey at 300 usd plus postage.
  3. Amazing how bad that Imp was, and all the new panels you can get for them in the UK. That EFI set-up they put on looked pretty fancy too.
  4. awesome, never come across this show before. I know what I'm watching tonight now.
  5. Nice work man, Those bumper tops turned out awesome!
  6. Allways loved your rx4 coupe, look forward to seeing what you have done on the rx2 so far
  7. That aircleaner is awesome work nice! Looks sweet on the whitewalls and hubcaps too
  8. Cool wagon mate, are you going to keep the flat head in it?
  9. thats a sweet looking engine bay!
  10. cheers mate! I replaced all the universal and hanger bearing when first put it together (probably 5 years ago now haha)but it wouldnt of even travelled a 1000km yet, possibly might even need some more use to free up, i think they have grease nipples might give them a couple pumps. its not bad at all now it still looks a little bit out of line so might see if there is something i can do to line it up better and see if it is completely gone
  11. slowly making a start on getting all the B1500 front ready to swap over in-between doing jobs around the house, starting to clean up the headlight surrounds and grill pieces ready to paint. Will need to take some measurements of where the headlight bucket mounts and grill mounts are before removing them to clean up, also need to drag out the b1500 front guards and compare them to see if I can modify the b1600 ones to work with the indicators and headlight brow otherwise it won't be happening for awhile if need to use the other guards and paint them to match. also cleaned up a spare steering column rubber thats in really good nick, will make a plug where the column shift shaft went, going to start trying to seal up the cabin and put grommets where needed before sound deaden the cab
  12. Bit gutted didn't make it to that Blenheim show! looked really good from your photos I think my old boy took his Chevrolet over for it. are you going to do something similar to the viva dash using a later model cars dash parts? or aftermarket to convert to electronic?
  13. @BJ4RYD mate this thing is so nice! love what you have done with it.
  14. @BJ4RYD nice 808 mate, do you have a build thread on the REPU? very cool pick up
  15. cool to see this is about to get some love, I love these things so much almost bought one in Europe to bring back with me. really wish I had never sold my rx4