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  1. Will check that cheers! I haven't had a good look at it yet. It does idle a bit higher than it did before so it's quite possible?
  2. This thing hauls ass now, just put a full load on and it still boogeys! turned into a right ball ache as the old box didn't fit so had to get one that did (supposedly reconed, It doesn't graunch and shifts super smooth!) then got the new box in and the PTO didn't fit, this was rather shit as couldn't source anything second hand and had to splash out on a new PTO and pump old pump wouldn't fit new PTO!! It is super quiet now tipping as the old one must have been rather well used as it was super noisey. Just finished making a new pivot point on the box to switch from pulling at the top to pulling from the bottom, to reverse the shift pattern, I drove it home with 1st 3rd and 5th at the bottom and it was a bit of a head fuck. Much nicer to drive with the usual pattern, still needs a bit of adjustment in the linkage but it's pretty close now. exhaust brake isn't working and the starter solenoid sounds like it is bouncing when starting so need to sort those few things.
  3. Been modifying my tool trailer added a centre rack support and a door at the front, also dividing it in half. bit of fun learning to weld, need to make the door and ply the floor then its ready for a coat of paint.
  4. haha nice big donk for the dynafari? slap a turbo on the 5.8 litre and you are away!
  5. Have taken it on a few journeys down the marlborough sounds (those hills helped inspire the engine upgrade) drives nice for a old girl. got a good snap of it parked on the way to the mahau sound. some photos of the pipework the workshop have made for the intercooler and air intake. found a truck destined for scrap and stripped a lot of interior parts to tidy up the inside of mine, was pretty stoked it had pretty much everything that was broken on mine in good nick!
  6. It is kind of oldschool, has steel bumpers and just scrapes into the 80's ? Anyway I ended up buying this old truck to go out on my own doing excavator work. It had parked around the corner from our house for years always had thought it was pretty cool, had driven them at a company I worked for and remembered them being good old trucks (still see lots on the road so must be). Have been lugging my digger around on it for the last 18 months and decided it needed some more grunt to prevent embarassingly holding up traffic and to make it up the quarry roads with a full load without resorting to first gear! so it has become a bit of a project! I had been keeping an eye out for the slightly larger capacity (6.5 litre 6 cyl) engine using the same block, to what is in it (5.8 litre 6 cyl), and ended up coming across the turbo version so a deal was struck and it is now being fitted. decided to intercool it and chuck a new clutch kit in while it is already apart and a quick skim of the flywheel.
  7. No oldschool car anymore so now its kids trike restoration.
  8. haha I was fizzing to see it actually on the road! was cool to see it catching so many peoples eyes. all probably thinking what the fuck is that!
  9. That truck driver was me haha Also saw you on the motorway this morning, can spot it so far away, this thing looks so aggressive i love it! nice work mate
  10. this is my favourite build thread to follow, absolutely love what you have done with this!
  11. Really need to get this thing on the road again. A friend has removed some daylight from the floors. He is also going to tidy up the dash while the screens out to try remedy a leak.
  12. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/specialist-cars/competition-cars/listing/2708129020?bof=LswWfx2D A baby blue boxer powered imp!
  13. @mutiny hey mate my wiring is a mess and I mounted a plate for a horn button and switch for something right in the way (cant even remember what for). Have you had any joy with yours?
  14. 2 months later the hard lines have been done, it now has brakes again.
  15. about time you enlightened us with your progress!!
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