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  1. managed to track down a round port exhaust manifold, will be so nice to have no exhaust leaks from using a square port manifold!
  2. bummer turned out the diff is a 4.3, ideally a 4.1 or 3.7 would hopefully make it more pleasant at a 100. Gearbox is off getting inspected and new bearings.
  3. Over the Christmas break I dropped this old girl out to Alex @yoeddynz, really stoked with his work, he rectified the holes that had been cut in my inner guards, blanked the stereo hole that had been butchered and added the floor shift tunnel I had cut from the courier. It was a long drive out to the Abel Tasman ringing its guts out trying to do 100kph so next on the list is putting the courier diff nugget in, fingers crossed it should be a 3.3 or 3.5 so should make a huge difference from 4.8 hopefully. Also the gearbox is really noisey so will swap that out at the same time.
  4. these are cool vans, engine looks good mate nice work
  5. @rivalrx thanks mate! it was good to get those bits tidied up, they had always bugged me. hopefully get a bit of motivation now to chip away at the last 10% of the project to finish it off, hows the coupe coming along? did you get your certification?
  6. @WLDRX2 sorry mate couldn't track down a lense cover, if I come across one or anyone stripping one ill get in touch @triumph...tristan only just saw your question sorry, I used Repco, Bnt and the mount shop between those three I managed to source everything I needed. I was working in a workshop at the time and got on well with the parts rep's and usually got them to track down what I needed
  7. thanks mate! looking forward to using it again soon. sorry the interior light cover is completely missing in the parts ute, I possibly could track down a new one from a guy overseas I've got a few things through if you would like?
  8. finally stripped out this courier, had a lot of things I needed on it so was pretty stoked. going to get some little welding jobs done on the floors to sort out some pin holes and patch where someone has butchered the radio hole in the dash and holes someone cut in the inner guards, then hopefully swap out the gearbox and driveshaft and try get rid of an annoying vibration it seems to get at approx 50-60kph.
  9. injector rail looks good mate, hope the recovery is going well could imagine it would be rather frustrating at times!
  10. Finally found a front disc brake set up and a few handy spares, hopefully strip it this week, fingers crossed the 5 speed is in good condition.
  11. nice work! gauges look really good too
  12. the last few months I've been down headingly lane off lower queen street, its a really eye catching colour, look forward to checking it out up close some time
  13. Nice work as usual Alex! I saw you drive past the other day the Imp looks so good awesome colour choice
  14. dragged it out of storage got a wof and some rego, and a well needed clean