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  1. haha I was fizzing to see it actually on the road! was cool to see it catching so many peoples eyes. all probably thinking what the fuck is that!
  2. That truck driver was me haha Also saw you on the motorway this morning, can spot it so far away, this thing looks so aggressive i love it! nice work mate
  3. this is my favourite build thread to follow, absolutely love what you have done with this!
  4. Really need to get this thing on the road again. A friend has removed some daylight from the floors. He is also going to tidy up the dash while the screens out to try remedy a leak.
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/specialist-cars/competition-cars/listing/2708129020?bof=LswWfx2D A baby blue boxer powered imp!
  6. @mutiny hey mate my wiring is a mess and I mounted a plate for a horn button and switch for something right in the way (cant even remember what for). Have you had any joy with yours?
  7. 2 months later the hard lines have been done, it now has brakes again.
  8. about time you enlightened us with your progress!!
  9. http://racecast.com.au/product/reverse-drilled-12a-sump/
  10. @Mattt I think from memory rx2's had a sump with a bulge at the back, or can get a cast alloy one already drilled in reverse. also I think the pick up is shaped that you can cut it and just add some pipe to extend it to the bulge.
  11. That Bomex crossmember made me laugh, love that it still had the sticker and all, nice work tidying this up
  12. I like this comment haha good luck with the sale, awesome build, cars built to this standard don't come up for sale often
  13. Calipers back together and on, need to put master on tomorrow and give it all a bleed, also removed the blocks from the rear going to put standard springs back in the front and have a measure up to see what need to lower the front to make it sit level and have some suspension travel again. Have pulled the seat out and removed the heater in preparation of having access to re-wire and also tidy up the floor and firewall, I pulled the factory sound deadening from the firewall as it was pretty manky so going to give it a wire brush and paint, need a couple of small holes patching in the floo
  14. Calipers have been sandblasted and given a lick of paint. Have new pads and caliper kits, hope to put the kits in the calipers over the weekend and get the master back on.
  15. Booster and spacer is in, need to shorten the linkage between booster and pedal by 20mm then should fit well, will dig out the brake lines from the donor ute to suit the new master cylinder position and the vacuum hard line for the booster.
  16. awesome to see some more old mazdas on oldschool! cool coupe man
  17. Disc's are on, swapping over to the drum hub and keeping the 1st gen steering link worked well. one thing had forgot about is disc's foul the standard 14" wheels so might see if i can get some spacers, I have plenty of room to play with, some spacers 20-30ish millimetres would make it clear I think. Another bonus the brake hoses are the same even.
  18. Yeah I agree looks really good on hub caps and whitewalls, cool that its a ke20 2 door don't see many here in NZ.
  19. made a start cleaning up the bits needed for the disc swap, The booster spacer is welded, need to shorten the booster rod by 20mm and drill and tap it. Just painting everything for now, I almost have enough spares of most thing's I'm thinking of dropping a set of arms, backing plates ect off to get powder coated and swap it all out at a later date. Just need to clean up the booster and finish painting everything. This week hopefully can go get a caliper kit and some new hoses/pads and have a go at swapping it all in.
  20. that airbox is awesome man! really cool you are keeping it twin dizzy!
  21. Nah just the intake and dizzy its all up in Auckland otherwise would of grabbed the block, didn't check if it had power steering or not, and I'm not sure about the steering box either. Thats pretty cool with the dizzy, does yours run a crank sensor as well?
  22. hopefully should get it next week, I have got the intake set-up and the dizzy coming at this point, Nothing else i should be grabbing before he drops it to the freight depot? I'm going to go with an aftermarket ecu so haven't bothered getting the ecu or airflow meter ect. The dizzy looks to be electronic so I got that chucked in even tho I wont need it as I might try mod an old points one into a cam angle sensor.
  23. Awesome shed man that is so cool, awesome project, I have always loved that red tudor! has a hemi v8 if i remember right? It was always at muscle car madness with the scavengers car club they all had some really cool cars
  24. Also finally found a EGI Intake, have been keeping an eye out for one for awhile now. Plan is to start from scratch with the wiring as its a mess, have got a painless fuse box to make a start, then start gathering the bits needed to run the engine EFI.
  25. Modified/made the booster spacer/bracket, just need to get it welded now, really should get a mig. bit slow making the holes with the drill then grinding out with a burr atleast wont see them. started cleaning up the disc backing plates ect ready for some paint.
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