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  1. I havnt got any hs6 but would a pair HS8? (2") be to big?
  2. Hey guys Thank you for those who responded to this post and have private messaged me about possible in Chch. Ive now got one a new job Wayne.
  3. 1.2 flux core around 25/30 volts ,Bloody hot work as that harden steel is pre heated to around 200 degs before welding
  4. some gas cutting if needed t took 500mm from the sides Well you get the idea . So any leads would be appreciated.Thanks
  5. Ive handed in my notice and not taking it back this time. I would like to find a place that works with new builds (tho will look at all options available ) hes a few more pictures .Also have been thinking if there would be the work for a one man band with mobile workshop?
  6. Also started on the floor this is the worst of the rust on thepassenger side drivers side is good. it was cold as all fuck today so this was the best place for a coffee break
  7. Wee update Thought i would give it a good clean with the water blaster before paking in the garage And the paint started to fall off .This is a big set back as i didnt want to paint it at this stage. Shame about the paint but comes off very easy with a broad knife .At some stage someones taken it back to bare metel and under coat is very hard.
  8. First mod on Gran Turismo 1 weight reduction! Theres is alot of surface rust as the old owner started to sand it back and was left outside Wire brash on a grinder should take care of most of it. the worst of the rust in the floor im hoping its not to bad .Ill get the car in the garage this week sometime and dry the car out. And the mighty 4K-EU.im sure theres room for a turbo.
  9. Ive fixed a few small job on the starlet and took it for a hoon and goes bloody well for a 1300 with 300,000km on the clock.So i im going to keep it. The wee hoon that made me want to keep it It looks a bit ruff but almost rust free Frist get the wof sorted .Roll cage and as its efi maybe getting a turbo.
  10. Im using H190 6stud diff from D21 ute (hf43) in my Austin. But would like to use a LSD there is a guy up up the road from me with a heap of 720 and D21 ute and ramdom diff laying around most with no id tags, some diffs with no numbers stamped on the housings and the brakes rusted so i cant turn them over.There is one with a big N1 stamped on the housing LSD? Ive goggled with not much luck, So what im i to look out for? Thanks.
  11. Was needing to bend 7/8' pipe 180deg with a 250mm outside dia so i knocked this up today .Tho not 100% happy as there is a wee kink at the end of the bend
  12. It was time to show some love and fit the mono shock. Could have made a better bracket Thinking of fitting this. any pro's and con's? Dont quite line up
  13. Im loving this project and really keen to see what these guards look like on a van. BTW ive just got myself a Anglia van with no windows cut out of the side and pick it up in the next two weeks .Tho i had to pay up forit and jelly at your $500 bargin
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