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  1. Been watching a tonne of Kelvin's stuff over the last few months. I can't remember the details exactly, but I do remember Keegan saying the alternator had been pulled out a of a Cressida. It had a good voltage reading across it at idle but it wasn't cooling and couldn't output under load. I did a lot of dicking around with belts back when I got it before coming to the conclusion that it wasn't belt slip. It died about 3 times on the drive up from Te Awamutu on the day I got it. I wound up driving back to Auckland and borrowing the biggest battery I could find to get it home. Edit: Found your original thread here. It seems to have a handful of electrical gremlins which I'm hoping to straighten out with the 1UZ install.
  2. My biggest victory in the last 8 years was getting the front badge.
  3. This weekend I fully committed to making this thing happen: The 1UZ is out of a UZS131 so has the right headers, oil pan and angle on the bell housing. Annoyingly the fan is broken, and MAF is missing. Spent a bit of time digging out the Japanese mouse nest from the valley. I've managed to rent a little space on a friend's farm up in Warkworth, seeing as garages don't exist in central Auckland unless you're extremely lucky. My plan is to tidy up the 1UZ on a stand while I continue to tinker with and drive the Crown. When the engine is good to go I'll take the Crown up and start pulling it apart. I'm pretty new to this but I'm lucky to have a few knowledgeable friends, and Bluebear's thread is absolute gold for me.
  4. A brief account the last 8 years of ownership: Drove it to work for a while. The battery always seemed to have difficulty holding charge. It had a small non-original alternator and didn't ever seem like it could hold tension on the belt. I often had to trickle charge the battery, or get flats in inopportune situations, and was pretty nervy driving it at night. Stopped turning over which was the end of it being my daily. Turned out to be bad contacts on the relay. Wound up taking it to an Ron Wood Auto Electrical who diagnosed the alternator as being from a Honda. Apparently Honda and Toyota crank shafts spin in opposite directions which was causing havoc with recharging. Put a genuine Toyota alternator in. The car ran mean. Took it on a couple small road trips, then put it in storage and moved to Melbourne for 4 months. Came back to Auckland and lived in a 30m2 garden flat on the student allowance. A friend offered her garage with the caveat that I couldn't get the crown out once it was in. Parked it up. Used it for a friend's wedding once. Otherwise it stayed in there for 3 years. Graduated, moved to Central Otago for 6 months. Moved back up here. Pulled the Crown out of storage, changed all the fluids and she fired right up. Drove her home, hand brake seized. Took the brakes apart and cleaned them, got new tyres and went to see the WoF man. Failed on brakes seizing again and brake master cylinder leaking. The Crown in slumber: First sunlight in years: Back at home:
  5. Project Thread here: RE201's 1980 Toyota Crown
  6. Gonna use this first post as a to-do list. Will keep adding and crossing things off as I go. Very keen on any suggestions or advice. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After years of lurking, it's finally time to start a build thread for this. Some of you might remember this car from @japawagons and @Yowzer back in 2013ish. I bought it off japawagons and used it as a (troublesome) daily for a year or 2 before deciding to go back to school and hammer out an engineering degree. Student poverty meant I couldn't give the car the love it deserved and it wound up in dry storage with a friend while I studied. I graduated at the end of 2019 with big plans to give the Crown a refresh, only to be thwarted by Covid and then being sent down to Queenstown for a work contract. Tired of not getting to spend time on it, and feeling inspired by @Bluebear01's conversion, I've decided to go the 1UZ route. Watch me fall apart as I go. Discussion thread here: RE201's 1980 Toyota Crown Original build thread: Japawagon's MS110 Crown of Tax
  7. Thread dredge. After sitting in the garage for two years, I just got this sorted. The alternator was a Honda one - and Hondas spin the opposite way to Toyotas. The new regulator had accounted for this, but not for the fact that the internal fan blades were orientated the wrong way around and so not cooling the alternator. Was cooking it. New alternator and I've put about 500km of round town driving in without an issue.
  8. Cali Burrito owner had his wife leave him and steal his kids back to the states without custody. Massive legal battle. All business funds frozen. Shops start closing down.
  9. Does anyone happen to know if the M Series engines have compatible headers within the series or possibly out? I'm looking at upgrading on my M-EU but it is proving pretty hard to find much info. I know Celicas and Mark IIs used them for a minute but I can't seem to get much depth of knowledge.
  10. Now I just have to find a pulley before my summer leave kicks in!
  11. Yup that was me, been lurking here a while now haha. Had some dramas with the belt on the drive from T.A. and replaced it once I got home. Tension seems good and I've run her around town quite a bit, but after more than 30 minutes on the road the dash warning signs go on and the lights all go dim. Hasn't gone out on me yet but makes me nervous to go beyond the Bombays. Really oughta make a thread...
  12. It's still got a phantom problem
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