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    diesel spam

    Chuck the probe post turbo then? Im about to fit one of those gauges in defender, I've got the water temp sensor as well so I'm replacing the temp gauge in the dash with the redarc guy. I think it's worth the money, has nice features like temp warning, relay output etc.
  2. I would suggest posting in the South Island section or even general asking for help in chch.
  3. Where in the country are you?

    Best thing to clean out a fuel tank?

    The last manky fuel tank I had, I took it to a radiator repair shop, gave him $40 and I picked it up the next day all clean.
  5. I'm still curious if it's a 7/10 race cam.

    Best way to attach a bracket to heater motor

    Jesus christ just take it to anyone half decent with a TIG and zing it on. Why are you cunts over complicating this.

    Best way to attach a bracket to heater motor

    I would TIG that on, just keep it cool with wet rag to stop the magnets breaking.
  8. Yep, 3.9 will bolt in place of 3.5 Though I recommend getting a 4.6 instead, they were the best in terms of not slipping liners and having the most power.

    Vintage Grumbles AE86

    Wheel spacers g
  10. UTERUS

    Muffler Tech

    On range rover (4.6 V8) I put reso about 500mm after collector (2.5) then m&h flow master copy, 2.5 to the back. I just guessed where things would fit really, though I could move them around if need be. Roudy down low then gets quieter as revs increase. Anything to do with muffler placement? Shitty 60s tech RV8?
  11. UTERUS

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy
  12. UTERUS

    Napier Rotary-sitter 26JAN?

    @Leebo3 @JasonK @Cazza
  13. UTERUS

    KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    I'll see you at Baja?
  14. It can be a bit wobbly, a few mm doesn't really matter that much.