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  1. Footeys land rover seres 2a 109 safari

    265/75R16 will be 31" tall. I had that size on my series 3 with 2" lift, no rubbing issues.
  2. Lowest KM Passola, ever?

    @Dolan had one of these, rode the piss out of it.
  3. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    That's a bit rough, looked like a sweet place. Department of Closing things love ruining fun for 4x4 owners, unless you're a hunter then that's ok. You're welcome in the central north anytime, Pureora forest has a few gnarly tracks (Testament and i got real stuck and slept the night in his jeep), and even a play area that king country club looks after.
  4. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    You guys still got access to the yard or is that shut to everyone now? Looking amazing too, be sweet to catch up at Thompsons track or similar one day.
  5. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    I'm keen to see what it looks like, I'm a fan of tints on everything.

    Well it's a year later and the only change is that is has grown plenty of lichen. Took the diff head out and had a go at fixing the LSD and crazy noise it has, that didn't work so I took it back out and tightened up the backlash a bit more, that didn't help either. Tried to do skids, single spinner, tried some more and it starts missing and running like shit. Because of how miserable it is to take the head out, I've been ignoring it. I did however just order a carb rebuild kit. I also just realised most of my pics no longer work, ah well.
  7. Have you heard it running?
  8. Sweet whip. Tang, de sprang.
  9. Marsh's 1984 Liteace Discussion

    Tang, de sprang
  10. CaMpylobacter mopeds of fail

    Scooters are cool.

    Holy moly so much more work has gone on since whenever that was. Dave very kindly made me another shaft with universals as the cv joints were doing lol things. Front wheels done. Replaced various electrical tape seals with red silicone. Drilled hole in water pump housing and put the two speed fan switch in, it works perfectly. Bought new vw golf front inserts and made new front coilovers with 5kg springs and camber plates. So many other things I've forgotten. The only pic I have is of the gear knob I made, so there you are. Wof, reg, Brep Brep.
  12. Snoozin's 1981 KPiz Starlet

    I have 5kg front springs in my KP with 13b, it rides great