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  1. Smells like a sticky idle control valve.
  2. Leave it on for awhile longer, give it a few whacks with the dead blow.
  3. Can you make the line out of steel and use wee silicone or rubber joiners at each end? Or go for a walk around pick a part/zebra for a hose the right shape.
  4. If you just pull the trigger and not weld, does it trip the breaker?
  5. Yea is it solenoid or contactor? If it's contactor, then any wholesaler will get you one.
  6. Gas solenoid? I usually start with the supplier of the machine, if they can't help then Google.
  7. Holy shit that was a burn. Red looks sexy, superchargers are cool as fuck.
  8. If you got to receive fifteen BJ's but had to receive them all in a row, would you?
  9. Grab some ear plugs too, it's miserable to try and sleep in a room of snorers
  10. Hey so i'm going to be bringing an assortment of small bike related crap that i will either give away or swap for roadside bj's. So if you have shit you want to unload, or maybe take my shit, then bring along your shit! The very least, J5 gets more shit!
  11. This is a very sensible time to be checking things if you're like me and use your bike twice a year. Tyres Chain Sprocket Drive rubbers Brakes Wheel bearings Spark plug Fuckin bang out the checks over a weekend, or sneak in an hour after work. Enough time to order parts and get them fitted before the ride.