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  1. Still that's a decent gamble having another month wiggle room. SR241 go good as, Ive ridden my CT on everything and just adjust tyre pressures to suit.
  2. 170k battler is ready. https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=b3qlh
  3. @GuyWithAviators calls me daddy, but I take no responsibility for him.
  4. New armature comes with bearings and fan.
  5. About $60 shipped for the armature.
  6. Yep can do, send me a pic @RUNAMUCK Can one of you remind me tomorrow. 0210405401
  7. Disregard that grumpy old cunt, someone helpful will be along soon for ya. @fuel
  8. Yea needs new armature, what model is it? You could send it to me in Taupo but I'm prob not much cheaper than your local service agent.
  9. Lol fuck that, punishing enough on 17" wheels yo.
  10. @sentra pick us up on the way and I'll get the rooms booked.
  11. This sounds like a job for strut spacers.