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  1. I've had some success with a desulphator and charger on a battery for a few weeks. https://a.aliexpress.com/_mNukyZN
  2. Like kpr says, they all do it. I've repaired lots of Digi dash stuff off that era too.
  3. They'll have the cable and lugs, but won't crimp them for you. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to solder them. You could try bribe an auto sparky to crimp them?
  4. 25mm double insulated flex is most commonly used. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3132796229
  5. Hey what are you doing in here
  6. 100%, tom and I are sleeping together. Worth calling the ding tomorrow @Yowzerand lock in a room. I emailed them last week and didn't get a reply.
  7. I dunno why you're complicating this, just goto the tyre shop and tell the guy what you want. Buying second hand tyres can get fucked for a daily tbh, you gotta check the date code to see how long you got till they fall apart. I've used motor treads in the past and he's been great for doing exactly what I asked of him.
  8. This thread sucks, do you ever finish anything?
  9. It's only 6A, I'd just run it through a switch. Unless you really had your heart set on putting a relay in.
  10. How many watts is the light? I prob wouldn't even bother with a relay depending on what switch you have or going to get.
  11. Hell yea, I have fond memories of hectic nights on Thompsons. Kati side next?
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