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  1. Had to do this the other day when flatmate failed wof for missing button on the seatbelt. Replaced button and gave the belt a birthday with simple green. Tidy up the edges with the lighter and Robert is your brothers mother. Edit: I just realised this is your project thread, sorry about that hah.
  2. PE is a bit more forgiving than ABS, give the heat gun a whirl. Nice work, good job pesting about with projects.
  3. Yea had this 10 years ago, wound the idle speed up and continued on with life.
  4. Driving at 80 feels like riding at 300km/h. A smart person would be taking Monday off work, I'm not that person.
  5. For anyone wanting to put their mind at ease, here ya go. http://metvuw.com/forecast/forecast.php?type=rain&region=nzni&noofdays=5 A little drizzle Friday morning, and should be ok till we race the weather back to J5's house on Sunday.
  6. Could I please see some pics of it erect.
  7. @HighLUX I don't want to tell you thing you likely already know, but are your wheel bearings sweet? I went through many on my 155 because it didn't have seals.
  8. @Swing http://www.a1turbos.co.nz/shopexd.asp?id=35
  9. Could you take a photo of the echo exhaust, go for a wander around zebra etc and find something close enough that you can hit with hammers to marmalade in there? Lol Dave, vids plz.
  10. What if you made scizzor shackles for the back for some ghetto droop.
  11. These are a little cheaper and mine arrived in 2 weeks. https://a.aliexpress.com/_mqsSoyB
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