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  1. Can we ride from Napier to Mangatutu Hot Springs? https://www.nzhotpools.co.nz/hot-pools/mangatutu-hot-springs/#description
  2. I don't have anything insightful to offer on solar, as I use 100AH lithium, redarc bcdc charger and 200W panel for futureproofing. Lithium Iron is at a price point now, that they are better value for money long term than AGM. Here's some more fridge options though. I see there is a Jaycar reseller in Nelson if you wanted to poke them IRL. https://www.jaycar.co.nz/search?text=brass+monkey&CSRFToken=08de16a6-2294-4871-b8c9-5615c862547a
  3. Genuine lol • Seriously go over your shit bike again and fix anything that is going to fuck out. Lock tight and lock wire is your friend. Expect long sections of wide open throttle nangs.
  4. For fucks sake, I can only be so erect
  5. Girl plzzzzz, 2/3 ready now.
  6. I only have to cobble together a shit solar system, wash and pack clothes, go shopping and medicate.
  7. Thursday whenever I wake up
  8. Smells like a sticky idle control valve.
  9. Leave it on for awhile longer, give it a few whacks with the dead blow.
  10. Can you make the line out of steel and use wee silicone or rubber joiners at each end? Or go for a walk around pick a part/zebra for a hose the right shape.
  11. If you just pull the trigger and not weld, does it trip the breaker?
  12. Yea is it solenoid or contactor? If it's contactor, then any wholesaler will get you one.