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  1. Mini seats are smaller. edit; Left and right front seats in these are interchangeable. Could you get away with putting the fucked one on the passenger's side when you take it for a wof?
  2. Another ADO16 owner here. According to the UK dealer brochure from back in the day rear seatbelts were a factory option on these meaning that there should be threaded mounting holes for them already in there somewhere. Might be BS cos I've never managed to find them on my Wolseley 1300 but have a look anyway and if you find them please let us all know where they are.
  3. My first though was also Mini or ADO16 but perhaps something from a small diesel tractor might have more cooling capacity?
  4. Is it not a requirement to get a wof prior to registration? Or is that only to renew the licence when the car is already registered?
  5. Yeah but he doesn't work there anymore.
  6. And ignores the potential for getting stuck and/or not fitting through the gap where the wee Suzuki would go through cos smaller and lighter.
  7. Wouldn't a man who dresses like that be more likely to smoke a pipe?
  8. Wifey's '03 Ipsum achieved 11.83 litres per 100km / 23.9 mpg over 444 km towing this 8x4 tandem trailer both laden and unladen including three shortish local trips each with a ton of potatoes on board and a day trip to Middlemarch to collect 28 bales of hay. Pleasantly surprised. I expected it to hog the juice a lot more than that. Lunch at the Kissing Gate café in Middlemarch is also to be recommended.
  9. Looking good. I think the hotwires suit it.
  10. Fairly sure I have two copies of the Haynes manual for EA-ED coons. Would you like the spare one if I can find it?
  11. Just caught up on the last two years of your build thread. That hammock bunk thing over the driver's position is pure genius.
  12. The cars in question are 19 and 26 years old. A Toyota and a Nissan respectively. Both are second hand imports. Would the appropriate franchise dealer be able to access the required information?
  13. How does one determine whether the airbags in one's car have the takata inflators and whether they've had the problem rectified?
  14. That's a good thing. Shows that they're taking it seriously. Hope you sent it on to the new owners.
  15. When it does run is it hogging the juice? That would tend to support an auto choke issue would it not?
  16. Forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission.
  17. I found the factory jack with the sticky uppy bit that fitted the orifice to be a fool of a thing. Never felt entirely safe using it. A trolley jack under the subframe is far superior.
  18. I'm sure you've discovered the actual jacking points half way along the sills. Bit of a weird arse arrangement but it works.
  19. Or a Rover V8 like the works rally cars.
  20. Found this thread on another forum. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/218899/vehicles-run-veg-oil
  21. Just watched your startup vid. Sounds good.
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