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  1. And conveniently located for pickup en route to/from Hanmeet.
  2. Some years ago I found a four cylinder Ford manifold with a Holley carb on it lying in the grass behind one of my sheds. Looks like it's off a T or an A. Don't know enough about them to pick the differences. No idea if it has any usable parts left on it but if it's any use to you you're welcome to have it.
  3. igor

    diesel spam

    Diesel RAV we have at work does this. We almost invariably have to top it up between services. The check engine light often starts to flick on with about 2000 km to go till the next scheduled service.
  4. igor

    diesel spam

    Does diesel still work out less expensive if servicing costs are included in the calculations? Serious question. I've never owned anything with a diesel engine apart from one dodgy old tractor.
  5. Man can never have too many spare parts.
  6. What do you think of the super-shift? I borrowed one for a day back in the '80s and found it quite fun.
  7. I generally lay some timber on the ground to make ramps. Height and slope become infinitely adjustable.
  8. Cinderella has gone to the ball. So many old cars out tonight and perfect weather too unlike last year when it pissed down all night. No decent pics cos night time.
  9. That's a point. Not sure that any of the seven BMC cars I've owned over the years still had engine numbers.
  10. That'd be wonderful. Please do that.
  11. Used that last year but she reckons it's not cool enough this year. Also the tricorne hat with feathers on is unfortunately too tall to wear while driving a modern(ish) car.
  12. Hi Guys. My daughter and her friend are looking for a cool car for the school ball this coming Friday night. The car they thought they were going to use is no longer available. Short notice I know but anyone got any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Kerry.
  13. Would it need a cert for 948 to 1098 swap given that the two look alike enough for it to not be noticed at wof time and the horsepower difference is probably bugger all?
  14. ...or perhaps a length of chain? Might be easier to get back out again.
  15. What's the difference apart from one is American speak and the other is English?
  16. Equally no-one will be able to prove that it is stolen.
  17. igor


    Just from memory I'd say you're probably right. Solid rear and vented front. Pretty sure that's what my ones have anyway.
  18. Have one for me too. I'm still at work.
  19. You've made the right decision. Wonderful news that the repair panels needed are available.
  20. So make him an offer for it @kiwi808.