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  1. Will double check with another building inspector tomorrow
  2. Spoke to the building inspector. Like me it’s hard to say exactly without seeing it. But he said as you are widening the hole (modifying the structural integrity) and modifying the exterior envelop you would definitely need a resource consent. If you carry out the work without a consent and tried to sell the house later you maybe forced to either get a retrospective consent (niggly) or return it to how it was. Again, don’t take the word of a random person on the internet. But I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get this right. Highly recommend getting a second opinion and get it in writing.
  3. I’m catching up with a building inspector tomorrow so will ask him too.
  4. You can replace like for like but if you are modifying the exterior envelope you will need a building consent. Taking out a window and putting a door in will require a consent. Don’t take a random person from the internets word for it though. Just ring your local council tomorrow and ask them. They don’t want people accidentally modifying their homes illegally so will set you straight.
  5. You need to do a trip up to central some time and we can go visit the Fiat Barry in Alex.
  6. Sorry team, cars still not ready. Keen fir a hoon in the new year
  7. I wish someone here actually had access to a set for photo lol’s
  8. I like the idea of meeting in Dunners then cruising up through the pig route to Randurly. we could then have a sausage fest sizzle somewhere there then Dunners crew could head through middlemarch for the round trip. We will have the work wagon as a support vehicle.
  9. We have a Webber Baby Q that is perfect for road trip sausage fests
  10. I’m hoping to pick up the Rx-7 early/sometime in November on a Saturday from Dunedin so could possibly make it work. Should have a definite date in the next two weeks. Will try and mobilise the RX boys too. They can normally get about 20 cars together and love a cruise. Let me make some calls and I’ll report back in a couple of weeks with an update?
  11. You clearly don’t rotary.
  12. You buy now https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/fiat/listing/3233116541?bof=WNpgP4Cv
  13. I’m no expert, but if it is freshly painted and under sealed they may want to see evidence that this has been done correctly. Such as a repair cert. If you don’t have this, and they believe the fresh repaint and under seal hide in uncertified repairs they may ask you to strip it back? Do you have all the relevant paperwork showing that the repaint etc was carried out by a professional?
  14. Yeah, we need to find a set of titans just for the Kodak moment. Good score buddy!
  15. Sooo much awesomes. Also, auto will be sweet for daily driving! Can't wait to see this on a sweet sweet set of Titans.
  16. Nice! Can’t be many cortacky wagons around anymore? glad to see one is being saved.
  17. Oh, I’ve got to call dad tonight so I will hit him up.
  18. Nice work so far mate! I love that the Speedo goes up to 80mph!
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