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  1. No guarantee that an off the shelf product would work even if you could find one. At least with Cable Barry you know that if anything needs a tweak he will be only to happy to sort it out. Might chat to them about my clutch cable. I’ll say the Fiat Pest sent me.
  2. I love that the cable Barry is keeping you updated with what going on. Makes you feel like they care about your cable and that it’s fit for purpose.
  3. Cool little truck! Welcome aboard. If this was in NZ we would recommend putting a rotary in it.
  4. Have you tried the VCC for a gearbag boot? They should have a bunch of options.
  5. Looking at their website I too could sense good Barry vides.
  6. How have I missed this so far? cool build mate, love the build log. Had a good giggle at CAD. fill be following along now for the rest of the build.
  7. Nice score! This will look sick with those bronze wheels.
  8. Low and slow and get it road legal. Cruise, enjoy and drive it. But the obvious engine swap is a 13b monster J Port set up with a 51mm ida.
  9. Was great to catch up and go for a wee cruise!
  10. Looking forward to some red coupe awesomes when you get to Cromwell. I’ll DM you my digits.
  11. Will double check with another building inspector tomorrow
  12. Spoke to the building inspector. Like me it’s hard to say exactly without seeing it. But he said as you are widening the hole (modifying the structural integrity) and modifying the exterior envelop you would definitely need a resource consent. If you carry out the work without a consent and tried to sell the house later you maybe forced to either get a retrospective consent (niggly) or return it to how it was. Again, don’t take the word of a random person on the internet. But I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get this right. Highly recommend getting a second opinion and get it in writing.
  13. I’m catching up with a building inspector tomorrow so will ask him too.
  14. You can replace like for like but if you are modifying the exterior envelope you will need a building consent. Taking out a window and putting a door in will require a consent. Don’t take a random person from the internets word for it though. Just ring your local council tomorrow and ask them. They don’t want people accidentally modifying their homes illegally so will set you straight.
  15. You need to do a trip up to central some time and we can go visit the Fiat Barry in Alex.
  16. Sorry team, cars still not ready. Keen fir a hoon in the new year
  17. I wish someone here actually had access to a set for photo lol’s
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