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  1. You clearly don’t rotary.
  2. You buy now https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/fiat/listing/3233116541?bof=WNpgP4Cv
  3. I’m no expert, but if it is freshly painted and under sealed they may want to see evidence that this has been done correctly. Such as a repair cert. If you don’t have this, and they believe the fresh repaint and under seal hide in uncertified repairs they may ask you to strip it back? Do you have all the relevant paperwork showing that the repaint etc was carried out by a professional?
  4. Yeah, we need to find a set of titans just for the Kodak moment. Good score buddy!
  5. Sooo much awesomes. Also, auto will be sweet for daily driving! Can't wait to see this on a sweet sweet set of Titans.
  6. Nice! Can’t be many cortacky wagons around anymore? glad to see one is being saved.
  7. Oh, I’ve got to call dad tonight so I will hit him up.
  8. Nice work so far mate! I love that the Speedo goes up to 80mph!
  9. Oh man, this is so rad. Are you going to make it into a camper surf mobile? I have a chat to dad about getting paperwork sorted. He manages to get all his old bikes back in the system, so there is hope.
  10. There is a few pests in Dunedin too. So bring a Rolla.
  11. A few of us up in Central Otago too. Bring a Rolla.
  12. I don’t think you can enter for just a day. I think it’s a set up Friday take home Sunday night deal. But you could email them a check. They might have a day paddock? It’s worth coming up for a day to check it out. There is so much to see and so many demos
  13. Nice! I like the coupes, they have some good lines. Will grab some popcorn and follow along for the ride.
  14. So this will be the second running of this event and promises to be a great day out for everyone and every barry. I hope to have all 3 Mazdas on Display. Be cooooool to have a few more people come and play.
  15. https://www.wheelsatwanaka.co.nz
  16. Sooo good that this is starting. 12 slots and eagers first up please. Also, I’m off to visit dad soon so I’ll see what Cleveland buts I can pilfer.
  17. @Toddy415 I’m still on annual leave if you want to come around on Friday for a car wash.
  18. I’ll be doing the cruise on the Friday night, but can’t do the show on the Saturday.
  19. @TimShadboltfan27 is a major pest on Social Media.
  20. Bronze looks cool. But I’ve always wanted good wheels (think Simmons V4’s). Silver would be my last pick. But as mention above would look good with the Targa top
  21. Wat Nats in Cromwell? (As in where can I go to see sweet Datsuns?)
  22. I have sales brochures for all my cars, including my dailies. I think an appreciation thread is appropriate.
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