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  1. Will I actually finish this project? It's always easier in theory right..
  2. First I had to find some donor parts, the bumper mounts were well past saving economically by this stage: Thankfully me and @piazzanoob have been saving a few parts up of the last couple of years, out came the poor rotten black parts car for bumper parts: Also managed to get my old mate to clean up the huge rust hole, it's now about twice as thick as it should be so hopefully will outlast the rest of the car.. Then my 2020 Holiday ran out, that year turned out to be a bit of a write off and so the car sat untouched until a few weeks ago....
  3. Well I found what anyone would expect, rust, and lots of it.. Started off reasonably minor, Isuzu must have known they would rust here because they cam factory with a nice plastic bit of trim that hides this: Not the end of the world: Getting a little hard to reach: Not really sure what was holding the bumper on, a good pot hole would have finished this off: Thats a pretty big hole.... So by the end of the afternoon I had taken a nice driving car and pulled all the lower trim off, once again I am getting in over my head trying to fix
  4. Started cleaning my car and getting it ready for a WOF about a year ago and found a few horrors, I need to document this so I get some motivation to complete.. It actually didn't look too bad on the surface when I got it, they somehow managed to keep a WOF on it: Had a good few months fun driving it around before the WOF expired, then it sat in the shed...
  5. I won't be able to make it to drags but will make to burgers
  6. Will be there in whatever I can get started tomorrow morning...
  7. I'm in if I remember, someone should tag me on the day..
  8. If I still have a car to drive I will be there... Feels like i'm living in an endless topgear challenge atm...
  9. I'll be there, CBF getting a classic out of the shed at work so will just take the Alfa.
  10. Speaking of industrial computers this was driving our batching plant until we had it rebuilt 2 years ago. AMD K5 PR133 and 8MB RAM was probably overkill for what it was doing:
  11. Got any photos of what it looks like now? Good body panels are getting pretty thin on the ground now, might almost be easier to repair what you have..
  12. Got too busy again, tried them the other night but the castors don't really turn fast enough, could push the back around ok but the heavy front end didn't want to go anywhere.. In saying that I didn't sweep the floor, will see if that makes any difference and report back.
  13. I bought the ones on Trademe in the end, they seem to work well but wont have time to give them a real test until tomorrow.
  14. Anyone using these (or can they recommend anything similar they have used)? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/other/listing-2222163226.htm I just moved into a new house with a "double" garage but it only has a single door to get into it...
  15. I was going to go but @Thousand Dollar Supercar said he wasn't, lol (didn't see the last min update) Next month isn't far away
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