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  1. I've had 2 regs, both from boc, leak from inside the bottle pressure gauge. Swapped first under warranty 2nd time I just blanked the gauge off and haven't got around to replacing it yet
  2. I did look at doing this but none of other leads were long enough to reach back to no.4. I guess if it still ran on 3 with no.4 lead on no.3 plug and nothing on 4 then I could rule out the lead. I may have a bit more of a look at it in the morning. Still really confused how dizzy was so far out though
  3. Update: it's running again, albeit on 3 but I think no.4 lead is crook. I noticed that rotor was pointing between 1 and 3 when at tdc, don't know how I didn't see it before, pulled dizzy out and turned round a bit so rotor lined up a bit nicer towards 1. Put dizzy back but it had a flat on bottom of shaft that didn't line up so pulled it out and turned the groove down in the hole with a screw driver, put dizzy in turned key and it went thankfully. I'm not sure what happened for it to be out but. . . It's good for now. Just thought I'd put a update on this Cheers
  4. Thanks for the quick answer! I thought it may be related to timing being out as that's what I'd been touching last. So I tried cranking while rotating dizzy back and forth and no real change so set it bak to old witness mark. The leads all look to be in reasonable condition, eg not cracked or anything. I have measured the resistance of them if that helps Coil to dist 2.29k 4 to dist 2.46k 3 to dist 1.85k 2 to dist 1.70k and 1 to dist 1.22k while I don't really know what any of that means nothing seemed to be way higher than another
  5. Hey guys im not very good with computers so hopefully this is right. Ihave a 1989 Toyota hilux with a 2y in it. It was running on 3 cylinders at the beginning of lockdown and I had put it down to the fact it was leaking oil past the spark plug tubes and onto the plugs. So I replaced the plug tubes and cleaned up the plugs still running on 3, I checked the timing and it was way out so I set it to around 8 btdc as I had read somwwhere and it ran better still not right though. Yesterday I went to move the truck and no start, winds over and backfires couple of times but won't run. I che
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