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  1. Find some old hardware and get new belts made? was some discussion in the WoF/Cert thread about guys who reweb belts.
  2. make sure you are following a 240v guide, not a 110v guide? unless there is a stepdown to 110v?
  3. Fitzee's Fabrications on youtube. makes all sorts of complex patches etc using just the basics. linked video is fixing trunk gutters on a corolla.
  4. I'm looking forward to the post where he revels he has made all new parts from billet on the milling machine / lathe
  5. https://www.driven.co.nz/news/watch-toyota-gr-yaris-hoons-down-the-quarter-mile-and-lands-in-the-10s/?utm_source=nzh&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=topbox
  6. Found a NOS waterpump for the E-series in a box of junk downstairs if you are interested? I should have a sort through and see if there is any other junk quality parts I can offer you.
  7. so you're on holiday for the next 2 months Clint?
  8. Just because someone disagrees with you on the internet, or calls you out for asking for advice, and then arguing with it, doesn't make them keyboard warriors, I'm sure each and every one here would say the exact same thing to your face. Brakekleen is a degreaser, because that's essentially what you are doing when you clean brakes. Nobody has told you, you can't use it to degrease panels for welding, just pointed out why you shouldn't.
  9. What about a suction lifter? Teng Tools 30KG Professional Single Suction Cup Dent Remover/Puller & Glass/Tile Lifter - SL01 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C461L34/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_Z5W9CWE4VASTE0Z6MTXT
  10. @d.p.n.s Where'd you get the carpet? happy with the fit? need to get some for my wagon.
  11. New exhaust for a 10 second car?
  12. When you try to make fun of someone who made a typo, but made a typo.
  13. Probably talking about Datsuns, mostly rust anyway.
  14. Looked at youshop for shipping? would be NZD$30-40 I would say
  15. Bunnings westgate is still showing coregas
  16. I'm sure you expose yourself to a lot worse than coke on a regular basis.
  17. yea, should ship with the battery, pretty much impossible to buy for the Gen Public now. might need to talk to a friendly motorbike shop? or get in touch with the seller? shipping acid is a PITA too.
  18. just take a photo of it on the front, then move it to the back and take another photo?
  19. welcome to the new oldschool.
  20. seems like you have competition in the branding dept.
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