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  1. I did the pinstriping on it when a friend of mine Eddie had it. Way back in 2011. Cool car!
  2. Been doing a bit of work on the Corvair. I took it down to my brothers workshop and they've removed the rust in the floors. Its starting to look good... I got the fun job of cleaning the floor panels of any surface rust to keep the repair certifiers and vinning people happy. Now that the rust is pretty much done with sealing left to do we've been talking with the vinning people to figure out seat belts and what they want. Hopefully go with lap belts. I've been busy collecting 13" four spoke Cragar's. I've found another set; standard offset 5.5" that are in decent condition and have one more 13x7 on its way from America.
  3. A little progress... Met with @dave a while back and bought 2 more 13x7 Cragar's from him. Thanks man. Gave them a good clean, the rims came up pretty good but the centres are pretty corroded. The centres were painted silver, who ever painted them sanded the chrome so they're pretty dull. Overall condition isn't to bad. Still on the lookout for a cleaner pair... Stoked I have a set now though! Did a quick test fit. I was a little worried they'd be too wide and poke out but turns out they're sweet. Still need to get the proper tyres I want to run but gives you an idea... Discuss here, Cheers!
  4. Hahahaha you got it man! Those were the days!
  5. Yes definitely! I'll PM you. Thanks!
  6. These are a couple cars I've had in the past. There have been others but these are the ones that meant the most... 1982 EX Lancer GSR. This thing was awesome. Factory injected turbo, 4 wheel disc, LSD blah blah blah... Loved this car, still kick myself for selling it. I still seeing it kicking around Hamilton. After it went through a few hands it looks like its found a good owner: And my 85 Cressida. Manual and had a 1g-gte coversion done when I got it but nothing else. I chucked an LSD in it, repainted it, wheels, lowered and gave it a good tidy up. Was a tidy car, I used it as a daily but had to let it go. Kick myself over this one too: Cheers, Kenny
  7. So some have asked to see pics of some of my other cars. You've probably seen 1 or 2 of them around no doubt. I've had the 46 Chevy Fleetmaster for the last 14 years or so. Its an ever evolving project. Love this thing. Recently converted to 5 stud using 55 hubs for the front and changing out the dif to a Nova dif. Doing this I converted it to open drive using a converter on the end of the original gearbox. Now its geared up to cruise a lot nicer on the open road. It still runs the original 216 dipper, never misses a beat: Then my 78 Camaro. This build has been a real eye opener haha: And the most recent other than the Corvair is the 77 Thunderbird Town Landau. Its fully specd with, from what I can gather, every factory option it can have, down to the fake luggage straps. We picked this up in Wanaka and did an epic roadtrip back to Hamilton. Loved it. The cars real tidy with 49k OG miles on the clock, been in the country since 81. Slowly putting my touch on it: Those are the current cars I have. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a lot of money haha I've put a lot of time into these and a lot of help from friends and family. Also my crazy obsession doesn't help. Sometimes its a curse haha
  8. Some parts arrived from America on Thursday. Floor patch panels, a few small bits and also 2 13x7 reverse 4 spoke Cragar's. I wasn't sure how good the rims would be but turns out they're nice! With these rims I can test fit them all round. I'm certain they'll fit on the back with the IRS but the front I'm not sure about. I'll sort that this weekend then know what I'll need to complete the set. Happy as! Discuss here, Cheers!
  9. Hey man, thanks for the info. Will definitely be taking that on board. Haha yeah the fan belts pretty wild haha. I'll keep a spare at all times I'll be keeping the the build thread up to date as things happen. Just waiting for parts then it's all on. Watch this space. Cheers!
  10. Thanks man, yeah can't wait to start messing with it. Such a cool little car. I love how they're like a miniature bubble top Impala. Watch this space! This thing is wild, still around today too
  11. Cool man! Do you want to sell? I'll take them if so. Was I messaging you about these recently? Cheers!
  12. haha @kyteler mentioned you may have had some 4 spoke Cragar's or similar at some stage?
  13. Cheers man! There's a lowrider thread?! Haha I'll have to find it.
  14. Yeah I have looked at those. It's cutting it close with the car at 3862lbs. Still, I'll keep them in mind. Pretty cool. I'd just have to check if they can do the stub pattern in 4x4.5 or find adapters etc... Cheers though man