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  1. Thanks man, I like the tan/brown interior too. You don't see them as much in that colour, a lot have the grey interiors. Slowly getting there, I need the levels to change so I can get on with the body swap!
  2. Wow man, well done! Nice that they kept it in the family with the 2nd gen V6. I was thinking it might have been a 3.8 Holden or something. Thats an awesome deal! Not jealous at all haha I think, by the looks the wheels are called Work Crags. Very cool wheel's and a decent width too.
  3. Dude! Killing it! Awesome! What is the V6 out of? Do you mind me asking what you paid? Love those wheels too. Works?
  4. Nice, good luck. Very cool looking truck!
  5. Damn! That’s cool! Interesting that it’s V6. I thought they only for the US market. Looks pretty tidy. In that condition they seem to be going for around $15k. FroM what I’ve seen anyway. I’d jump on it!
  6. Thanks man, pretty hyped on it. The old Toyota graphics are pretty special right?! I think I saw that yellow one on Trademe a while back. Down ion Nelson? Thats when I was looking at buying too, looked like a good truck. Good price too.
  7. Since the engine bay was stripped it'd be silly not to freshen the paint up. The original paint was like it was just a base coat without any metallic. I got some colour matched and and hit it. Colour and clear. Did I mention it was all done with spray cans? Came out sweet for an engine bay at 11pm on a cold night haha Also, the windscreen is back in. This is the one pulled from the white Surf. Started putting a few things back in their place too. Starting to look like a real truck again.
  8. Cheers man, I hear ya. Haha yeah the white one is pretty sad.
  9. Had the front windscreen removed to make it easier to remove the loom and also because it needs to go into the gold body. She isn't pretty haha Then proceeded to remove loom and install into the gold body. Glad thats out of the way. So far there's 3 plugs that are different between the looms... The door light switches and the loom to the rear (tailgate, lights etc) nothing to major, hopefully thats all.
  10. Founds some new to me wheels to throw on when its ready. 15x8 Rays Eng. Tex Rides. Naturally had to test fit them Then started the process of tearing down whitey for loom removal. Removing the front guards revealed more rust in the usual spots where the water drains. Ahh well...
  11. I had a good think about the best way forward with the newly acquired truck and settled on a body swap for a few reasons. Based on that I realised there's a lot of crap to swap over. So, made some pretty good progress through lockdown... Started clearing out the interior of junk and removing the rear carpets to clean. I wish I got a before pic but you can kinda see the state of it was in in the first pic, they came out mint! Also started removing all the unnecessary things from the engine bay and interior. All the diesel parts and looms. Never done anything like before, pretty daunting. Once everything was out it wasn't actually to bad. The last pic is where I sat back and asked myself what the f*%k have I got myself into? haha
  12. The gold one is real nice, no rust. Interior is real tidy too. It's a shame it was given to Pic a Part. But glad it's in my hands. I've gone through the different scenarios in my head and the best way forward is to body swap. The white one is petrol auto and the gold was diesel manual. So would have to change over all the running gear (engine gearbox difs), fuel lines, looms and a heap of other small things. Body swapping I'll just need to swap looms and a few other small things. I've started the process. I'll update in the next week or so. Cheers man
  13. Always keeping watch on Market Place and Trademe for anything to pop up for these and came across this parts truck for a good price. Only 140 kms on the clock and solid. Story is the brakes needed rebuilding so the old boy took it to Pick-a-Part, It was mint apparently. Then the dude I bought it out of Pic-a Part after the running gear and some of the frontend had been taken. He didn't have time to do anything with it. Then along I come and swoop on it real quick. Its mint apart from whats been taken. Perfect for what I need to get mine sorted. This all happened the week before lockdown happened. Good timing really
  14. Came up on an original set of chrome wheels. For how old they are they're still shining. They'll come in handy as rollers for when I strip and restore the Weds.
  15. Thanks man. Stoked to have a Japanese project again. Enjoying the build so far.
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