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  1. Have just been running errands / checking boot capacity (weed eater touched both windscreens…) Had the head lights polished, freshening the face up. - Was looking for FL2 lights but all at pick a part were busted Stylish plate frames from the stash. Lame update, But have done a couple of pick a part runs finding various bits to remedy some issues/ broken bits. -fixed the boot lock (was missing the rod from lock to latch) -fitted all missing retaining clips the the roof lining, replaced the RH a pillar trim as had a hole drilled in it, found a set of floor mats and a new carpet (Need to give them a good clean and swap them over) and a good pair of drivers door hinges as currently have a fair bit of play.
  2. Have you considered a Daewoo Matiz? (just get a 2 door either way) Thanks, I think there’s this guy down your way that has a cabriolet version coming up for sale, Would be great with a manual swap… I’ve got a full set of centercaps for the superlative Ds -I think there’s just one or two of the fake centerlock nuts missing. Plan is to get something sorted when I reco those eventually. Maybe 3d printed? If I can get friendly with someone who has one/cad access. and for the AMEs, No center caps unfortunately, I do like them with out even though it may reduce the aerodynamic efficiencies… -might have to look into getting some cut eventually when they get reconditioned too.
  3. I was gonna save these for tomorrow, but I’ve posted them on Instagram already.. My favourite styles of wheels especially on cars with small brakes are full faced wheels, I tend to gravitate towards aero wheels or mesh faced wheels. The dream has always been to own a set of OZ rally or TOMS racing dish wheels but they are getting unobtainable. I scored a set of Racing Hart Superlative D for my S14 So when I found these, I had to snap them up. I had a mate in Christchurch collect them for me and store them for a short time period. They made there way back up country on the back seat of the K11. Yet another fine feature of this small vehicle - 205l of cargo space with a max of 960l with the seats folded down! The wheels are a set of directional AME Windmuhles in 14x6 et35 specifications. I think they complement the factory aero the G# editions come with -front bumper and spoiler. Hopefully the aerodynamic properties of them assist in improving the 5.7l/100km fuel consumption figures.
  4. After driving just shy of 1700km over 5 days, I think I’m ready to review a K11. Im well impressed with this small car, It’s got ample interior space, great visibility with the glasshouse top half, the driving position is comfortable with all controls being well positioned and laid out within reach including a left foot rest and good legroom. The seats support you well even when on them for many hours. It’s really easy to drive, and doesn’t fatigue you on longer trips. I’m really looking forward to city driving in this compared to my 4wd ute. One of the aspects I’m impressed with is how much easier it maintains open road speeds (even when faced with an incline) than I was expecting. The steering has good feel and it handles like a little go kart in the corners. This car being a G# version has front and rear swaybars. I’m also not sure what’s going on with the suspension, but it’s very firm and corners fairly flat. Has similar ride qualities to the coilovers I had in my corolla. And what Im most impressed with is the fuel economy. I made it from Spring Creek to the top of the Bombays (620km) on a tank of gas. This was achieved 2 up, amongst some spirited driving with a boot full of luggage, snacks and something I carted from Christchurch that I’ll save for tomorrow…
  5. Met up with some of the Chch crew for a small car Ramen meet. Even though the K11 is packing double the CCS of both of the Kei cars, for some reason it looks smaller… The next day we packed up and started heading back north taking the scenic route home. Jumped on the ferry Friday morning. Shot back up the North Island, stopped for dinner in Taupo to see some friends and then kept driving back to Auckland. It was this stretch that the K11 first started to feel like a small car. Coming through really thick fog that you can barely see past the bonnet in the pitch black with convoys of trucks coming the other way really made you aware of the size of a K11. We arrived home just before 1am on the Saturday morning and went straight to sleep.
  6. We woke up the next morning to a beautifully clear sky, After breakfast we decided to venture up Arthur’s pass to look at the snow on the mountians. We came across something better than seeing snow on the mountains, We found snow on the side of the road and Lake Lyndon was covered in snow/ partially frozen. We were very stoked as this was the first time we had seen the South Island like this and Kates first time in proper snow. Very different to the scenery we saw back in March/April. B E A U T I F U L.
  7. We made it to Christchurch amongst all the rain, -luckily decided to buy a new set of wipers in Nelson. Had a nights accomodation booked at this tiny house 30 minutes out of town. We spent the evening with a bottle of wine next to the fireplace watching the rain outside.
  8. I’d also snapped up a little present for Martha that turned up 2 days before we flew down.
  9. A quick stop the next morning to check the prowess of a K11 in a supermarket carpark resulted in nothing less than satisfaction. The steering is light, but has great road feedback and a excellent turning circle which excells in getting into parking spots easily and quickly. Although there wasn’t much competition in Nelson supermarket car parks. We stocked up on snacks and got on the road to start our journey, however before we went back up country we had planned to go down a little further. We shot out of Nelson and headed down Lewis Pass stopping to check out one of the camp spots from our honeymoon.
  10. A message to @yoeddynz to find out what drivetrain the K11 cabriolet he had picked up contained resulted in a swift yuck when informed it had a CVT, He then informed me that he had a car with the far superior 5 speed manual gearbox mated to a 1300cc motor packaged in a highly desirable 2 door body shell that he was wanting to see go to a good home. With a bit of umming, arring, and some sweet talking to my wife, a deal was struck via FaceTime. Flights were booked to Nelson,@yoeddynz and Hannah were kind enough to provide us with a luxury airport collection in the form of a pair of K11s. We parked Minky and Martha next to each other and went for a coffee while they said their goodbyes. Alex, Hannah, Kate and I had a great yarn over a coffee and some slices inside and after we followed them out of the carpark and at the split in the road, we went our seperate ways. Kate and I had a explore around Nelson (as much as you can do on a Sunday afternoon). My first thoughts on jumping in and taking off is man these little things are actually pretty zippy and have great visibility. Here’s me jumping with excitement over joining the K11 owners club.
  11. One of Nissan's most popular and successful compact cars was the March. It made its debut in 1982, then underwent a full model change in 1992. The revived March surpassed the original in every way, and became the first Japanese car ever to win the coveted European Car of the Year award. So what made this car so appealing? The answer lies in the details. Nissan adopted a rounder shape for the exterior body, and improved the car's overall packaging. Although the car measured 1.5 inches shorter than the original model, there was more space in the cabin. Under the hood were two newly developed engines, a 1.0-liter DOHC inline-4. The former only produced 57 HP, making it fit for the driver with basic needs, but the latter, with its 78 HP was the choice for enthusiasts. Both engines came mated to a 5-speed gearbox, and with the 1.0-liter powerplant, there was the option to upgrade to a 3-speed automatic. With the 1.3-liter, one had the choice of a continuously-variable N-CVT transmission. The sportiest car in the March lineup was the G# (pronounced G Sharp), which designated the 3 door body powered by the 1.3-liter engine. It featured a tauter suspension, aluminium wheels, and fat sport tires. Although it didn't have the knockout performance of the first edition's Super turbo, it still got the job done when called upon…
  12. Restyling a govt issued number plate. if I do this, and the plate becomes registered in my name (like a pplate) does that mean I can swap it between cars?
  13. The grips are great, I run them on this/cb360/adv50/have similar ones on my BMX / Retro MTB. I got them from https://www.tcbroschoppers.com and yeah there’s some throwbacks when you look at the stickers on the toolboxes. Anyone have recommendations on a muffler? I am wanting to stick with a high pipe, and will remake the header pipe to tuck it in closer but a muffler that is smaller and with a few more baffles than the current unbaffled one it has. I’ve been looking at a single one of these from Purpose Built Moto, but if anyone has any other ideas it would be appreciated WTB: Honda XR200 motor…
  14. Oh, and another couple of goodies turned up for the CG The most dreamy CB100? fuel tank courtesy of @Mop Head. I’ve been hunting for a CB100 fuel tank for years, -way back when I had an ax100 it was all I wanted to fit. I just need to run a tank sealer kit through the inside, and preserve the exterior patina, then it’ll be fitted to the CG. And all the way from USA, a pair of my favourite grips - vansXcult waffle grip moto grips. p.s I’ve also started another Instagram to document some more of the build process of things, it might stagnate/change names/as it progresses but I’ll see how it goes. @Junkhouse_speedshop
  15. To fit the 3.00 in the front forks, I had to remove the mudguard that was fitted previously. Scored a different 18inch front mudguard in a trade with @Tumeke as I have the plan of fitting a high front fender. proceeded to cut it in half gave it a little finishing and ended up with this. Once I can get access back into the shed, I just need to whip up a mount for it.
  16. I fitted the handlebars to the bike and at the same time the pair of Shinko SR244 in 18x3.00 sizing tyres I had ordered turned up. The handlebars have given a much more comfortable riding position (grips were just cheapies to check a colour idea) and the SR244s are starting to lean it towards the aesthetic Im aiming for.
  17. I have been using the CG as a commuter, the narrow bars are great for lanesplitting however not the most ergonomic. I visited a mate for a beers and bike yarns after work and got sent home with a old pair of chrome riser bars which I promptly modified to allow internal cable routing to reuse the original handlebar controls. which took way longer than it should have.
  18. Downsized the wheels from 18s to 17s with some small MX tyres, had @GuyWithAviatorsdo some prep work to it for me and it was all ready for the next off-road adventure then proceeded to catch the spicy flu and have missed going on the adventure. Its probably due for a little refresh anyway, the forks are leaking and there’s a couple of other gripes I have with it, at some point it’ll come back to Auckland for a birthday.
  19. Didn’t run over @BLIZZO Found the limit of grip available in SR241 golden boys Battled with @MikeDodd And then spent a bit more time inspecting the grass on this corner. 10/10 coming back next year
  20. Took Adv50 to garlic masters, was a hoot. Tried to get the holeshot, Had some great races, Railed the berm, Tried to look like I knew what I was doing,
  21. Good Morning @johnnyfive Please accept this post as formal notification of my resignation of attendance from EastCapeEscapade. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend EastCapeEscapade. I am greatfull for for my previous attendances, and during this time I have thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere within the team and I will miss our interactions. Whilst I am excited at the new opportunities I now have available this weekend, I will always remember my time at previous EastCapeEscapdes with affection. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information, I would be delighted if you could keep me informed of the weekends progression, and I am hopeful that going forward new opportunities within the EastCapeEscapade program will arise and if they align better, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be considered if position becomes available. Kind Regards Shakotom
  22. Went for a hoon this morning. Narrow bars, Radially grooved tyres and gravel make for a interesting time.
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