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  1. Managed to find some factory tailgate chains on yahoo japan. Picked up more ridiculous loads from Bunnings. Had the week off work so grabbed my welder back off my dad and started making some things starting with a rear lumber rack. Between my helmet intermittently turning off giving me arc eye and not touching the welder in 10 years my welds weren't pretty, flux core didnt help either. Hit it with a grinder and rattle can, hasn't fallen apart yet Finally decided to replace the old exhaust with a custom one. Seemed to make a difference replacing the cat converter with a reso, decent sized muffler and moving up from 30mm to 45mm pipe. Very happy with how it came out, didn't want it too loud.
  2. Trucks been doing a fair bit of work over the last year. Taking out a tree for a colleague. Found a tonneau cover that fits very tidily. Found an LSD on yahoo japan, 6" 2-way clutch type 6.666 ratio from a slightly earlier model. Was good that I'd bought it as i discovered the pinion bearing was toast in the original diff while swapping the new one in. Tiny axles on these trucks. Picked up some more windows for the house. And found out that 6m lengths of wood "fit" on it, will be building some front and rear ladder racks shortly. Next mods on the to-do list. -Make the flares out of sheet metal -Fit the new wheels. -Replace the AM radio -Build some limiting straps for the tailgate -Look into importing some lowering springs.
  3. If a deal pops up i say do it! Find myself making excuses to use it, even made some money off doing pickup/deliveries for mates. This ones been really good on gas (even if doing 5.5k @ 100kph) been getting 7.8l/100km no matter how hard i drive it.
  4. Did a little clear out of the garage during lockdown and found my wheel collection so decided to test fit them and see what size flares i need to make. Need at least 60mm for the 6 black wheels and 90mm for the formula mesh. Fitted a Momo Prototipo i forgot i had bought. Picked up a wood lathe and did a couple of near 500kg dump runs. And worked out how to get a stock looking tachometer into it. Discovered on a Japanese forum that the Mitsubishi Townbox dash cluster has identical wiring, just need to run 1 wire from the ecu to the cluster for the tach signal. Works perfect, has a dual trip meter and now know that the limiter is at 7500rpm.
  5. I have considered that route but really don't want to risk breaking an axle since everything has to come out of Japan. Going to grab a Carry or similar kei trucks diff and see if they use the same housing/axle splines/prop shaft flanges. That or wait till another complete Minicab/clipper/townbox diff comes up on Yahoo Japan and get moonlight to bring it in
  6. Thought i'd make a thread to keep track of the progress and antics i get up to with the truck. Basic details. 2005 Mitsubishi Minicab Truck 3G83 - 3cyl 660cc 12 valve SOHC, 10.2:1 compression 5 Speed manual 6.857:1 open diff 14x5.5 +39 wheels with 165/60-14 tyres Moves a surprising amount of weight around, this trip to the dump tipped the scales at 1230kg with a passenger. (Considering its only 700kg dry weight) Also done numerous trips to Bunnings for building supplies and taking my bikes places. Ordered new parts off yahoo japan. Replacement drivers seat belt buckle as it didnt come with one and a factory tool/storage box that bolts under the tray. Future mods planned are different wheels, flares to suit, lowering springs, full paint job and an LSD install once i figure out what fits( factory ones are rare as hens teeth).
  7. Possibly been covered before but i assume i'd need a cert if i converted my minicab from diff under spring to over spring by getting the perches put on the other side?
  8. Borrowed the brake flaring tool from work and made up some lines to relocate the brake proportioning valve from beside to under the master cyl for more itb clearance. Fitted slightly bigger brakes (255mm front, 250mm rear) off an NA8 MX5 along with braided lines, new pads and rotors. Car stops on a dime now and the handbrake has a lot more bite.
  9. More progress. Got a Suzuki Cappuccino washer bottle to replace the stock one as the stainless headers were boiling the washer fluid straight out. Started building my custom center console, will be sealed with fiberglass/epoxy then covered in leather and stainless steel. Finally got the guts to take the car out drifting. Went to a drift day at the new Evergreen drift track at Meremere. Car had no problems throughout the day and the super short gearing worked perfect for the tight track. Unfortunately only took down a pair of skid wheels which i went through in 45mins track time so i have a boot mounted tyre rack in the works for next time.
  10. Haha small world
  11. Time for an update on mods and parts hoarding. Got some new gauge faces with rescaled speedo to be accurate with the 4.778 diff, now only reading 2% high. Entered into 4&Rotary show at asb showgrounds, car club convinced me to fit the S2 Racing front end in time for the show. Unfortunately it sits too low and would get destroyed for daily use so took it off until i figure out some sort of air raiser setup. Designing and collecting parts to redo the interior, making a new center console, radio surround and cluster cover. Also have started to piece together an itb setup. And just this weekend installed a new 272° intake cam to suit the n/a route im taking along with a BFMR rocker cover, Maruha cam gears and a catch can. And mandatory idle video
  12. http://www.cargister.com/calculator-gear-ratio It's an interesting calculator to play with, my 3rd gear is now shorter than my 2nd gear with the old 5spd with 4.1 diff was
  13. Cant really run a taller tyre without major guard clearancing, current tyres barely clear the front and rear of the arch on lock. Also my entire wheel collection are 14's Ratios on the new setup are pretty nice, really need to have a go on track and let it stretch its legs to see what it gets to.
  14. Or need a higher top speed than 196k's I think I've accidentally built a good n/a grip racing car instead of drift
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