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  1. Have just moved from Wellington to Rotorua and need to find a new workshop for wofs for my cortina and the better half’s mini. any suggestions?
  2. That Keene is a bit of a classic! 99 boxxers?
  3. I've had a 1600 kicking around for 10 years or so- dry stored and still turns over mint by hand. There was a dude on Facebook looking for a 1600 and I posted that I had one. the old man dug it out and took some photos and turns out that it's a 711m block- fairly sure it hasn't been bored. Ive read that this is one of the more desirable and rare castings due to being thicker/stronger. Any crossflow gurus know if that means it's more $$$ or just another shitty old 1600 and take what I can get for it?
  4. Picked this old girl up back in August, thought it was about time I posted it up here. Back in high school my family had a 1300 Mk2 that I learnt to drive in which led me to buy my own a 67 (supposedly, but Im pretty sure it was a series two 1300 originally with the plates and tags switched) Mk2 for my first car, warmed 1500 with a anglia floor change box, it went pretty well till it ran a bearing right before I went off to uni. Being a poor student for the next 4 years and moving to a different city I decided it was best to flick it on as I wouldn't be able to fix it or afford to fun it. During my first year at uni my folks picked up a rusty old GT and stripped it for parts with the plan to swap them onto their little 1300, but before that happened my step dad got himself a 56 F100 and decided to flick off the cortina -but kept a bunch of the GT parts. A dozen or so years down the track and I was in slightly better financial position, owned my own house with big garage and an understanding partner - it seemed like a good time to hunt down another old cortina. There seemed to be a few floating round but most seemed to have suspect recent paint jobs, were somewhat butchered or were $8-$10k. Eventually I came across this old girl down in Blenheim, sure it looked rough with dents in almost every panel but at least I knew what I was getting into. Exchanged a few emails with the guy and flew down south the next weekend to pick it up. She's an early 67 with a 1500, column change with benches. The glovebox was stuffed full of receipts, over $4k of engine work in early 2013, its bored out a little now with a fast road cam, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, extractors, alternator so it gets along alright and touch wood has been reliable to date. She has had a bit of rust cut out from the usual places and replaced with new steel- hence the different shades of green going on. Parted with the Ernies and headed off to catch the ferry in Picton, started to rain while waiting in line and quickly became obvious that neither the front or rear screens were water tight. Clutch was a bit hit or miss so gave the master cylinder a birthday and that seemed to sort that out. Discuss here //