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  1. 5 speeds in the 30 coupes are shorty boxes. The 510 boys love em as they're a bolt in 5spd instead of their stock 4spd. They go OK, the L20 doesn't make enough power to cause them problems and if you don't drive like a cunt it's fine regardless, really. If you saw my old thread, they can handle a burnout OK despite me being a cunt.
  2. Good time to fix your almost certain LHS strut tower rust and potential RHS strut tower rust.
  3. Nice. I hope you've still got that rear spoiler to put back on? It's definitely worthwhile. Keep at it.
  4. If you talk really nicely to @Datstan, there might be a way you can join in.
  5. Not even vaguely worried for myself, just find it interesting.
  6. I'm curious now as how much available space there is in a shut. Needless checking imminent.
  7. They don't look thin enough to go in a shut? It might just be hard to judge the scale from the photographs.
  8. Does it also mean that you can put the tag in more places or will there be a set collection of places where the tag can go. It would be nice to be able to to put it up underneath the parcel tray, for instance. Out of sight but still easily accessible for an RFID reader
  9. Good wee read. Makes a lot of sense but I'm sure there'll be complaints about change. Certifiers will also have to ensure their photographs are entirely representative of the vehicle and all its modified states so no doubt whilst there is some time to be saved vs. the engraved plates I'm sure it'll be gobbled up by the other tasks.
  10. Ah yep. Cheers Beav. That's pretty neat. I assume police will be able to scan too then. Circumventing people's changes post cert. I imagine if it plays out well enough it'll transition to warrant checks too.
  11. Quick Cert query. I saw something pop up recently that they're changing to RFID discs? @cletus @KKtrips
  12. Just something to consider, if you hadn't. In terms of a panic situation, in a jet boat you have no steering when you aren't on power. So if you need to turn in a hurry you need to power on, not off which depending on the situation may well go against natural instincts.
  13. Alloy becomes molten around 700deg C. Just, for future reference.
  14. I see another 200ZR on the forms, @xsspeed...