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  1. Such good, much wow. Looking forward to watching this.
  2. kyteler

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    I have to cover work so no dice from me.
  3. kyteler

    Nissan L series water pumps.

    I can probably send you one if you want.
  4. kyteler

    Nissan L series water pumps.

    Any of the L-series pumps should work. Could ensure it's for a 6 for extra safety factor but meh. L20A, L24, L26 & L28 should all work both fine and or dandy. eg .
  5. Congrats bruddah. That's awesome.
  6. kyteler

    SHIZZLs Super Hunter smack talk fred

    You tried these guys? They list that they have shocks but the page could be old. Also, as I think I've mentioned before. If you're willing to try second hand head to Parkside Panels and ask for Ewan. Take the Hunter with to engage his interest. He might have something in his stash or his father, Peter, might.
  7. It's easy as pie. I've spent more in Japan than I have in NZ for the 110 and that was before I even visited.
  8. RE : Console...
  9. Cheaper again...
  10. Or get a replacement set for less with more..
  11. Expensive but like for like replacement..
  12. Looks as though the slave cylinders on the drums might be close. However the more important part being the lid looks markedly different.
  13. Wow that wheel cylinder is gnarly. I'll check today for you boss.
  14. Good old flappy arm suspension. On the 110 there's a little raised section for the exhaust, maybe only 10mm, the 10 might be the same.
  15. kyteler

    Rich1179's other mitsubishi Disscussion

    I'm not sure on GTOs specifically but on most cars there's a little bit of adjustment on the glass but most of the adjustments are in the mechanism. There should be a fixed part of the mechanism then an amount of rotation and movement from that, that allows for some fettling. The window guides themselves can have some adjustment too. Make sure nothing is fouling or binding when you get close to the top. It might be that it's sticking on something as opposed to being out of stroke.
  16. That reminds me. Measure up your centre console lid. If it's the same dimensions as the 110 I can send you a spare I have.
  17. I wouldn't be so sure about the Hilux lark, the only thing I've ever heard about that is the use of them on Z cars but they're heavy as fuvk and require modifications.
  18. For basic small stuff like this using Jesse Streeter shouldn't be a problem. Find the items you want, send him a message with the links and pay a bit more. If it's the same as Z stuff or even Bluebird or Violet stuff then RockAuto or even
  19. Maybe not. The Z car is a Nissan product and the Skyline was still developed by Prince inside of Nissan so there's a chance that they're put together from different parts bins. Hopefully not though as access to Z parts is the easiest of all Datsuns.
  20. Giz a geez at your setup? Seems strange that you can't find anything. I can check around a few places but it may open up your options if the 10 shares these parts with the 110. They're a super popular car so getting them ex-Japan shouldn't be an issue if it leads to that. have had to get some for his so may know.
  21. kyteler

    New LVVTA tyre-rim size chart.

    Easiest thing to do is follow manufacturers tire specs (for cert anyway) if uncerted then meh. Make it work.
  22. They've been on for about three years and I think I've done about 10 on it.
  23. I run semi's on my FD. Have been on there a while so far. Still have heaps of grip and tread life. Will happily pay a premium for decent grip.