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  1. Ecoboost from a Mustang/Falcon. Problem solved.
  2. Depending on how far down you come we could meat up and voyage inland together.
  3. Good news. Looking forward to taking a gander at it to reminisce. Assuming it's not as plush as my old one?
  4. How does she go mate?
  5. Two more days of work this week. Whoop whoop!
  6. // So much car for the money, so cool. I'm going to live my sled desires through you until I can get my own one/my entire life.
  7. What is this? A girl who has good taste in cars and knows how to take care of them? Is she a witch?
  8. Sold.
  9. Sick. I've been looking a these recently too, pondering whether to get one, fuck me they're still spendy though.
  10. Just did it now, didn't realise I was as useless as I am but I'm ASB too so you should have it right meow. I even still have you saved as a Payee so that was handy.
  11. There was one of these locally that got about years ago and I never got a chance to hit the owner up about it. It ended up selling for fuck all when it comes up for sale. I couldn't believe it. Sweet little cars, would love one myself. Envious. Congrats man.
  12. You're welcome + I'm sorry.
  13. // Brah. No shit? Good stuff. I can tell already you've made Richie very jealous. I have seen evidence of one coupe on a boat but where it ended up, I don't know for certain. There is definitely another sedam. Aaron has one and also some issues due to the previous owner passing away. Anyway. Yours! Bro! Congrats!
  14. Can get clear or smoked lense standard type, can you not?
  15. That's a Laurel in the background.
  16. I'll potentially be driving through but haven't finalised my route yet. We might end up going inland for a better drive through lush scenery.
  17. Eeeeeeh, I don't know maaaaaan. The repro c130 plastic looks weird like the early chromies.
  18. Goat an I could collect if we can get some epic timing going on. Faggot threesome.
  19. Loal. Again. "I want a car I don't have to do anything to".. remember? REMEMBER? AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHA
  20. I like 4 but can't help but think a proper scheme would be best.
  21. How long until you succumb to buying another after this one is sold, you reckon?
  22. You, sir. Are a glutton for punishment. I'm sure you'll sort it though. Flat 6 conversion?
  23. // So awesome man, jelly. Note: Put the lamps down pls. Also, don't need HSL anymore, I believe.
  24. He's in the 03 anyway? slash buttsex