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  1. I shall be trying to make my return... if the old girl makes it over the hill (made it back from Hamilton without issue)
  2. They're on trademe, may sell before I get around to hacking them up. https://trademe.co.nz/877118130
  3. Nope, i dont imagine they'd get certed anyway would they? I always see Pine's wheels with 'for track use only' etc. Even if the actual wheels could be certed, it wouldnt be worth my time making them sizes that could run legal tyres. Im wanting them huge.
  4. I did try Pine but they didnt have the tools or barrels at the time, will try again. I've heard that Bateman can be a bit shit, people getting wheels back with completely different widths/offsets etc.
  5. Again, just wondering if people know of a company that can do this. I have a bank to offer me financial advice.
  6. I could buy a similar set of the same wheels, in a similar size to what i want to make from Japan for around $12k.
  7. Im not fussed about selling, if someone pays what im asking them they're gone... But it's always been my intention to make 3 piece anyway. Just wanting to talk to someone about cost etc.
  8. Alright, so far no one has purchased my wheels, possibly over priced? not sure, but im not interested in reducing the price. Im now considering the possibility of turning them into 3 piece wheels... Does anyone know a company that is able to do this? and do a good job? They are currently 14x6.5 +9, maybe looking at 14x10 and 14x9, or even going to 14x12.
  9. That's my old lip, will fit your one a bit better. This is a photo of it on mine.
  10. Went for the MRP wilwood kit in the end. Should be done next week
  11. Just factory at this stage, with BC Gold coilovers
  12. Yeah just standard, callipers the size of babies feet I'm also looking at doing a decent upgrade now since I'm going to need a cert regardless and I don't want to have to re-cert later on if I want to upgrade again.
  13. Hey all, I'm looking at upgrading the brakes in my AE70. I am pretty set on the MRP wilwood kit, but want to consider other options before commiting. The car is just a street car, running a NA 4age on itbs, nothing huge. May have the occasional track day. This is what I've looked into: http://www.mrpltd.co.nz/product/350/ae86-ke70-big-brake-kit.html Has anyone else got this or a similar wilwood kit in their AE86/KE70/AE70 etc and can shed some light on their performance? Also, does anyone have any alternatives, looking around the $1200-$1500 mark for calipers, pads, braided lines and disks. Cheers
  14. I didn't realise, these things sell for a small fortune in the UK. 4000 pounds + for a very tidy one.
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