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  1. Nice man, they are good fun bikes when they are running. I have a ls650 that is currently on the tard at the moment.
  2. Link doesn't work anymore !
  3. Got any videos of you going for it? Sounds awesome haha
  4. Yep, he will be able to put them in for you (he can source as well, but you have that sorted), should be able to find the correct seals as well, unlike those smith & smith plonkers.
  5. Also, for the screens, give my mate Jeremy from Bespoke Auto glass a ring, he specialises in glass for pre 90s cars, runs his own business etc. http://www.bespokeautoglass.co.nz or 0211616831.
  6. Stoked to see you sold the Simmons, hotwires are a step up, but everyone has them and I don't think you can beat the SSR mk-iii you had for this thing ! They would have looked the goods !!! Still an awesome build dude, I will keep watching out for updates.
  7. Fuck man put a NSFW warning on that shit, some of us browse at work !!!!!! Sweet project though !
  8. wheels look rad! are you gunna paint the flares or leave em as is?
  9. Sweet, happy they are actually being used somewhere haha
  10. 2jz is a sweet choice of motor for this. What did you do with the 4x120 centres from those ssrs?
  11. Will try find a spare set for sale so i can atleast go back to original ones if it doesn't work out.
  12. Have made quite a few trips down the southern since i got this so was probably me. Cheers
  13. Will it still pass a wof if I cut them nicely? Would mean one less thing to change before each wof. Guess if I do it nicely there's not much way to tell haha
  14. Cheers Ed! Was very surprised with how good they sound, being such old speakers and all, plenty loud too.