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  1. Yup heads off and I'm putting it together fairly half assed to just check what works so far so good
  2. It's the small things im enjoying like putting together central locking and solex locks
  3. Rebuilding oil pump and front cover and I'm on my way
  4. I blew my engine up so this thread is alive again I'm gonna make this car 1000 times better and bring her back to running this year new engine short block bought Evo 1 head bought
  5. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/78601-exbella-new-sigma-named-jess/&tab=comments#comment-2321129
  6. As per title it's the discussion of the project
  7. Installed a few things I've had in my garage for a wee while. Digital clock took me a hour longer than I'll like to admit the I started trying to make a cluster with a tacho but I wanted to keep the Kms the same so I started the long hall. Got the cluster in tacho didn't work talk to a mate and he believes the tacho doesn't a connection from the coil. During the change over the rear windscreen wiper button fell apart lucky I had two spare ones haha
  8. I'm actually getting the quarter done
  9. Radiator has seen better days meant to be fixing the front quarter panel haha now I'm fairly deep in a wormhole
  10. Sorting a few of the typical rust spots that these sigmas have I mean I've owned 3 of them so I should know by now. Rust replant and underbody coating
  11. Found some hidden rust but the guy I bought off told me it was there better get to fixing it I chipped out the bog and put some zinc on it and fish oil to reduce the rust while I'm sorting other stuff
  12. On the test drive we lost the tail light lense but lucky I had some spares haha ha ha Needs a clean
  13. Smile on my face really says it all but now the real torment starts
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