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  1. this is the engine bay in its current state i mean it looks alright i am getting somewhere at least right right? i think i am loosing my mind i got too sort out about 11 more items and ill attempt to get it all certed and road legal
  2. got a front mount water exit note that the piping is just old bits i had lying around trying to get the right angles etc so far so good need to buy two starwagon bottom hoses for the right angles to suit it but such is life i am getting close to the car being in a state ill be happy with
  3. Changed over my fuel lines to something more legit using ear clamps etc and hopefully no leaks
  4. so i got a new plug and play loom for $560 NZD for my megasquirt and it all fits length wise haven't started it yet though with the new loom but has relays all hooked up but its a bit of a mess but the injector igniter and coil loom is a thing of beauty
  5. and I am back at this again gotta finish it as i cant buy another project until i finish this one according to the misses
  6. just some front end action
  7. new front water inlet did heaps of head work for the water channels to work I got new wheels while I was gone and a little more low
  8. same old turbo set up as my old man said if it ain't broke don't fuck with it i moved my filter a little further away with the aid of some 3'' intercooling pipe
  9. Got a new fuel set up all braided lines with bigger injectors and after market fuel rail and filter etc all the works
  10. this is my new setup its a little bit more tidy as you can tell
  11. i am back and got a small update but photo heavy hahaha as you may remember this is my old intake
  12. i got soo many rims now cant wait for the next skid comp ill be happy to go hundits on them
  13. my bro gave me his old brides for my birthday
  14. changed my water setup to something i want more comfortable with
  15. engine out