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  1. Pretty slack at updating this.. After putting the feelers out on the Facebook pages/mates for another pair of 8-9j to no avail.. I decided to get a pair of 14x8.5j A type SSR MKIII made through Pine engineering. Had some 175/60's fitted, At the same time I had some 165/60's fitted to the 9j TR1's, which ive now realized isn't going to work for my application because the front wont go any lower how its currently welded. Will probably go back to a 175/60 because it makes the 14's look like 15's with such a small side
  2. Obtained some period correct bits for the interior. OBA30 Chinchilla Dash mat Custom wooden gear knob done by a user on here Patlite (not pictured) Tulip Ashtray (not pictured. A nice set of Pioneer parcel shelf speakers and some half seat covers and interior is basically complete. Did some general upkeep/maintenance - Tidied up wiring - Lube Service - Had issues with surging and loss of power so replaced old Bosch 044 pump with AEM 400LPH - Speedo only worked half the time and when it did it wasn't accurate so tried the basics lubi
  3. Painted the struts (Average job, will revisit at some stage) Managed to get the BC's in but ran into a an issue with the passenger side castor rod, instead of having both bolts through the control arm somebody snapped the bolt in the second hole then welded it up with a plate on the back to stiffen it up. This made getting the sway bar link on near impossible, without severely adjusting the castor.. Mate ended up grinding the weld off for me. Started hunting around for some wheels, purchased a pair of Bridgestone Potenza TR1's A-Type 14x9j -28's with 175/65's t
  4. Started to hunt around for a Chaser R/H corner light, which I quickly learnt wasn’t an easy task.. Messaged anyone and everyone, ended up using Instagram as a means to contact people within Japan and try and get them to source me something, many hours and late nights after work were spent on google translate. In the end a user pointed me towards a listing for a rusty wrecked hard top in Nagoya just outside of tokyo. I had an agent check it out for me and it turns out the old guy wanted the whole car gone or nothing else no parts for sale. He wanted 300,000 yen at the time which I re
  5. I decided to get things underway with the suspension.. Got some spare struts for welding coil over to stubs from @dspec_tt31 I made sure to use the same brakes that I was going to weld the BC’s to avoid brake caliper spacing issues. Did a lot of research into the BC adjustable suspension for the MX73, and spoke to a lot of knowledgeable people. I wanted the vehicle to be as low as I could get it but still be able to pass certification. I ended up ordering the “ultra low” set of BC coil overs through Redline, they had a 10mm shorter spring and shock so I figured this would be more th
  6. Took it for a sneaky drive to work on a Saturday and ended up like this.. Vehicle lost all power, shorted the main power wire and melted half of the fuse box.
  7. Ditched the single spinner replaced it with a F series 4.1 LSD Diff Mount was showing age, I couldn't source anything from Toyota so had a urethane mount made up from the guys at Autolign. Old: New:
  8. Drove it for a little bit on the off occasion, eventually got sick of the slop in the rear end so decided to jack it up and have a look. Was greeted with this.. Something was causing the diff to smack on the ground, further investigation revealed the rear crossmember had torn and the bolt wasn't holding anything on.... Ended up scoring a T-Series Xmember from a user on here which did the job.
  9. I will try and backtrack accurately from the day I got it, this wont be much of a "build thread" as the hard stuff is already done. Last build thread I had was on Auszoku but the forums have gone now. Picked the car up, took me a bit of getting used to the clutch but It was sweet by the time I got home. The rear end seemed to be quite spongy (you'll see later) apart from that I was grinning ear to ear. Simple things first... Got the lights working Gave it a wash Put on my 15x7.5j and 8j SSR formula Mesh.
  10. How it all started,, Warning Sharn I was originally hunting for a X chassis in the beginning of Jan 2019, more specifically a X71 H/T TC24. Viewed a few single cam 1g’s sedan and hard tops in NZ but they were too far gone. A few months later I realized I wouldn't be able to find something to match my expectations (TC24 H/T) so I decided to look in Japan. I contacted Jesse at Stacked inc (awesome guy to deal with by the way) After a while of bouncing back and forward with him and bidding on various cars in auctions only to lose. I came across a TC24 Sedan on YAJ that p
  11. So this is now mine. Photo from the day I picked it up from @jackeo21' Can mods change title to "Sams GX61 Hardtop" to be continued..
  12. I don't understand why it's so high I thought the A6 and X6 chassis were similar.
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