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  1. Regretfully up for sale, going dad spec for a while.
  2. Took stained/burnt door panels and recovered them. Discuss : //
  3. Flipped the centres. Don't really mind it, doesn't look too silly from behind as mudflaps help hide the hori-ness. Will probably stay this way until I can afford a set of lips. Started cleaning one up a little. Call me lame here : //
  4. Few small updates to car, might try the Center flipping biz next week as I've got the week off. May sound like a stupid question, but they were advertised as 2 piece by the seller, however the net says all 3 piece but some welded to end up being 2 peice (on the barrel, face still unbolts) and some not, My question is, if they aren't welded, the face is what's holding them together right ? So should deflate tyres prior to unbolting face, is that correct ?
  5. Steering wheel & dice dice baby. Also just purchased this badboy to keep the theme. Motivate me here : //
  6. stylez

    TMCs Mark II wagooooon

    Looks awesome dude, good job. Looking forward to seeing it closer to the ground
  7. New shoes. Disc : //
  8. stylez

    SiRge's 1972 Honda N360

    Man that's a cool sound!
  9. stylez

    SiRge's 1972 Honda N360

    Oh my....
  10. Small update Wheels arrived Bought some gloss black paint/primer/thinners etc, and a decent compressor. Massive (12") crystal gearknob showed up in mail. Looking at the wheels, they have slightly more dish than I thought, and the face and face mounting peice (tech speak) are thicker than I thought, so mounting face behind May give a decent bit of offset/dish and look alright. We will see. That's all for now. Discuss here : //
  11. Shifter was sloppy as so ordered a new bush this morning. There's a very slight notch at high revs downshift into second and sometimes down into third. Thinking about going with this kit and having a go at rebuilding it : Is it worth it ? I have no plans to upgrade gearbox or engine, and clutch is like new, both seem totally fine to me. The "1g-euwww" seems to have plenty power to push her along, and light tires up when required. I'll hold off until I've replaced the shifter bush, I'm wondering if the sloppiness could be part of the cause of the notch maybe as changes not so precise ?
  12. Can't see why not, wheels will be here hopefully by the weekend so I can teardown and clean. The interweb suggests these are 3 peice, but the guy I got them from advertised them as 2 piece, I don't know. Because the other option I've heard of is using a set to make 2 wide ones, I think using like 2 rear halves together to make one or something ? Can't remember properly now. If they are 3 piece I could probably stretch for some lips from Pine or something I suppose, I really love the wheels and they aren't very common so it'd be worth it. I'll see how they look mounted. Edit : They're currently 14x6 +19 , not sure I'd gain much on reverse mounting face ? Maybe take it down to like +15 if I was lucky ? (Think I know how offset works but probably not)
  13. Fair enough. Makes sense. Just seemed like an obvious cheap way to get "the look" without dropping twice what the car is worth, but I totally get your point. Question though, is this not how the offset/dish trend came about ? Seems logical with the boso guys going for extreme everything, that somebody would have started doing this ? If so could just get away with it being a period correct mod. Haha.
  14. Arrived in Christchurch early Sunday morning, maccas brekkie and cruised on home. Fuel up in Balclutha Got home safe and sound, goes really well. A lot of power for a single slammer. So wheels are currently these : Celica/supra/soarer ones. Decided against the works, due to being 13s and some advice given. But I picked up these, on the way to me now. They are Bridgestone Potenza tr3 stage 1s. Now if you flip the centre, this happens. Stupid dish & stupid offset. Now I've read a thousand arguments on this being fine, and the same again on it being a stupid/retarded/unsafe idea. So I don't know, maybe I'll give it a shot. Pressure on wheel bearings, tyres coming off, and others I've heard running them with no worries. I'll try it for shits and giggles and take some pics, but I think I'm going to end up running them normally for a while anyway before looking into some lips. Feel free to post your opinions I suppose. Discuss here : //