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  1. It's so appropriate... Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar Metal under tension Beggin' you to touch and go Highway to the Danger Zone Ride into the Danger Zone Headin' into twilight Spreadin' out her wings tonight She got you jumpin' off the deck Shovin' into overdrive Highway to the Danger Zone I'll take you right into the Danger Zone You'll never say hello to you Until you get it on the red line overload You'll never know what you can do Until you get it up as high as you can go
  2. Hall effect sensors right? not something weird going on with trigger wheel - i can't picture in my head how they go together right now. can you turn tire pressure monitoring off?
  3. just caught up - did you actually replace the left rear sensor?
  4. eh but surely this isnt actively monitoring pressure? that's like mid 2000s tech isnt it? was left rear the problematic one? and did you replace the ABS sensor on that? (sorry not been a long time reader). I had a 97 caldina that had abs fault and turned out to be just the sensor - Zebra replacement had it sorted. Didnt have tire pressure monitoring though
  5. Keen, I've not done HD Go-Karts yet. Also ken if interest in fanging on the lectric ones on the shore at game over
  6. well not everything i havent subscribed to his only fans
  7. i missed contributing to engine, can i send some dimes for your dimes @kpr A+ for doing this man, feels like such a pet/vicarious project with how Romandayf shares everything lol
  8. I bought some 'modern cars' as fun dailies but it has turned into either pay lots of money for shit service from 'bavarian specialists' to repair things or embark on deep research and full day adventures removing bits of car just to replace a headlight led, so i feel this I overpaid on one for a chain replacement via said specialists and cheated on the other and got the dealer to do a mech warranty which is now also getting a chain replacement - definitely keener than i've been by pulling the box off
  9. thats normal for a standard 2nz? its not a atkinson cycle spec hybrid unit
  10. i think i missed it but what did you do in the end for clearing the valves and pistons on the 13.4's
  11. was just rereading a the first 20 or so pages, are you going to do the earlier prius motor, the 13:1 one?
  12. seems too much of a coincidence, is that the 3pot HRE was building?
  13. Some of its clear fracture, some looks a bit more bashed I dunno
  14. tech spam question but what does this actually do? I seem to recall it being in the black arts of 4age and 3sge exhaust design
  15. will be following, i need someone with more RFB knowledge than I to guide me on Z31
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