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  1. Confirm reverse lights also - my folks Aussie assembled Marina 262 (our family car well into the 90s) had reverse lamps in the indicators, they weren't overly useful to be honest. This project thread is now officially my new guilty pleasure.
  2. 20210129_194419-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr Toyota Fest later this morning. Can't sleep. Too amped. Finishing touches to the detailing this evening, then I sat and looked at it for a bit. Man, I am super into this thing.
  3. The idle is proving to be a little problematic on this car, it lopes away like it's got some stupid set of cams in it - but will work through this after Toyota fest this weekend, it's otherwise behaving itself well. Treated the car to it's first detail in over a decade, and maybe the first time I have ever hit it with some polish. First stage results below, wash and a hand cut (machine would have been much better, but you know). Paint isn't bad for a 14 year old respray done in a carport, it could be flatter but I know much more about what nice paint is now than I did then. 20210126_
  4. Not enough love heart reacts for this mate, Laverda triples were a major object of adoration for me as a kid. I have this old book which basically details every new bike you could buy in 1976 or so, and the Laverda pages were heavily thumbed over! Looking forward to it shaping up.
  5. Just dredging this doubtful post up for relevance.
  6. A wee while off yet, I need to fix the gearbox and tidy up a few little jobs. But mainly fix the gearbox and get a few KM on it so I'm confident it won't kill @cletuswhen he has a burn in it during the process of making it legal. Although, judging by some of the shit both he an LVVTA post on their respective socials, this thing seems reasonably well screwed together.
  7. Anyway, this car is now tuned. @kprkindly agreed to handle the tuning duties, following some initial setup by @Stujust to get me running in the meantime. Some things to note : 1 - the gearbox is still not good, downshifts into 3rd and 2nd are the absolute pits. 2 - this tune is still done with the stock head and cams, attached to the high-comp bottom end. Here's a short clip of the final dyno pull, Kris managed to eke 100kw out of it, the engine wasn't keen on taking a lot of timing due to my wack combo, but this is decent regardless I think. Anyway, it's a little smok
  8. Here we go then with another sporadic update. So, encouraged by a few people I have been putting in a little bit of effort on this in an attempt to get it to Toyota Festival, later this month. Nick the Sparky and I put in a couple of days in the shed at his place, where he did sparky things, I occasionally helped with sparky things, but I also stripped the old interior and put the new bits in. From there, I took the car to @sheepers, and he did some choice stuff for me which included a driveshaft loop, and mounting the freshly retrimmed Recaro LX (Fishnet) seats. Also while it
  9. The actual reality is, there was no top end increase... having a dearth of anything in the lower RPM just exacerbated that rip-snorting 74kw at the upper rev limits so it felt like it had more!
  10. Took it to the drags, ran a best of 14.3 @ 97mph and then a string of 14.4s all day. I think it's got more in it, I just need to not drive like a dickhead. So I gave it a wash (since we're allowed to in Auckland now) and took a few pics of current state of play, wearing the OEM skirts, Advan RGs, Mugen bits under the bonnet etc. 2000 Honda Integra Type RX-1087-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr 2000 Honda Integra Type RX-1172-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr 2000 Honda Integra Type RX-1096-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr 2000 Honda Integra Type RX-1100-Edit by Richard Opie
  11. I immediately thought of PLAYLD, which had the YB in it and the mahoosive stereo and TVs and everything, back in the glory days of 4 n Rotary.
  12. Someone find me photos of these things slammed on cool wheels and convince me it's a good idea.
  13. You start it, I'll contribute. Also, Alex you have truly gone down the March rabbit hole. Now you know how I feel about Integras. Also, an E-prefix before a chassis code is usually a Japan emissions standard. After E, Japanese cars were prefixed GF, then GH, etc. etc. E came about in 1978 or so I think, even my KP is E-KP61 as it had all the gubbins associated to meet the standard.
  14. Still haven't gotten around to getting out with the real camera, but here it is on the RG with the tyres from the original white wheels fitted up, as the 205/50 that came on the Advans were balloon as. I also had all the kerb damage on them tidied up and the edges repainted, they all look pretty mint now. Very happy. Spent the weekend putting km's on it, and loved every one. This car rules. DC2R Phone (48)-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr DC2R Phone (49)-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr DC2R Phone (50)-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr DC2R Phone (46)-Edit by Richard
  15. So sheepers popped around, we did a bit of a bolt check, clipped all the fuel and brake lines up and then the above happened. How cool. The tune is only very beginning stages so I couldn't give it any real beans under load yet, but ambling around on part throttle was super great. The brakes feel awesome, as does the suspension. Things to look at include (and this is for my reference): - fix/adjust clutch so shifting is hopefully easier - move exhaust to drivers side so muffler is away from rear passenger side wheel - resolve tacho and speedo not working - roll rea
  16. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty cool.
  17. Been a long time no update but anyway thanks to Stu and Sheepers and Nick the Sparky this is where we are at. Weird. Went pretty smoothly, it's spooging a bit of oil out the breathers on the top but I guess once it's run in that'll settle down or it'll just keep doing it cos 4AG life. I have 5 forward gears, a clutch that works and some brakes so with a few hours checking things and tidying up small jobs there's nothing stopping me from going for a wee drive. Oh the thermostat doesn't seem to be opening but that's not really a big deal to sort out hopefully, it might just be ol
  18. The horn button and the steering wheel are still in their box. But instead I did some other stuff, we'll call this "Gen 2.0" of the project/not really a project. Last weekend, I fitted up the option OEM skirts and rear caps, made sure it all fit OK (which it did, because it's OEM) and trekked to Hamilton to get my mate Brendan to paint it all up. This stuff is all pretty rare - the skirts came up cheap locally so I pounced on them, but the caps I ended up having to spirit across from the USA. I've had it all for about 6 months I guess. The skirts needed some cracks repaired - luckil
  19. This goes to the breather on the rocker cover on a 4K, assume similar?
  20. How to be a nerd, Part 7 I've always loved the NSX-R steering wheel/horn button combo, and have long wanted to pop one into a DC2R as homage to the original Type R. Since I had my first one, all those years back. Anyway, these steering wheels are actually still available, as is the horn button and the trim ring. The steering wheel price is $1440.00. Yeah um. Maybe not. The trim and horn button, while expensive (for what they are) don't break the bank, so I hatched a plan. 2000 Honda Integra Type RX-1060-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr Here, you can see I bought a conte
  21. OK solid idea, I did wonder if that was likely. Will check it out again after a few km and see how it's faring.
  22. The clamping was just painful, putting all the bits in was comparatively easy, albeit a bit tight to pass the inlet trumpet part under the chassis rail and not scratch the nice shiny top bit. V-bands are a pain anyway, just that one is especially suckful. At least the whole thing doesn't have to come out to remove the filter though!
  23. Nah it can stay that way. This isn't a restoration, it's preservation - if I was to touch that up or repaint it, it would lose that original look that it has, they don't stick much paint on them down there. If it was actual rust then yeah it would warrant attention but for now just a clean is adequate.
  24. Yesterday, I put the intake. There were no tears, copious swearing and ALMOST one snapped bolt. But not quite. 2000 Honda Integra Type RX-955-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr The garage is only wee, so this is a door-up jobby. Yay for a break in the weather. 2000 Honda Integra Type RX-957-Edit by Richard Opie, on Flickr Car goes up, bumper comes off. More stuff needed to come off, too. How easy is it taking off a modern car bumper. This appears to be attached with 2 self tapping screws, 3 push-in clip things and a 10mm bolt. And maybe a hearty splurge of hopes and dreams.
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