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  1. This is some good food for thought - I've noticed a lot of Emtron users are using a ETB to bleed off boost (I think as a method of boost control) I'll have to do some further thinking on this
  2. Anyone played around with the Maths Logic on the G4X? Was thinking to use it for boost control - by using a comparison between front wheel speed and rear wheel speed and adjusting boost until both match Thoughts?
  3. I was also going to suggest a 2GR - they are such a sweet motor and would sound so good with ITBs
  4. Well I had a offer to re-spray the car I took it up - Looks so good in fresh Milano Red He also re-did the Carbon Fiber Spoon Wing I just brought a House so now I'm broke so gearbox rebuild and fab work for turbo won't occur until Mid to end of the year now
  5. 9.5LB OR 4.3kg I didn't intend to go that light but matched best with the new clutch
  6. Clutch & Flywheel acquired - will get the gearbox rebuilt and these fitted late Jan / early Feb Also purchased a 66mil throttle body should make thing easier with future pipe work Cars getting repainted over Christmas / New Years back to Milano Red from Milano Pink
  7. Flange has arrived PRL CNC cut Head Flange:
  8. Progress is being made Turbo is all assembled and ready to go - have got all the turbo flanges and v-bands required just waiting on the head flange and can start work on an exhaust manifold JDMYARD 4 Bar Map senor has been purchased along with a PWR Racer series intercooler Once above head flange arrives can look to send the car to the fabricator
  9. Well after 3 long Months this arrived Xona Rotor 5757s with Tial .82 V-Band Rear Housing N/A has been fun but I've watch to many youtube clips of the TopFuel Ek9
  10. So car has been Tuned - made less than 100kw but its a starting point Drives heaps better however and appear to have picked up a bit more downlow
  11. Saying the DIGTR is a stock motor with a fancy head is like saying this is just a Mercedes engine with a Turbo
  12. Nice Intake, I would suggest checking on the inner guard intake/velocity stack after a few days found mine rattled free a couple of times
  13. AEM Fuel Rail and FPR + Bosch 1000CC Injectors and TI Fuel Pump !!! Lets do this !!!
  14. Well Chad from Motorsports Wiring and Diagnostics has made the Link breakout Loom look amazing The ECU looks like a Snag being thrown down a hallway in the Honda case however...
  15. So upgrading the ECU and got a Wideband set up as well - Link G4X + Innovate WideBand - Have also grabbed and expansion loom + stuff to wife up plugs for the CAN
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