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  1. Eastern Creek was fun but a bit sketchy in the wet, did a 2:24 which is slow But pretty sure car will go sub 2 minutes with decent tires and a bit more track time
  2. Diving in Balls Deep with a trackday at Eastern creek on the 1st of July - full circuit
  3. Been 1.5 months life of turbo life Have finally fitted a new radiator overflow Checked the catch can had a small amount of creamy greeny/yellow foam in it so its working Have booked a track day on the 16th of July at a small local track, will ensure the car doesn't fall apart and will then look to go do a couple of hill climbs and a track day at Eastern Creek
  4. When I was in NZ I had a V1, paid for itself within a couple of months
  5. If Advanti did a 16/8 id bang it - if there good enough for Mercedes F1, And both RedBull teams good enough for me: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cndy/attachement/jpg/site1/20100806/002564baf2f90dc599ca17.jpg
  6. Going to order some new rims - do I get Te37 in White 16*8 or go CE28 again in white same size
  7. Its not to bad - have got some boost by gear set up so it doesn't get everything until 3rd - then it just like a gigantic rubber band Cheers - managed to nut out all the issues with the Link in the end Now for that 13 and to resist the temptation to add some e85 and more boost
  8. Car was tuned today made 176kw on about 6.5/7psi
  9. Just need to fit the front Bumper (Still need to give it a trim) plus get a Tune and we are finished I have owned this car for 10+ years and ever since i first saw the Top Fuel EK9 I have wanted a turbo Honda (Goal Achieved)
  10. Fingers Crossed we can start it this week
  11. Plumbing is nearly finished this is the Only picture so far But My GOD Brown & Miller Racing Solutions lines and fitting are beyond lush
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