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  1. I remember seeing this is 1999/2000 at the Nelson Car show at Richmond raceway - Mind was blown then - so epic to see its still about
  2. I'm looking forward to L15B becoming cheaper and more affordable - as I suspect they will become a great swap option once ecu tech catches up
  3. I have often though about doing B20 before I went Turbo I got put off by cylinder wall cracking and for the effort involved a well built b18 will make nearly as much jam
  4. Excited for this LFX engine seem to make good numbers with a tune 200kw can be achieved with basic intake, headers exhaust
  5. I recall many years ago there was a Blue Lancer in Wellington that was on cover of NZPC that was a FWD Mivec Turbo and made serious power. The 1.6 Mivec Cyborg motor was rate for 10kw more than the B16a so I'm expecting it must breath
  6. Go the HX if MIVEC is anything like VTEC it will breath. My Civic with a 1.6 B series has the Xonarotor 5757s I've got with a .82 rear is fully on song by 3500 and holds till 9k 182KW at the hubs on 7psi
  7. Awesome effort The look on your face summed it all up when it fired up !!!
  8. Been getting out and about, new wheels and tires are simply amazing
  9. I'm frothing, after owning the car for 13+ years it finally got new rims
  10. TBH the G5X is a bit of a disappointment It still requires driver boxes for DI - where as a Motec doesn't
  11. 3mm Spacer Required and we are good, much better than the current 20mm spacer
  12. They should fit ok with a bit of guard lipping pretty sure I'll be ordering AD09s
  13. Yeah will be a square set up, 16/8's all around with 225's all around BYP advised me this is the way to go fast
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