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  1. All fabrication work is completed Car is being towed home Monday for plumbing
  2. Pipe work all but done except for a couple of couplers / clamps - nearly all the fabrication work is done - just airbox and catch can left to do and a few more weld ons Should be home next week them its time to plumb it up
  3. More Progress Larger Radiator fitted and Intercooler Mounted: Manifold Now has Wastegate Fitted: Dump Pipe Completed - except for wastegate plumb back waiting on a bellow:
  4. Manifold is welded - now to Fab down pipe, then fit external and its plumb back
  5. Progress has been made and the Manifold is nearly done Just need to sort the External Wastegate positioning and the then sort the down pipes and the external plumb back piping
  6. But how else is Yella from Liverpool Krispy Kremes going to know your Plazmaman Equiped
  7. Can you not go full Yella Kebab Spec?
  8. Fcking frothing for the 2GR The Ray Hall GT86 seems to boogie
  9. All back on the ground with 20mm spacer (Was concerned things might go Mexico) but came out spot on tyres still within the guards Next stop fabricators once Covid stuff ends
  10. Finally fitted the Alcons - now just need order some spacers to clear the wheels
  11. Ordered Lines and Fittings to re-do the fuel system good by $1200 Then got the final parts needed before car can go to Fabricator for Exhaust Manifold, Downpipe, Intercooler Piping and Exhaust (TurboSmart Stealth 40mill Wastegate & TurboSmart PlumbBack Blow off Valve) Mechanic coming latter this week to start doing lines and fitting the Alcon stoppers then its off to the Fabricator
  12. https://www.micropdm.com/ If anyone is looking for a Cheap PDM option
  13. Congratulations on finishing such an awesome project, so good to see this thing come together after so many years
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