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  1. For the Pod Filter have you considers getting one of these - Not sure if they do one of your gigantic filter but could be an option
  2. Are these Hytechs? - Been advised that they are the absolute best for Hondas
  3. Yup @Spencer I'm still in Sydney Sydney is good for Work - but expensive as fuck unless you want to live in West or South NSW is pretty much a Police state now Old cars are now ridiculous prices and finding something that hasn't been Lebo'fied is getting harder and harder However the Weather is still amazing, food options are great and there always something on happening
  4. Oh lots of Skullduggery - Pretty sure Ray Hall who originally released the Vipec was heavily involved in the EMTRON Appears to be a few new brands filtering over here as well now from Europe and America now, specially, MAXX ECU and FUELTECH
  5. In regards to Adaptronic this is a good Listen - From what i hear Emtron is very much a Link ala Vipec
  6. Have you considers - Adaptronic - they have just been purchased by Haltech Base Model: Modular: But a fair superior product IMO to Haltech
  7. Are you going Honda K Powers? Looks like K to G/W adapter
  8. Going to America in Late June/ Early July to Watch Indycar at Road America and Iowa Any recommendations on hire car companies? Planning to spend 3 weeks in the Mid-West starting Chicago
  9. Mazda V6 with Twin Snails appears to go ok in an open wheeler -
  10. There's a brand new NOS Left hand side XE window on EBay Also an add on Gumtree for a guy in Penrtih with a whole heap of XE's and XD's that are being wrecked
  11. Thought maybe of interest to you:
  12. Whats the issue with the Windscreen? Also if you want a Sedan on 12k