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  1. Didnt know where else to put this so will put it in here. As I mentioned wanted to give electrolysis a go . after trying to use a battery charger by itself and it not really doing what I wanted ( it kept shutting off , no doubt because it did not detect voltage as the manual says it must detect). So decided to get around this by running it thorugh a battery, i was worried a battery worth of current would end up cooking something but nah , its just very aggressive, so if you are wanting delicate rust removal you will need to get a dc power supply. I read up and found the reaction will r
  2. So put a cheapo battery revitliser on the Aux batteries over the course of last swing off and they now take charge and are sitting at a happy 12.4 volts, stoked. so have bought a dumb linear charger just to pump them up good. then most of the light in the rear started working! yay. so last night i replaced the broken shitty ones and re-attached some otheres to the roof . so much better , need some more in certain areas like above the roll cab top for working surfaced etc, but pretty impressed, also going to get rid of the spotlight style ones in the front body and mybe mount them to be
  3. Hemi

    best antifreeze

    IM not sure why this is a big deal? coolants these days are pretty damn good for all applications. running 75% is silly, water is a far better conductor of heat. the 50-50 distilled water is fine. Choose your brand . and be done with it
  4. Righto so while i was away on my swing some more parts showed up , an axle set of wheel nuts ( i dont know why i didnt just get a full set) a belt and the brakes pads! So over the last couple days I replaced the front end brakes. new calipers,bolts, slide bushes etc, and hoses. what a right cunt the hoses were until I remembered an ancient technique.... a chisel to convince the securing speed nut on the inside to wind off. little bit mangled now but the thread part was fine so that's ok. and vice grips cracked the lines. I kind of want to redo them at some point ... totally get how a wee
  5. Yay , got the brakes done , the other side was actually easier after a couple beers, found the lack of brakes for the rear, one cylinder let go so thats cool. anyhow started bleeding it... spew. And the new stuff And a couple pics of the interior Chur
  6. Righto, so Bess got over the Hedland before I did due to Covid spec lockdowns , no dramas. Old mate from Swan Towing ( the agent) had a chuckle on the phone and said there were very little brakes, I knew they were garbage so let him know I knew, anyway got over here to grab it and he then mentioned it had NO brakes I like " nah man the fronts are siezed and have no brake pads but the rear 100% works. him = " no they fucking dont, we had to stop it by slamming it into park" I was all whatever. signed the paperwork and jumped in... hrmm the pedal doesnt feel good.... oh , it has NO brakes at a
  7. Cleaned all the crap out of the back and did a short video of a walk around. going to try and con the guys at the workshop to let me waterblast the back out when i grab my tools.
  8. Hey @cletus / @KKtrips is this something that can be certed? for some reason i thodught onotching has to be welded, or it the other way around?
  9. So there were heaps of ants in the cab when I got it, bombed it but they buggers kept coming back and was getting nowhere. Realized there must have been a super nest somewhere when I parked up in port Douglas and there was white sands in the cab next day. So decided to get some bait. Holy shit. I emptied a while syringe out around the truck and it was all gone in a couple hours. So I'm going to buy another 3 and just keep putting it out.
  10. A massive pothole or mound in the road.
  11. The truck or the shock?
  12. Well , hit whats known as a shock breaker.
  13. So @Spencer whispered in my ear. Hnnng
  14. Yeah man , its proper cancer now. buuut again. the rest is pretty solid. My fault, had the resources and did nothing to the poor thing. When i picked it up of @Camel about Port Macquarie i must have hit the vent to engage the a/c, didnt notice until cruising and the engine tone would change. I shat myself. then realised what was the go. that is amazing. Im amazed at this truck, aside from the mirrors and dumping it . its o.g . all the stickers , all the o.g jacks etc. i love it. Yeah it 100% need some love. Dont really want a show truck but i reckon a bit of love to treat the tumou
  15. Yeah man , felt bad when i first saw her. Buuuut most of the rust lines legit just wipe off. along with the fucked paint haha. The bonnet has got proper cancer in the two corners, but that was there when it got parked up, and as it does, just spread. There is also a patch on the front l/h of the cab that is still not holey, but needs some attention asap. and the footwell, but again. still solid as. I was saying to Diddy, im amazed there isnt more rust. like its all surface. dunno what these made these from, but its pretty decent
  16. On that note. Vgt turbos, the breathers. the vgt controllers. dunno what else. its been avery long time
  17. Oh that would be gross. way under powered. Actually thought it was the j05 to starrt with, which is another really good motor. like you say. filters and gaskets. they just keep going.
  18. Plans you ask? Well, to start with i want to pull everything within reason out , clean , scuff and epoxy everything in floor paint pretty much. Then to suss the deal with the compressor. Go over it to ensure everything is tickity boo. Then we will see. they beauty about it, is a the huge amount of space inside. so tbh could jam the Kx in , a swag/ make little mezzanine floor to sleep in . has all the batteries. put some solar panels on the roof. then it can pretty much do anything. i mean , no sand bugging . but yeah. sweet rig. im fucking stoked,
  19. Iunno what box. has the bulletproof J07c in it.
  20. Iunno what box. has the bulletproof J07c in it.
  21. Hi all , thought id make a thread for this as it will be a sort of project. So background story, THis was the truck I drove around when doing field service in Brisbane. pretty much from goldcoast to sunshine coast. it was a great truck , non turbs so will go forever. Anyhow I jumped on a plane to get Bess the C10 sorted. Caught up with my old boss and saw it parked up , so later in the day i messaged himand we ended up talking about the possiblility of purchasing the truck and body. Came to an agreement and I would head down to have a sticky beak . So I did and shook hands on the
  22. Spent a couple hours sorting the front brakes. Yeah the pistons are siezed solid, as in i had to bash the caliper off with a mini sledge. tried to free them LOLOLOLOL NOPE. so now the front has no brake pads, PROBLEM SOLVED. so its just a clean and should be GTG PRetty happy tbh . CHeers @Spencer for lending me some tools and space at your pad. will have to get something for AMy as a thank you haha. Oh and the shower, was getting pretty cold after the rain and stopping moving wow so much water. So stoked the rims and tyres fit , and even better I got +6 positive, w
  23. So it got picked up this morning, got into the tow truck with minimal fuss. Then over the course of a couple runs the front brakes seized on sticking it in the middle of the road. Gosh that got exciting , after trying a couple things went fuck out and sprayed some Wd-40 on the discs. Success! Then to make it better the wheels fit! Stoked, do now it's too unseize the brakes and give it a clean. Then it can go on a transporter. Yay. Anyway pics Going on And out side Diddys pad. R Monster truck! Imagine that without dropped spindles or a f
  24. Looks like most of the F44 spec is due to smog stuff. 1978 was the last without cats and egr or something. Pre smog!! Give that that leaded fuel!
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