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  1. Vella Lavella! been there when pretty young, remember the parents went on a tour to some skull caves because cannibilism etc. beautiful place.
  2. Saving this years work boot allocation just for the undertaking. good shit. Looking good there Bart.
  3. Oh man, heretic. That brings back memories.
  4. Hemi

    diesel spam

    Atf is good for freeing up bores too, has the detergents in it for that, wont evaporate etc. As for if its a bottom end issue,try turnign over via crank bolts? if these slack then it might be in the pistong rings. if theres none its in the crank.
  5. Hemi

    diesel spam

    By running a bearing. that will get the oil hot very fucking quick and zero change to coolant temp. I will say that i work on truck motors and not smaller vehicle so it might be different. But in my experience is if the oil temp raised so quick it didnt get to the cooling system, thats bearings , they aint part of the cooling system and thus the oil will hold ALL of the heat. Yeah there are oil coolers but if you watch coolant vs oil temps while running up you can see how lagging/ disconnected they can be. Not a wail, but my experience. tear me apart if you will.
  6. Hemi

    Battery chargers

    Been repeated heaps, but yeah dont let them go dead. most chargers now days are like 10 amp most which just wont wake a slumbring beast, they probably cut out/ cut the amps because they think it has a dead cell which if fed like that will cause boiling ( both charging and in the vehicle) The batts in the trucks here last like 2 months tops in summer if they go onto the gravel due to heat and vibration. Dont be mad if you have to replace them every 3 years tbh. couple hundy over thet term isnt that bad.
  7. Helicoil. Keep the same size and gain the benefits of stainless thread instead of alloy, and if it shits itself, well just grab it by the end and zoom it out.
  8. Right , ive run across a good video on how to set it up. however, any experience on using it will be awesome.
  9. Right, so have rebuilt a few d16 engines and have had no issues. usually we get the crank inspected by an outworker and is measured etc. i usually mic the thing myself to note the values for peace of mind. however, ive been using plastigage to note the bearing clearance and the GM is not happy with it. he wants full measurement done , which is cool and i can understand that. IN the past ive used the t style pieces where you push in, put in place. hit the btton they shoot out and you mic that. I dont have those here, but do have a dial bore gauge. have had a look at a few tutorials but im
  10. Fuck EGR. The Euro's are going to hot EGR. will see how that goes ( so no cooler etc) Still, fuck EGR. Aftertreatment is a pain in the ass, but i can deal with it. because its after the engine. this bullshit that poisons the whole motor when it fails can burn in hell.
  11. You can fill the cavities to help stop water sitting inside the hub. I wouldnt worry too much unless its making its way onto the brakes (if it has those) check it every now and then after a good run and see what happens, some grease have alot of oil in the soap and can let it out, others a super dry and wont bleed even after being cooked .
  12. Got Pics? sweat is nothing i would be concerned about, a large amount of fluid would be though. how much have you packed into the bearings?
  13. @Steelies @KKtrips, anyone else? yeah that's the plan at this stage, sweet man, sis might be able to help me out but otherwise yes please. Will let you know by mid day tomorrow?
  14. Hey guys, my ride until the airport on Friday has made a faux pa and now I need to sort something in Welly, accom is sorted but wondering if anyone in Welly itself is heading to the meet and could give us a ride? Can chip in for gas etc.
  15. Hemi

    KK's Honda Cub

    Man that one in the background is a bit shgwag spec. Cool bike!
  16. Go in on friday before a long weekend, if you're nice they might pile the shit in because it wont last the weekend. i paid $20 for like 10kg to cool things at hawkes boes one year. *note* if you do this , dont open the box it comes in if you have food and beer in the chilly bin , the beers will go from warm to frozen solid in about 15 mins.
  17. Hemi

    diesel spam

    Fitted chromally (sp?) flywheel to the 910 when the ca18det was in it , and it was great, but i didnt grab the super light one but was way,WAY lighter then factory and the only thing i noticed is you needed more pedal to take off because it would stall easier, thats it.
  18. Hemi

    Floor Jack Oil

    ATF, may very well not work under pressure but has worked fine for me.
  19. I nearly got into a table throwing debate with an apprentice once re: lsd's he was ademant that you could shim a viscous unit, no matter how hard i tried to tell him by shimming the unit it was just going to load the spiders he went " nah to locks them bro". so yeah. grab a sweet hardened washer and pack it out. Dawg. The rules no doubt have something about doing this though.
  20. I dont know bugger all but just wiki'd the blown 3.8 and it mentioned something about using epoxy instead of teflon ( more efficient?) that was for the previous engine to the VX though ( usa only models listed). pretty sweet cheap fun.
  21. on the note of very corrosive stuff, if you want to rip anything off anything see if you can get this stuff. it blows off anything that a high concentrated base wont. We use it to clean the hand wash trough (which gets full of that aweful red dirt that sticks and eats everything) one wipe and bam, its gone . the boys use it to clena the tyres and it tears through paint in .5min I looked at the ingrediants and went ...phwoar. link to the white hot http://www.challengechemicals.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Challenge-Chemicals-SDS-White-Hot.pdf BTW the best shit for getting that sh
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