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  1. Reba, haha. I was going to have a look at that today. Nice looking car!!!
  2. Well, started giving the interior a bit of a clean while I decide what's going to be done first. Have a look at what I found!!! A photo of another Sport being worked on.
  3. Thanks mate. As I said earlier, bring on the cruising around Welly!
  4. I bought that book last month and it arrived here on Thursday. Perfect timing!!! Might just take you up on the 1.6 badge and I really appreciate the links. Where would be the best place too for the decals?
  5. Today was a great day. Thought I would go and see if the engine would turn over. I removed the spark plugs, checked oil and connected up a battery. A few taps on the starter and solenoid got the engine turning over nicely. I could hear it picking up speed and knew oil was starting to get around the engine and then the oil pressure light went out. Excellent. Well if that went well, let's try and fire her up... Back in went the plugs, some fresh fuel in the tank and I was flicking the key. Cranked with good, even compression but no start. I had fuel at the carb, but no spark. I have
  6. Wow. That's awesome mate. Yea will do. Looks like the only bits I'm short on at the moment is some door cards, a clock and rear badges. Where abouts are you based?
  7. The previous owner bought it after it had a respray. It then sat in his garage as he originally bought it to turn it into a racer but could never bring himself to take an angle grinder near it as it was too tidy to throw wide guards etc on. So it sat for over 10 years in the corner of his garage collecting dust.
  8. Awesome!!! It's on! Wait, where are you at with yours?
  9. Unloaded and sitting in her new driveway.
  10. Got her home last night thanks to a good mate Tony. Pretty much spent the night sititng in her and making car noises while remembering all the stuff I used to get up to in my last one. Leaving the garage she sat in for over 10 years.
  11. OK team, it all starts this weekend and I thought I would kick off my first build thread post. I got my first car when I was 16. A poo brown 1979 Mk2 1300 4 door. This was alright for a while but it wasn't long before I managed to find a red 1980 Mk2 1600 Sport. This was purchased for $1000 and had a wof and everything. I put in my race motor and raced round the streets of Wellington. I think it was the loudest car around. Unfortunately rust was ripe in the Sport and I figured, being an apprentice mechanic, I would strip it down, fix the rust and rebuild. Well stripping it down I found i
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