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  1. I'm buying me a metal detector and checking my paddocks Keen for everything and anything tbh... not going to know a soul and will be completely lost geographically speaking for a while too so everything will be new and interesting. Cheers fellas loom forward to putting names to faces.
  2. If anyone familiar with the area its the A Frame at the Evans Flat Junction... I won't be down till early March... so much shit to do up here :/ Miss my family... my youngest daughter turned 9 today
  3. Well I got paddocks for tents and a river boundary we can all make the townspeople drink our wees the pick up for the regional water scheme is right near the house
  4. I got diagnosed with MS last year. We have been leasing our farm and top busy earning to pay for it to enjoy it properly. If my symptoms take a turn for the uncool and I can't work then banks won't get giggity with us so we wanted a place that ticked all our boxes that my Mrs can theoretically pay for on a single wage. Enter the trade me search: 4/5acres, 4 bed house , big fuck off sheds and we discovered our new town. We visited twice once mid winter (the weekend Milton flooded) and again in December. We have gone unconditional today. My wife and kids are already living in the house with the existing tenant while I undo a lifetime of hordeing tendencies. Anyway that's the lot... we have gotten sick of Crazy Auckland busy roads and stupid property prices and opted for the complete opposite. We really like the little town... reckon it could use a boost tourism wise somerhing to make the buses stop for more than the public toilets and a ice cream but other than that love the sleepy vibe and lack of big name places like McDonald's etc... it's real NZ. Hopefully we don't grow to regret the decision but with limited funds for deposit etc there wasn't much else within reach.
  5. Hi! I'm relocating down to Lawrence as part of the conspiracy by Aucklanders to take over the South Island. Except there is no conspiracy just sick of etcetcetcetcetc Quick question... do I know anyone down that way? Have been on OS for heaps long but been inactive since fb took all my online time :/ Hope to get out on some mishes with some fellow mad bastards!
  6. We should have a Nor'Westie Meet at Mattie B's sometime... Ellerslie meet is rad as but a long way to go after work for geezers like us... that said Mr Frear made it there the other week all the way from Welsford
  7. Poohs... Guns N Roses play Waitangi weekend. Been wanting to join in the lead foot funs for years but been waiting for OG GNFNR lineup even longerer
  8. Rain or shine the stars have aligned to finally attend again after a long absence although I doubt anybodies hearts have grown fonder... look forward to seeing you all xoxoxo will bring my wife to make sure I behave. WoF/reg have mere weeks left so may well be my last jaunt for a while.
  9. If anything family friendly comes along me and my girls are keen to join in! Daughters love my rust buckets (setting the bar nice and low for them) Depending where etc we could possibly bring a pony for entertainment for wee ones... would mean leaving old car at home but the horse box is a 1971... that counts right?
  10. Add to the Queen St 90s nights... recall a car full of keen young Indian Chaps trying to do a skid in their Sigma in the crawling Queen St traffic. Sparks coming out from under car and lots of smoking clutch then it launches forward into the back of an old Commo full of large Pacific Island Barry's... driver hops out walks up to Sigma drivers window and plucks keys from his ignition and biffs them up on the roof of the shelter over the footpath. Queen St Bystanders erupt in laughter. Commo with the Barry's takes off. Good times.
  11. Poohs... I like cruises but wifey suggested staying in Htown night before 64Vauxhalls Open day thingy... change her mind I must. Or just enjoy the homeward cruise... be good to see your silky faces again
  12. CrazyTim is coming. Will leave his mates from Nats at home and bring wife so he isn't naughty.
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