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  1. That Crazy Tim's Gemivette

    Golly this Fred is old
  2. Update to follow featuring filthy carb turbo convo
  3. Road tripped with my wife & kids to Taranaki... dailied until the law green stickered it Anzac Day 2014... hadn't started since doing a mass skid at a Party in October... got her humming again night before Nats and drove it down the Coromandel for gay old times with my fave weirdos ever. Pics and other stuffs way overdue. OS... I'm back
  4. Fourfingapete's 1963 PB Vauxhall - Discussion

    Think I saw this on the tard... have been pining for a 57 Velox. .. not enough moneys. Yours looks very nice. Good to see another Vauxhall on oldschool, especially something different to Chevettes and Vivas
  5. fb's gemini

    Do u still need template? Can see if nosecut has a visable edge still or if its fect.
  6. fb's gemini

    Fark g... hadn't checked in a while. Wow! How are you gana match the rear to the front? Was going to pipe up with 'I have a dash' then saw the carbon one. Have an awesome/simple idea for grill too for you... will show you when/if you come get nosecut. Which is pretty rusty but you're only wanting to make up a plug for moulding?! Should be able to bog it up... What else... headlamps, you still running 4 on early front? Are you chomping bigger recesses in bonnet for them? Another idea I had ages ago was upside down flat front (TF slx/ TG)lamps with indicators recessed into guards similar to facelift Kadett C... size n shape they practicaly fit straight in heheh... Final thing... if no one has their name down to buy the steel guards when your done with em PM me what you'd like for them... will then have a think. Don't really need anytime soon but getting parts lined up for future longterm project
  7. rotorhoe's rx3 of flash

    YAY Exciting!
  8. So... this is kinda like drivable now... pics soon ZOMG! It fought completion every step of the way I tell you!
  9. Been slack... got bumpers on the other day, only bothered uploading pics last night. I know I know I know, needs more low/slam, looks like a skyscraper etc etc etc... don't go pointing out the obvious. I am well broke and need an adj panhard rod before I can consider it so it will likely stay this way until I can wrangle or modify one. Focusing on multiple projects with minimal funds sucks. Anyway aside from bumpers not being square and centred pretty happy... will probably restain the timber inserts with darker stain... still some work to do to interior and most importantly get some mirrors on it, have M-A-S-S-I-V-E blindspots! Anyway Panno is finally complete looking. Yay!
  10. shaneo 78 MK2 escort sport bike carbed

    I oldschool spotted you on Thursday arvo pulling out of a driveway on olive rd... was parked across the street in my panno maaaaaaaaate
  11. Well failed to get it done for the Oldschool leadfoot cruise... lucky I had a spare! The green wag had the wide steels bashed on it late the night before and a quick wash. She performed great, probably the longest trip its had : ) Anyway red car drove home the other night! Still bumperless and sitting a mile in the air on stock springs : / Also has temporary grill fitted... need to get TE grill painted still, is sitting at the shop in primer. Just having it painted black. The bumpers are having timber inserts made up to replace the rubber filler strips which are knackered. These will be stained and oiled and hopefully look pretty sweet/different. Currently doing a rather good impression of a rollerskate on my 17s! Put dash in yesterday, went wityh 2 tone brown and tan. Also fitted Chevette wagon door trims in tan with black centre and carpet at bottom which look quite smashing. Also brings black into the colour scheme meaning the black steering column surround and centre console units won't look out of place. Fairly happy with it all, wishing I had bought more than 4L of basecoat though... paint is a little thin, probably shouldn't have done engine bay in body colour. You live and learn and I learnt lots about the processes and prep etc of automotive refinishing. Next on agenda is removing lowering springs from my green Chevini hatch and jamming them in... need adjustable panhard rod before doing this though... so yeah... O yea mirrors, need mirrors ASAP... and liner for cargo area. Have a sheet of checker plate for the floor/tray. Will be hunting out a cheap sheet of plywood for side panels, mainly so nothing smacks the panels from inside and to hide the inside of the panels. As you were!