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  1. Vivaspeed's No.2 Viva - 1967 HB SL90

    Haven't used it much but thought I'd dust it off for a laugh at OS drag day, the irony of it being the slowest and least powerful car in the fleet. Managed a best time of 19.21. I was happy that it was sub 20 seconds and that the driveline didn't explode. Had some issues with it bogging down off the line in a few runs because carburetor, and the fan belt came loose at one point but not bad for a 50 year old car. Here's some pictures I stole off the internet (thanks @GuyWithAviators).
  2. You are mistaken about the ports. It runs vertical Siamese intake ports and the exhaust has a shared port for no. 2 and 3. All of the yuck. Shape isn't great and usually full of casting slag.
  3. The heads are interchangeable I think but not sure about combustion chamber shape and overlap - e.g. smaller bore may have a problem on the 1256cc head. There used to be a thing where you could do something like mismatch 1256cc and 1159cc parts and make high compression or low compression depending on turbo or non turbo. I figured it all out a decade or more ago and have now forgotten all of it, including what benefits it offers. Pleasingly, I have lost some knowledge of Vauxhall OHV engines. Shit yarn!
  4. Wiper blades are fine, its just they don't have enough spring tension to keep them on the screen and the linkages are all sloppy. Engine might be 140ish. Smallport with a bit of extra compression and a cam. Stock ecu too. Thinking about chucking a Link Atom in it and getting tuned. Might realise a few more ponies.
  5. Vivaspeed's 1969 HB Viva racing type car

    Time for the annual thread update. Haven't done anything to this. Pumped up the tyres and went for a skid out at Pukekohe. You will note I've done nothing about fixing the windscreen wipers. At one point the drivers side one overshot and went past the A-pillar but came back again. Maybe I'll fix that next year. For some reason they ran the old track at Puke with the long back straight. Top end of 5th gear got a bit interesting, and not particularly reassuring that the only thing preventing overshoot and possible death was brake calipers off a 1970s Austin Princess. Listen the the symphony of thrashing a 4AGE and a diff with slightly the wrong clearances (sorry, it's not straight cut gears).
  6. Even the higher spec 90 engine is pretty low compression. Chuck a low pressure turbo on it with suck through carb. Something like a CT9 or CT12 off a small Toyota would do it. Unbolt for wof.
  7. MX-5 B6 RWD or 4AGE. 4AGEs are the best engine. Good score on the 90 engine. Just need to go big block 1256 spec.
  8. shannons 1972 vauxhall viva estate

    It's still a Viva Alex...
  9. I put a fresh 1256 into mine, high comp pistons, cam, etc. Goes okay for a small car. Consider it as a viable option.
  10. Awesome. Just awesome. I am so jealous of you having a road legal HB wagon. Please leave it in your will to me / give me first right of refusal if for some unknown reason you ever sell it.
  11. Blown bulb for the fail. /good luck
  12. What type of dizzy cap do you need? The early Delco style?
  13. Don't know what you're on about. I have 4.
  14. Not much. The grille and headlights are round on a Torana, rectangular on a Viva. Torana had opening rear windows, most Vivas were fixed. Badges. The Torana had a certain amount of local content so some bits may be a little different. Underlying car is the same. In fact some bits from the LC/LJ Torana are backward compatible and can be put on HBs.
  15. The 1800/2300 Magnum gearboxs had a lift-gate reverse lockout thing which always used to go wrong and pull off. I don't think Vauxhall knew how to engineer gear sticks properly.