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  1. Hey @HighLUX @GuyWithAviators maybe do a weekend one when I'm up some time? Keen to meet TGA locals.
  2. Keen Spin the wheel of "who will befoul the Essence Cafe toilets on Sunday morning?" Might need to thumb a lift from the aerodrome in Palmy or Wellington though.
  3. @Roman you’re not allowed to use rally tyres at TECT park for autocross or motorkhana. Find the cheapest open block tread pattern you can find. I’ve got some cheap GT radials with big open tread pattern. Terrible as a road/tarmac tyre but ideal for the loose stuff.
  4. Small turn out but we still went for a drive and ate some lunch. Thanks @nzstato and @azzurro and Mrs Azzuro. Good yarns. Will try again for a longer run into Central in the new year.
  5. So who is actually planning on coming along? Weather looks cold and grey, so if there aren’t many people able to come then maybe we defer it until the new year when the sun comes out again?
  6. Right, let's lock this in. Sunday 12th December meet 10am at Peter Johnstone Park (I have no idea where that is but @nzstato recommended it). Cruise this route below, bring some lunch or things to buy lunch with in Ranfurly. Who's coming? @azzurro @danger @a.craw4d @kyteler @Toddy415 @Lord Gruntfuttock @kiwi808 @xsinclairx @smokin'joe @Marsh
  7. Right so I’ve now got to be up north on the 5th due to family commitments so you guys can carry on without me, or we push it out to Sunday 12th instead?
  8. Do Chamberlain still have a workshop? They make springs and used to do suspension work so can probably sort you out. I’ve had them make me custom springs for Vivas and Toyota stuff over the years.
  9. Okay so let's make a plan here. First weekend in December (Sunday 5th December) might be the go. I've got commitments on the weekends either side. Not sure what kind of distances people want to cover, but I had thought about the route below - meet Dunedin say 10am, head off through Middlemarch towards Ranfurly and/or Naseby (cool little town I visited for the first time today) for a bite to eat - BBQ or pie or pub lunch or whatever then back out to Palmerston. Central Otago people can head off home from Ranfurly if they wanted. The other option might be to go in reverse direction and head up through Warrington, Karitane, etc but trying to avoid too much back tracking depending on where people are travelling from.
  10. Yes I was thinking I should lock in something... took my car for a 150km run on the weekend and nothing British happened so I'm good for this. Weekend of 20/21 Nov or first weekend in Dec?
  11. Where's the adventure in that? (says he with a British car)
  12. Ha. I learned that lesson a long time ago. Bought a second hand MIG and hooked it up. Ran like shit for ages then realised it was reverse polarity for a gasless set up and I was running gas.
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