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  1. No idea. Thinking about recent locations maybe something in the Hutt to mix it up a bit? That’s if there is anywhere suitable. I have pretty poor availability this week and next (maybe next Weds night?). Evening functions two Thursdays in a row.
  2. @Mourning Cupcake are we having a monthly meet this month?
  3. I see your logic. However, I’ve got to do a presentation to a large group, I should probably turn up to that instead.
  4. I'm out, work commitments on Thursday night unfortunately. Catch you another time @Beaver
  5. I hope it hasn’t changed since 1994 when I last went… I’ll be there.
  6. Nah, you suggest dates and I’ll keep saying no. I could do the Thursday before - 9th, or the week after - 23rd? The corresponding Wednesdays of those weeks are no good.
  7. @Mourning Cupcake sorry that's no good. Have got a car launch to go to that night.
  8. This is kind of random project thread worthy. So I’ve owned this old single axle car transporter for over 20 years (apart from a short period where a mate owned it, then I bought it back). In about 2005 I gave it a rough wire brush and painted it tractor red and put a new timber deck on it (necessitated by a mates Fiat 131R almost falling through the rotten old deck). I’ve been meaning to give it a refurb for ages, but it kept passing wofs and just looked like shit. It progressively got worse until @azzurro borrowed it and it had some structural failures where the spare wheel mounted (coincidentally while also towing a Fiat on it). He kindly patched it up before returning it but it needed attention. After moving back up north I decided it was time to tackle it and strip it right down and give it a birthday. Fix a few bad welds. Paint, new electrics, new deck etc. Anyway. After a few solid weekends of work it’s just like a new one. P.S. if you want to buy it, hit me up. It’s only small (suit Viva, 1200, Escort, Starlet etc).
  9. Could we do a date that isn’t the 16th please? Seems like the third Thursday always clashes with a thing I have to go to. But keen for Fisherman’s Table. Haven’t been there since maybe 1994 or something like that.
  10. Stopped for a burger on the way home and came across a Nissan type meet. If I’d brought my other car tonight we would have pretty much been a Toyota* meet.
  11. Whatever you do, do not accept an airport pickup from this man ^^ Bort kindly offered me a ride one time, which I was happy to take, but then at several points on the trip I seriously feared for my safety and death flashed before my eyes. Sliding around the back seat of the angry V8 Valiant coupe (2 door sedan?) with no rear seatbelts as he did the imperial ton passing slower traffic on twisty roads. I was not entirely comfortable with that situation. Drive it like you stole it comes to mind. Then we were regaled with stories of how he rolled a car while younger, and other interesting motoring calamities he had encountered - whilst entertaining, did not add to the feeling of safety. Then we were relieved of the near-death experience when he decided to do some road levelling with the sump of the aforementioned car, and it decided to drain the lubricating fluids, rendering it inoperable for the remainder of the event. Hence the nickname "Sumpson" was acquired. Then IIRC @yetchh gave me a ride back to Christchurch in his 121 which seemed to have an intermittent fueling problem and so it wasn't being super reliable either, but we made it. Such memories. TL;DR - if you don't want to die, don't travel to Hanmer with @RUNAMUCK
  12. Damn it. I've got a thing that runs until 7, about an hour away from this.
  13. I’m tossing up between this and the Southwards Cars and Coffee. Even washed the car. A rare event indeed.
  14. Good effort guys. Awesome to see this thread. If you need any Viva specific guidance or leads on any parts feel free to get hold of me. Message me on here or @RUNAMUCK and @- i5oogt - both know how to reach me on the telephone.
  15. Damn. Didn’t see that this was happening tonight otherwise would have been there. /Niki please send Outlook reminder for future meets
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