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  1. Do any of the locals maybe @Dolan or @BLIZZO have secure offstreet parking for a large trailer over the weekend? Might be doing a car collection run on my way back but don't want a huge trailer being a pain all weekend.
  2. I'm so looking forward to this. Will be my mid-winter event as Hanmer won't be a thing this year.
  3. See if you can get the 747 picture chucked into the deal too.
  4. No WOF no worries? Cash payment - they didn't rent it to us - etc? /get Rog to bring one up for it and stick it on the window.
  5. Wasn't it turned into a curry place last time we were there?
  6. It's still a Viva Alex...
  7. What's the breakeven point? i.e. could we go $20 a head and do it with 20 pers instead? I'd certainly pay more for fun times.
  8. I put a fresh 1256 into mine, high comp pistons, cam, etc. Goes okay for a small car. Consider it as a viable option.
  9. Awesome. Just awesome. I am so jealous of you having a road legal HB wagon. Please leave it in your will to me / give me first right of refusal if for some unknown reason you ever sell it.
  10. Blown bulb for the fail. /good luck
  11. What type of dizzy cap do you need? The early Delco style?
  12. Don't know what you're on about. I have 4.
  13. Not much. The grille and headlights are round on a Torana, rectangular on a Viva. Torana had opening rear windows, most Vivas were fixed. Badges. The Torana had a certain amount of local content so some bits may be a little different. Underlying car is the same. In fact some bits from the LC/LJ Torana are backward compatible and can be put on HBs.
  14. The 1800/2300 Magnum gearboxs had a lift-gate reverse lockout thing which always used to go wrong and pull off. I don't think Vauxhall knew how to engineer gear sticks properly.