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  1. Had a blast in this so far, travelled many miles. Huntly Burnouts, WRCC Spring fling, Rocket open day, Tokoroa drags. Heading to Rebel Roundup this weekend Accuair is the business, Highly recommend. Get into it. I like the stock hubcaps but wanted options. A mate of mine had some Detroit's on an earlier Buick Super, but he didn't like them. So I chucked them on to see if they would suit. I think they look pretty cool, so deal was struck.
  2. Cool thread, sweet car man. Love the '61 styling. Kudos
  3. Thanks man. Bolt in kit, was labeled for an impala wagon. I'm too busy with work so getting installed by simon @airride nz. Happy with results so far.
  4. I'm well stoked with how low it sits, needs wider rims. 15*8's please.
  5. Exhaust out, Airride in, height sensors still to be installed. Remote shock mounts for front suspension also needs doing. Tank and pumps under False floor in boot.
  6. Bit far to travel to Ohakune every week in it, Though I probably will take it at some stage...
  7. So I finally got some more wheels. 14x7 Globes for the front & 14x8 steelies on the rear look good. 205/70 whitewalls all round. Don't see many blacked out Globes and their not to everyone's taste, but I like 'em.
  8. Yep alloy heads. Cruises along fine with the little 2 barrel on it.
  9. Left Wellys this morning. Sweet trip home, no problems. Exhaust cackles a bit in a small rev range, not cool, need to remedy that. One brake/indicator light is dim so it may have an earth fault? Engine bay needs a de-grease & water blast.
  10. I've just picked up this boat from Blenheim. Currently waiting in Picton for the ferry. Goes good so far, for the 20 minutes I've driven it... 300ci small block buick Plan is to throw an Accuair system in it for Max levels of Aceness.