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  1. Took the axle tube to work and cut it down, then when I returned to our Wiri site I used the press to push the axle tube back into the housing luckily it just fit then I welded it back up, I plug welded it where the factory used plugs to hold the tube in, plus I also welded both tubes to the centre as with it being a press fit it’s not unheard of them seeping. Bloody handy having these tools at my disposal at work. I’ll order some spring seats soon and make a jig based on the old diff to weld them on, not a huge amount of progress, but better th
  2. Thread dredge….. aside from scraping more under seal there’s not too much I can do to the body for now, so I’ve been working on the Ford 8.8 I pulled out of an explorer. everything looks good inside, so that’s a plus I wrapped it up to limit the stink, Because there isn’t much that stinks worse than diff oil haha I drilled out the 3 bungs that hold the long axle tube in and took the diff housing to work, with a bit of persuasion from the 10t portapower and the gas plant I pressed the axle tube out, tomorrow I’m going to work at our
  3. Very cool, looking forwards to watching this build!!
  4. Rear 1/4 panels have arrived, shipping and GST was $950, which is more than I expected, to be fair I had nothing to base my expectations on so not a surprise haha. sat one of the panels on the car, they look good and the lines seem to line up good so I’m happy. the side marker lamp hole at the back of the guard is different because these are technically earlier year Dodge Dart panels, not that it matters as they will be getting filled in anyway,
  5. Well rear quarter panels have been ordered and should hopefully be on the way to my shipper in the next week or so. ended up going for Goodmark panels through getallparts.com after a recommendation from an American mopar site I’m on (FABO) so far they have set me back about 790 NZD shipped to my shipper in California, so once he charges me the GST and freight, I think I’ll still be pretty happy with what they cost me.
  6. Flogging a dead horse there mate, @Shakotom has forgotten he own the olds I think haha
  7. Haha yeah I saw that, and then I saw the price too. Depending on the exchange rate and shipping I shouldn’t be too far off getting two of them to me for similar money (I hope haha)
  8. Yeah it’s not what I was expecting, but luckily I’m super happy with how it’s come out. Now a bit of jewellery is done, I guess I’ll have to go back to scraping under seal haha
  9. Well with being back in lockdown has provided some time (when I’m on my off shift) so I got the engine almost repainted and assembled new gaskets, frost plugs etc Hoist earning its keep again Messed around with a couple of ideas on the rocker covers settled on engine coloured with black fins Ended up with this, still have to do the other rocker cover to match, just waiting on some more paint, I ended up getting VHT early Chrysler blue, it’s a bit greener than I what I was planning on using, but I’m actually happy as with how it has come out!
  10. I have my Plymouth insured with classic cover on “project cover” which means it is covered at home in the garage but also during transport to and from workshops.
  11. Finally managed to get to zebra to get a rear diff from an explorer, I missed out on the one @cletus told me about because I was slack. anyway Zebra finally had one come into stock at the end of June so I went out this morning and plucked it out of this gladly all bolts came out with out a fight and it ended up with this It’s 8.8 inches of Ford goodness, 31 spline axles, factory disc brakes with onboard handbrake, it’s a 3L73 so 3.73 ratio LSD, need to source another short side axle, shorten the long side down 3” and it will be just narrower than the factory mopa
  12. @RUNAMUCK Yeah I have a thread on FABO already (pretty much a copy and paste of this one) will be asking a few questions closer to the time, @piazzanoob the shape of the wheel arches are actually fairly complex, would be more work to fix than replacing the the full 1/4, there is a bunch of bog in places that doesn’t make sense etc, just shit in general haha.
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