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  1. f100_dreamin

    Bens Scampy scamp

    Awesome cheers @cletus Hopefully its it’s still there next weekend so I can grab it.
  2. f100_dreamin

    Bens Scampy scamp

    https://www.staparts.co.nz/View-A-Product/id/2290/description/Cylinder head Chrysler SB 318ci 360ci performer Rpm alloy there you go, edelbrocks cheaper than the procomps, by the time I’m at the point of building the engine I should have done some much better research. The guys in the states seem to complain the the valve guides are too tight on the edelbrocks, but regardless of what heads I buy I’ll get them checked over
  3. f100_dreamin

    Bens Scampy scamp

    Looking at these, https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/core-engine/auction-1937897885.htm now i know speedmaster is the same as procomp and that should have me running for the hills, there are plenty of guys in the states rubishing them but none have used them there is a few guys using them that say they look good , but it seems that even the edelbrock heads are leaving the factory with issues and have to be checked over. So buying these and sending them to my machinist to be given a once over maybe the go, to be fair though the engine is on the bottom of the list at the moment, as the body/metal work is my first mission. So I still have plenty of time for research and shopping around.
  4. f100_dreamin

    Bens Scampy scamp

    Yeah the KB167 are what I am planning on using, no intention to run nitrous so should be sweet but cheers for the heads up,
  5. f100_dreamin

    Bens 1972 Plymouth Scamp

    Made more progress this weekend, car is basically mechanically stripped now Made a cradle out of 6x2 building timber, literally slapped it together on some little caster wheels (woefully underrated with a loadrating of 30kg each) disconnected the last of the wiring, the last of the shift linkage, removed the PS box and it was time to lower the car onto the cradle unbolted the trans x-member, unbolted the K frame and pushed the up button, such an easy way to remove an engine and trans. Video: Carefully wheeled engine and trans to side of the garage, Pulled a rocker cover to see what the inside of the motor looks like, not the greatest, but that’s not a huge surprise Plans have somewhat evolved (read snowballed) will be taking a bit more time and instead of just doing the minimum to get it complied, plans have stretched to minitubs, move springs inboard so I can fit some nice fat wheels in the back engine will get alloy heads, flat top pistons, headers and a bigger carb than the 500cfm edelbrock that I already have. Cheers Ben
  6. f100_dreamin

    Bens Scampy scamp

    Cheers @cletus, Yeah torsion bars are fully unadjusted. Have tried the vice grips to no avail, will try loosen lower arms and give that a go tomorrow night,
  7. f100_dreamin

    Bens 1972 Plymouth Scamp

    Did some more work on this tonight. Managed to remove the rear suspension and diff, then removed the fuel tank and fuel lines now have plenty of room to play still need to build a cradle to drop the engine and gearbox onto for easy removal, but first I need to get the torsion bars out which are proving to be very stubborn, there are plans on a mopar A body website of how to make a tool to remove them so that maybe the next step
  8. f100_dreamin

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    Haha negotiations always start with two prices at the end of the spectrum, how good at negotiating you are will determine how close you stay to your openings offer, but yeah I lowballed the hell out of you haha
  9. f100_dreamin

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    Maaate, I wanted to buy this off you and you wouldn’t sell it, so now you better finish it haha!
  10. f100_dreamin

    Bens 1972 Plymouth Scamp

    Discussion thread here
  11. f100_dreamin

    Bens 1972 Plymouth Scamp

    Long time no yarns, haven’t had much chance to work on this as leading up to Xmas I was working on the family caravan so we could go away in it. Managed to get stuck into it today, started removing parts so I can remove the motor, trans, fuel tank and rear end so that I can continue the process of stripping the underbody so I can have it inspected by a repair certifier before I take it for compliance had to take on some extra help pulling it apart it seems that the previous owner in the US of A had spent a bit of money to get this back up and running reliably it’s got a rebuilt Carter carb, Pertronix Ignition, with a flamethrower coil, new AC pump and hoses (although it had a bunch of leaks so it had already de-gassed itself) am going to build a cradle so I can drop the engine and trans out of the bottom of the car as one, Will continue the updates over the next couple of days
  12. f100_dreamin

    Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    They will need Cert eventually but that will come after a V8 engine swap/automatic conversion on the blueflame 6cylinder.
  13. f100_dreamin

    Bens 1961 Belair.

    Old and lame New and improved To make the booster fit I had to relocate the oil filter housing, this meant I could use the oil bath air cleaner anymore, At a loss as to what to do, and struggling to find an air filter with a 63mm neck size (that wasn’t a ramflo filter) I figured I could make something work with the oil bath, I separated the top and bottom halves, and found that that would just sit above the oil filter. I made some measurements and found a round air filter that would fit inside, made a lid to stop air bypassing the filter and worked out a mount, and happily it all works, and the engine bay still looks kinda factory. Pics will follow tomorrow.
  14. f100_dreamin

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    Haha the snowball effect is happening.
  15. f100_dreamin

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    I picked up a Bosch 120a alternator from AES for about $280 (trade price, from memory) and that thing is grunty as. Even crawling around beach hop at idle with lights/stereo/airbag compressors going we had no issues.