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  1. piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    Doesn’t fill you with confidence when the guy failing your car doesn’t even know the rules he is supposed to be following. dont worry about the high stop light. Like you said it’s no longer a requirement for entry compliance/wofs on older cars
  2. Matt's 1951 Chevy Pickup - Discussion

    This^^ if i See a post about your truck, its the first thing i look at,
  3. Brock05’s 83 VH GROUP 3

    i like very much,
  4. piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    Very nice! Needs Astro supremes and lots of low though
  5. Range Rover Rescue discussion

    Go see Greg at R3 Fabrication in Papakura, they are metal work magicians.
  6. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    @flyingbrick to be honest there is nothing wrong with a leaf sprung Land Rover chassis, with some metal and time this chassis is repairable, all the major sections can be bought from the UK cheap enough (then doubled for shipping haha) http://www.paddockspares.com/da2008n-front-chassis-repair-leg-lh.html http://www.paddockspares.com/da2008o-front-chassis-repair-leg-rh.html http://www.paddockspares.com/da2014-front-bulkhead-outrigger.html plus they do bulkhead sections. And I have family in the uk that I could have them sent to, who can on forward them to me if they wanted to charge ridiculous shipping. Yeah complete new chassis are available for around 2000pounds, I suspect shipping would make them uneconomical however
  7. Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    Neither Tom or myself work at Holden anymore. But if we go V8 then yeah it will be an LS as I would like to loose a bit of weight over the front axle to help the airbags as they can struggle if the air tank isn't over 3/4 full.
  8. Bens Rover of the Land

    And also to make the Valiant motor fit they have moved the radiator support panel forward And so to make the bonnet work they have extended it, this will be rectified, the rear crossmember has been replaced with a home made jobbie, its not the worst attempt ive ever seen, however I think that it will need a bit of remedial work, I found this on trademe, will be horribly noisy, and underpowered, use all of the petrols and yet its kinda tempting....(until you look at the price) http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1371881643
  9. Bens Rover of the Land

    Here's a few pictures to show how much rust you can buy for $325, on the plus side it seems to have parabolic springs in it already,
  10. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    Was definitely a great way to spend the day that's for sure!
  11. Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    Cheers @Seedy Al (to be fair if it wasn't for you checking it out for me I probably wouldn't have bought it) I absolutely love walking into the garage and seeing this thing, the wires really do set it off in person too!
  12. Bens Rover of the Land

    Well @Shakotom and I Made the trip to Opotoki to collect this beast, was a great day for it, the weather was good, traffic was light, Got it all loaded up, was something of a mission as it didnt want roll too well SO it turns out that I bought a 109" not an 88", we had a chuckle over this, in hind site looking at the pictures its obvious that it is actually a 109 haha, Had a good trip back, the Work Hilux towed well, Stopped in to see @johnnyfive, had some yarns, then carried on home, Got it all unloaded and stored down the side of the garage, All in all a good way to spend a Sunday, Chassis needs a reasonable amount of work, but seems repairable, Bulkhead also needs work, Engine is apparently locked up but has had diesel left in the bores, so will see if i can get it to turn over and get it running, there is no brakes, and apparently the clutch is buggered, Overall Im stoked with it, but have fair bit of work ahead, Cheers again to @Shakotom for keeping me Company,
  13. Bens 1961 Belair.

    Well I still havent taken this off the road as we have been taking it out at every chance we can, also we still havent decided what we are going to do engine wise, a V8 is still at the forefront of the plan, but we have been toying with the idea of new manifold, dual carbs, and a split exhaust manifold, decisions decisions! We have put some new shoes on the old girl though,
  14. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    hmmm V8 you say........ tempting.
  15. f100_dreamin's Land Rover

    Exactly, to be fair it was a cheeky bid, I wasn't actually expecting to win haha