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  1. You know, I thought if it wasn't Drakes, it might be you who bought it. Yeah, I was the same. Saw the listing and was like IT'S MINE!!! lol Pretty guttering to find it's already gone... Haaaah, there's just too many of us needing parts Edit: Thought I'd clarify in case this was misconstrued. I'm not upset that I have to compete with others for parts. It's just sad that there's so many of us who need them but so little to go around.
  2. Yeah, couldn't believe how cheap it was actually. Probably moving to Australia pretty soon so just wanted it gone. Mmm, I'm hoping someone did a Threeonthetree and I'll get a PM saying 'Leoyce, I bought the GTO off Trade Me just to save it. You can have it for what I paid' lol
  3. @dwlee Mate, you are the Man Thanks for going through the trouble of posting pics, really helped! @P_Star Cheers Mate, appreciate it Tried to call the guy but he's not answering, maybe he's already asleep? Left a text and email, really hoping he gets back to me before anyone else calls him. I BAGS IT!!!! Lol, if only that worked... Edit: Missed out guys. Just tried him again and someone's already bought it (was it you @Drakes?) Usually I check Trade Me in the morning and after lunch but of all the days, I had to pick today to wait until tonight... :cry:
  4. @MichaelJFox Thanks Mate @ajg193 Cheers for that, really appreciate it. Though I think DriveBy and dwlee pretty much have it sorted. Will keep him in mind for the future though @DriveBy Mate, you are awesome I tried searching chassis / vin number, didn't even think of trying serial numbers...No wonder I didn't find anything. So my car's a 73 model, makes sense why it never matched up to any of the 75s I was comparing it to lol I did search my plates on Car Jam and they say it's a 75 (very first registration was in New Zealand on 03-06-75). Still, I'm more inclined to believe you as it won't be the first time Car Jam has gotten something wrong. Will let you know what Mitsubishi says when they get back to me. @Dell'orto Mmmm, wasn't what I was promised but still happy to have the car. @MaxPower Thanks Mate but they're pretty shot anyway. Definitely going to need new ones...Have been searching around for parts but yeah, it's a killer @dwlee Ahh, I was waiting for you to show up as I had a feeling you would know Checked the rear metal flares and they have been cutaway and spot welded like you said. Rear bolt-on flares are plastic and do have five bolt holes. Couldn't find the raised lettering but will have another look when I get them off the car. Also, do I need to swap them around? You said the rear left should be on the right (side) not the left. Did I understand that properly? While I was at it I checked the front right guard too and it had holes where the original flare was. Didn't bother with the other side as that whole panel was replaced after an accident. Probably the reason for the after-market flares... Thanks for the info on the engine too. Be good to have when I sell it.
  5. Haha, true! Wanting to strip it down in the next couple weeks or so but really depends on how much time I have. Fingers crossed there won't be any nasties
  6. Hey Everyone, (Project Thread) Here's my baby. Now, I wonder if anyone can help? The seller says the car's a GSR but since she hasn't been very honest, I'm having my doubts...(then again she could be misinformed and very oblivious) All the car really has to associate him with a GSR is his bolt-ons but these could have easily been fitted. He has no identifying badges. They were thrown out with the original grille. He has no GSR seats. Was told the front were swapped (one's green, the other's brown. Thought only one might have been replaced but none match the colour of the back seat and interior, which is black). No mention of the back seat being changed but it has a different pattern to the GSRs that I have seen online (eg. 1, 2 ). Also, the back side panel is different. Mine has a debossed GT in the back and a metal strip above the ridges. I don't see that in this GSR. Lastly, his chassis number starts with A57C - 39O (A57C - 39O1176) where the 75 GSRs on goo-net-exchange (eg. 1, 2) start with A57C - 371. In saying that, I did find a 4g52 motor for sale that says it's Grade GTO GSR and it's body number is A57C - 3903332. Unsure how reliable it is since the seller does not know the year or model. (Anyone know how to read the chassis number? Contacted Mitsubishi about it but haven't heard back yet) I'm not really fussed either way but it would be good to know what I have. Edit: Added Project link. Changed for readability. Added and edited info. Changed title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
  7. Hey Everyone, (Discussion Thread) This is my baby, got a lot of work to do on him. Was given the impression that he was in better condition than he is but ah well. Will update after I have stripped him down. Hopefully there won't be any more surprises (Please ignore the raised bonnet. It does close, albeit somewhat a bit tightly. Just forgot to shut it after looking at the engine) Edit: Added Discussion link. Edited title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
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