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  1. I've spent the last few weeks trying to strip the shell down as much as possible to find any hidden rust and to have the car sent off to the panel beaters. It will be good having all the rust cut out and being painted professionally, Even though i would have liked to do it myself. For the most part, It's just a rolling shell now. There is still the glass in, although I have to get the windscreen removed as it's damaged now unfortunately. There is a massive crack on the passenger side of the window. I picked up these Recaro fishnet seats awhile back and have been considering getting t
  2. I managed to get in touch with one of the previous owners and they sent me some pictures of how this car used to look. Looks like this car has had a hard life before it ended up in my hands.
  3. I figured i'd just throw this in for comparison, This is a picture of the new turbo. This is a picture of the old turbo, next to the new one.
  4. Now that I can work on this again, I thought I'd start with the engine, considering it was already out. I'm planning to stick with the L20ET that came with the car, From my understand it has some good old mystery cam in it, and a flogged turbo. I picked up a new wastegate for the steel wheel 25det turbo i picked up awhile back. But here's a photo of before i started to clean up the engine, and below was afterwards. I'm planning to go with a Speeduino engine management system, So I'll be able to get rid of that massive AFM box in front of the turbo. I'm still waiting on getting a ne
  5. Well it's been awhile since I've posted an update in here. I've finally moved house and had time to move the R30 over to the new place. She wasn't looking the best as I'd started stripping it down again. Put some wheels on her, took out all the loose shit and flat towed her home. The grind continues.
  6. It was Andrews before it was Wilson's but yep. It's coming along.
  7. So now that I have the engine and transmission out, I can start cleaning and degreasing everything in preparation to clean up the engine bay and engine itself. I've got to get the strut tower rust in the engine bay fixed up so I've been focusing more on getting the engine and trans cleaned up and what I'm going to have to replace in it. The trans itself cleaned up pretty well. I'm not sure if I should paint it or not yet. I want to ditch the blue and go black or dark grey instead. And either paint the gearbox black or dark grey to match. Otherwise I could probably just clean up the trans
  8. Yep LHS is through the firewall side but not the wheel arch side and the RHS has cracked on the engine bay side. The firewall looks good so its just the strut towers.
  9. So thanks to the long weekend, I had some time to finally pull the engine out. I started by dropping the driveshaft, exhaust and then the gearbox as I didn't have much room to go back once I had the engine lifted up. Ended up having to drop the front of the car down to get the engine over the front radiator support but i got it out in the end. There wasn't much left connected to the engine by the time I dropped the gearbox and power steering as I'd already removed the manifolds. Believe it or not, This is the first time I've pulled an engine out of a car. I've done manifolds and gearboxes
  10. Definitely. The ends of the wing will need a little love and repair but I'm planning to put it back on afterwards. I also have some R31 endcaps that look the part and fit pretty well so they'll go on as well after I've painted everything. When I pulled of the intake piping, I found pieces of metal wiring all through the turbo and intake, then on the pressurized side before the intercooler i found this jammed in the side. I have no idea how or when this got in there but it must have been before i got the car. Explains why it would boost at around 4500 though I'm surprised it boosted at
  11. So here we are today. I've pulled mostly everything off the engine. I have the exhaust out and driveshaft out. And I'm planning to remove the gearbox today or tomorrow and then last the engine. I'll repaint the whole bay whilst i have everything out and just give the whole thing a general tidy up. The intercooler piping was horrible and I'm going to be putting in a new front mount intercooler and radiator and tossing up the idea of putting an oil cooler in as well whilst everything is apart. Unfortunately I still don't have access to a garage so keeping track of everything is a bit of a m
  12. So throughout owning this car, I've been trying heaps of little things to get it running better on the engine side of things. I've replaced the sparkplugs, coil, distributor, ECU, rewired a bunch of the loom and although i got it running and boosting, it just felt.. off.. I was blowing oil out the back of the valve cover due no a dodgy gasket as well which wasn't helping my cause. Cold starts are rough. It will idle like shit and then suddenly come to life. So I decided fuck it and started to take the entire engine out. I checked the valves and timing to make sure nothing was wrong ther
  13. So this is how she's been sitting for awhile. I lost motivation to work on the R30 over winter and didn't get much done. I got a set of KYB shocks for the back but they're a laughing stock over the Monroes it had in it, So i just gave the Monroes some good old one way Makita treatments until I order the new TSD shocks. I already have the whole front end conversion waiting to be put in when I take the engine out. She was drivable but barely so it was mainly for just rolling it around the driveway. As you can see, I've had to sand down a lot of areas and bog in a few dents. to get everythin
  14. Well now the interior doesn't look so bad it really shows how bad the exterior looks. There's a few holes and dents here and there but i don't have time currently to panel the entire thing so it'll just be fix what i can for now and come back to the rest later. Pulled off the front panels and boot, removed the Adthree wing that was on it. That 3m sticky tape works good for keeping stuff on alright. Boot starting to get sanded down and filling in the dents and popping out the ones I can. I'm doing to ditch the SKYLINE rear badge as this one is pretty toast, I may see if i can fix it up la
  15. So we decided to tackle some of the interior pieces whilst we had everything out and apart. Even though I'm going to have to put it in and take it out again later it was wort hit for the pics alone. This was before we found the paintbrush under the carpet and when we were still taking everything out and apart. Thankfully no rust on the inside anywhere that we could find. The carpet and interior wasn't in terrible condition, The front dash is going to have to be pule out and repainted as it must be a replacement. Someone had cut a plate for gauges which was horrible and I have plans to rep
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