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  1. KBS coatings do a black heat proof paint
  2. I got to use the crown for my wedding, ran perfectly for the big day . still not legal......
  3. Export jdm grille ! Yetch told me it was a super tidy grille. Did you notice that the mounts on the headlight surrounds for the grille are different, i just drilled new holes . by far the best grille besides a jdm front
  4. Got the old girl out to the december OS meet. Was great catching up and meeting new people thanks to cool cruising photography for these pics
  5. Not alot has happened of late for old dusty @horndog came round and helped pull the motor/gearbox for his latest ms55 project. turned out to be an easy job, removed about 12 heavily rusted bolts and the front end comes off , motor and box slipped straight out i just now need a 1kz and auto column box to chuck in the wagon .which il do restomod work too so it looks some what factory
  6. So i have my wedding coming up ,start of next year.that means the crown is the main wedding car. I cleaned up and painted my ms53 steelies, added some rather large 215/75 maxxis whitewalls and refurbing the factory supersaloon hubcaps, even going to put gold resin back into the crown emblem were its missing. still not legal or tuned ...... maybe next year will be the year
  7. And fully ilegal but i like driving it so i took it to work on monday
  8. Managed to get the crown to muscle car madness in Rangiora on the Saturday. Alot of interest from people . (Only photo i have from the show which i found on FB, if any one got any send them through) Also chopped up my factory JDM ms75 tash to fit in a speedhut 3 3/8 Electrial speedo. Easy to install and wire up. Doesnt look to far out of place .
  9. would i need to keep odo for a wof? or i was looking at this? frequency to voltage converter with a dc motor into the back
  10. Or could i make a stepper motor work and make it fit into the back of the cable drive?
  11. So im looking at changing my speedo from mechanical to electrical. Currently my cable does a sharp turn out of the gearbox And wobbles the needle +\~ 15km , also im pretty sure i need to change the gear on the driver. So im thinking change to electric sensor - run to link ecu ( change to correct output) - dash speedo. Do i just need to find a electrical speedo with the same sweep and cut to fit? Gearbox is a w57. Thanks
  12. Yup bang on. I imported the lid from aussie and cut it up to suit
  13. With installing itbs, i needed to run an aircleaner. Im not a fan of socks and the SQ Eng trumpets dont allow individual socks to be fitted. Keeping with the theme of the factory look. I made an aircleaner. I copied the original 4m box in the way that it seals and the lid clips on. Although large ,it lets me keep the trumpets. All thought out and made by myself, with hand tools,shrinker/stretcher and a beadroller. Can anyone guess what the lid was made from?
  14. This may have also been causing fueling problems . This is the factory pickup from inside the tank. The pipe is about 12mm ID but right at the end its flattened off and is less that 1/2 the size ,glad its gone now