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  1. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    Found a rusty parts car. A big thanks to @Carsnz123 and @JustHarry for leading a hand to bring her home. Car is on trademe for anyone wanting bits
  2. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    Had to say good buy to this old rust bucket,i got all i could off it and sent it to scrap.
  3. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    Since it has been so long from an update, the breaks and clutch were bleed.Techinco cams fitted and dialled in,the engine builder said that this motor will have a wicked lump to it at idle. Major bits left is purchase an Ecu,fuel pump and get it wired.somehow i dont think this will be done for toyotafest in cromwell like i hoped.
  4. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    Progress is slow,didnt even get to touch it over the xmas break. fuel tank is out so i can weld in a boss for a return line.the filler neck should be fine? Looks like the tank has been out in the past as theres lush 1950s carpet as a cushion . front panels are going together and sorting through the factory loom and engine loom. Been playing around with headlights/grilles. I finally managed to get a export early supersalon grille which is diecast,extremely heavy for what it is.scored a nos badge off TM for it too. or i have a jdm front.i need to make headlight buckets and surrounds but i love the look progess on the steel aircleaner housing is going great,just the lid left to make which is also the hardest. The inlet is on the underside pointing towards the radiator which also has a filter.all made by hand with hammers,dollys,shrinker/stretchers and custom dies on the bead roller
  5. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    Whilst prepping the raditor overflow tank for paint,it turns out they are made from instead repainting black i gave it a polish instead,looks the part
  6. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    The crown made it into this months 250th performance car mag,in the under construction section.pretty stoked with that. motor,gearbox is in hopefully for the final time.driveshaft hoop made and now just having to do the small bits.panels are back on,vacuum lines run.Just need to order a link g4 storm ,have it wired and get it going.
  7. Toymotas - 1969 MS53 Crown Wags

    Scored a parts car for the wagon,a series 1 1968 ms55.the interior is in far better condition than the wagon so dash,front buckets and door cards will be going in the wagon,might keep some glass and the diff.sad sight ,always destined for the crusher but atleast i can save some bits
  8. GuyW/Aviators HJ60 Discussion

    Nice 60 mate when i had one the rear of the chassis was terribly rusty,to the point of it needed to be unrivited and fixed might pay to check also the fuel senders were dodgy in these,i replaced mine with a fj40 one NOS from the states and just modifed the float arm ,worked a treat. im selling rear sliding windows on trademe at the moment if you want to turn yours into a camper
  9. ajg193's 1983 KP61 Sprint

    How did you come across the info on how many starlets are still around?
  10. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    The monsoons? Na a guy there makes them for ke70s but i sent him a template and he made them