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  1. Im on kid sitting duty I also have a old suitcase that needs returning to @Seedy Al if anyone can help
  2. How did you come across the info on how many starlets are still around?
  3. The monsoons? Na a guy there makes them for ke70s but i sent him a template and he made them
  4. Parent hood is slowing progress but im determined to get this done for the next toyota fest. motor came out and striped the firewall ready for paint.I ended up getting the car touched up as i had put a few scratches and stone chips in it .Ive since just got it back from the painters at it looks so fresh,the metallic paint just pops off the shiny clear coat. things to do now is reassemble the whole car and get it ready for cert.i need to either fix my flywheel or find an aftermarket one,if my factory one doesn't work out would a JUN lightened flywheel work for street use? its 1.6kg lighter. Only thing stopping the motor going back in is flywheel,bolts and a clutch setup. also found a good set of SSR F.5 that just need a repaint and widen out to 14x8 hopefully this Canterbury weather holds out for weekend work on the car
  5. I have those lenses! Not bad for a repo .its more just the chrome frame that holds them in
  6. Loving the ute.keeping the patina or a fresh paint job? The superpro bushes should fit into you suspension arms.i ruffly measured up my ms53 arms to the ms65 and im sure they are the same. also if you come across any ute/wagon series 2 tailights id be keen on those
  7. discuss
  8. Bulk progress since the last update! .All the new Superpro bushes are in and the front end and suspension parts have all been painted in hammerite black paint.Next on the cards was to make a belt tensioner .i cut and modified a ford falcon item and also made it work in to hold the powersteer pump,looks tidy and has heaps of adjustment.So currently i am now building extractors.Extractor pipe is 38mm OD and is ruffly equal length,im rather going for looks that peak performance with them.after they go into 2 3into1's it will be a short length of 57mm then the main part of the exhaust is 63mm with a couple of mufflers chucked in the middle
  9. Sorry i sold all of the 260c stuff. there is a place on facebook.they do all toyota bits.theyre called ' toyota heritage ' .i got my repo lenses from them.pretty good quality too!
  10. With holidays comes actually time to get stuck in and work on this thing.Its been nothing but problems lately but i have been working though them.I had notched the JZ rear sump and made the engine/gearbox mounts but i wasn't happy with how it was sitting,the steering was only mills away from hitting.I tracked down a crown JZ mid sump,notched the front corners.Everything misses but needed to make another set of mounts.happy with the result ,so now i can get onto making the exhaust,alternator bracket and do all the other small fiddly bits.I hope to go into work tomorrow and push in the new Superpro polyurethane bushes for the ms112 front suspension arms and give it all a nice coat of paint.
  11. The wagon has received some love lately.I managed to find a series 1 wagon getting wreaked in OZ .He had everything i was missing so the wagon is now complete.I will probably look into getting the badges scanned and 3d printed as they're pretty brittle.He also had a spoiler which looks to be period aftermarket,whats your guys thoughts on it? nothing/roof racks/spoiler? ( spoiler sits a little further out the back) .Also got a NOS grille from Thailand and a bunch of ms112 parts from Seedy AL that will improve the wagons braking. took it for a spin round the block goes well considering stale fuel,no brakes and 20 year old engine oil front to back is filling up with parts
  12. still on the hunt for any parts for the wags,found a hole pallet of crown parts on trademe,scored a column change gearbox and alot of random wag bits for $30.but my search for parts has gone from OZ to USA,Japan,Switzerland,Netherlands and Russia,they all have wagons but as they are hard to find over there parts are thin,but still searching.managed to find repo tailight lenses. Are there companies in NZ that can reproduce lenses,diecast frames,badges?? also got these nos fj40 side marker lights for abit of usdm look
  13. Small amounts of progress lately.LVVTA have approved my crossmember cutout design.Engine and box are back out,just need to fold up the piece at work and add it in hopefully next weekend.I have fully rebuilt the ms112 rear end with new seals,bearings,bushes and paint.looks rather tidy.Everything from the ms65 lined up with the new diff (panhard,trailing arms) i just need to make mounts for the swaybar.Only issue so far is im using the ms65 handbrake cable and its about 30mm to short,im thinking of adding in a extension to the cable.
  14. Found the current owner through facebook and asked how it was going,hes looked after it well,all the mechanical have had a freshn up and a complete rewire on the front end.Glad to see it went to a good home.
  15. Design approval is all drawn up,just waiting for the LVVTA to come back with a plan.This weekend ive mounted the powersteer unit,but that wasnt without its own dramas.After abit of internet research i needed the ms112 steering column just for the end 'T' piece as the steering box is longer on the power model. Abit of a walk through for people who may want to do the conversion If your lucky enough to get a whole ms112,get the steering column,pump,steering box and lines. 1.take out the column from the ms6* .it needs to be completely stripped down,now is a good time to repack the steering bearings with grease (word of caution,the bottom bearing has about 40 small ball bearings,whack it out to hard the balls go everywhere ). 2.removing the ms112 end 'T' piece is alot easier,just undo the end circlip and pull it out 3. the two end 'T' pieces that attach to the steering box from the column.ms65 is alot longer put the end 'T' piece into the ms65 shaft.this is quite fiddly . 5.when fitting the steering unit the bottom arms need to be swaped over.the arms are on a tapered spline and will need to be pressed off,i used my works 50ton press but a small shop press should do it.also note the location were the arms were facing as the steering unit doesn't rotate 360. pretty much it,i think next time ill take photos of the process but any questions im more than happy to help. better pic for thread,a bunch of rusty crowns 2x ms65s and a crushed ms75