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  1. shame they would not polish/grind the crank and use thicker bearings? does the crank have a coating ?
  2. That red sealant is something else by the way.
  3. i'm suspicious pritty weird for a rocker to fly to bits... another lifter will be ok... they are not really matched to the cam per say. does the cam look like it's been put threw a lot of pain?
  4. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Go the wide 5 love it..
  5. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    I got dubs 2 of actually.... my feeling is they have to be outrageous because they are such awful death machines in stock form.
  6. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    Well thats pritty handy. Im always gob smacked by the service you can get out of china and indon. @Willdat? was saying they will go down to the local market and shop about to get the bits he wanted. Try get someone to do that in NZ
  7. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    You made mention that you got some chrome out of the philippines. Is it lying around in bulk over there or something?
  8. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    great build dude.