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  1. This reminds me, we need to have a drunken sharn night, been a while since the last one, from memory that might have been Waiarapa 2018, when we shared the cab of a Micro truck?
  2. Another glacial update - motor is nearly done at the reconditioners, should have it back soon for reassembly In the meantime, I got all that really complicated sound deadening done around the drivers footwell. SO many shapes to get around.
  3. /beaten like a $20 hooker.
  4. Information was taken from the 2020 ETRTO Standard (like below but more current). Then a comparison was made to see if there were any common areas on the previous infosheet that we could increase over the ETRTO as we had already accepted them previously. Anywhere there was a logical choice to increase, it was done, but only up to a max of 1/2" more than the ETRTO. Then where there were gaps in the chart, they were filled in by following the patterns of up to down and left to right.
  5. I hope that having a single sheet is much easier to use than the bible that the old one was. That was my idea so you can blame me if not.
  6. Yeah there were a couple of errors on the old one, which we have cleaned up, probably get some flak for it, but we couldn't perservere with the errors that were on the old one.
  7. Yes, and some hotdog flavoured water to wash it down...
  8. Also for everyone waiting, here is the draft new Tyre Size to Rim Compatibility Guide which has gone out for consultation. It may be subject to change, so don't count all your horses in one basket yet.
  9. Tyre tread is the part that rolls on the road, so the horizontal part and probably a portion of the part that rolls around the corner. But vertical (sidewall) tread is not part of the tread in regards to guard coverage. I would expect coverage of the horizontal to the red line.
  10. The intent is aimed at jacked up 4WDs etc requiring mudflaps. I was there during the discussion and as far as I recall it was agreed that if the mudguard tapered off at the tail end then that would be OK, but it would seem that the words that Tony wrote did not allow for that.
  11. The sheet is completed and is in the mailout that is going out this week. Will post here once the updated document has been uploaded.
  12. Had the SCU in work today and I asked him your question, the answer is that they typically won't pull over anyone in an area with no cell phone coverage, because it puts them at too much risk if shit goes bad, so they will typically follow at a distance to somewhere that is safer, or if there is 2 of them, they will pull you over to instruct the driver to a place where it is safer down the road. But he said, not many cops pull over modified cars because they are modified, they simply don't have time for the paperwork, they are nearly always pulled over because they are speeding or being a dickhead on the road and the modified side only becomes an issue where they occupants are failing the attitude test or there is obvious safety or public annoyance issues.
  13. Yup, it'll be a PDF on the LVVTA website.
  14. The new Engine and Drivetrain standard has been relaxed. (note the Driveshaft Loop info-sheet you got above from has been withdrawn) New requirements are 9.22.1 Unless 9.22.2 or 9.22.3 applies, a drive-shaft safety-loop must be fitted at the forward end of each section of drive-shaft transmitting power to the rear wheels on any low volume vehicle which is of a front-engine and either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive configuration, and which incorporates an open drive-line, if: (a) the vehicle has had an engine conversion which has resulted in a significant increase in power or torque; or (b) the vehicle has had its factory-fitted engine modified such that a significant increase in power or torque has resulted; or (c) the drive-shaft fitted to the vehicle, either: (i) has been modified by welding; or (ii) is an aftermarket drive-shaft, including one made from steel, carbon-fibre, aluminium, or a composite material. FYI - 9.22.2 and 9.22.3 are other exclusions for not requiring a driveshaft loop and a significant increase is considered to be 50% or greater.
  15. You might not need driveshaft loops. Has the driveshaft been modified at all? Does it make 50% more power or torque than factory?
  16. Well if you are in an area of no cellphone reception, I expect they will probably end up looking over the vehicle, and either calling into control to look up the information or if it is during business hours, ask them to call LVVTA. But to be honest most cops won't pull you over in the middle of nowhere for a modified vehicle check unless they see you being a dickhead and based on the response they get from the occupants of the vehicle, will either look for something to sticker you on, or give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that come WoF time, the WoF inspector will ping it.
  17. Why are you asking people who are not policeman about what a policeman would do in a highly improbable scenario? I'm sure the first time it happens to someone, we will all hear about it and no matter what we guess right now, we will probably be wrong. The answer will either be the cop will do nothing, and you will scoff at the answer because ACAB, or the cop will do something and you will blow a fuse because ACAB.
  18. I just got the final version of the revised Tyre-rim Compatibility Infosheet approved last week. It'll probably be out in the coming week or so. It's been simplified and reduced down to 1 page of comparisons rather than 6 pages.
  19. Try Franz at Autoglas Stieger for rear side glass, he has surprised me in the past with how easily he can get weird stuff in from Europe/UK.
  20. Been pottering away on this most weekends and stripped down engine etc. Block is at Parker's getting a measure and clean alongside the heads getting a skim and tidy up, Voldo is grinding the cam, I have bought new gaskets and roller lifters etc out of the US. As usual didn't take many photos. I did take my new headers to the blasters to take off the factory crappy paint and today I applied 2 good coats of VHT flame proof ceramic header paint. Will chuck on another coat next weekend. Between coats I chucked down a bit of sound deadening in the front. As an unfit mid 40 year old Rottweiler, that shit is hard work. Me arms are ready to fall off. LoL Pics for effect. Dunno, might delete later. Also, the keen eyed might notice the motor in the ground fully assembled, that's my old motor. New motor is in the works. Winkface.
  21. Keep in mind that some codes (ie drag racing) do not allow fuel lines inside the vehicle...
  22. Providin you use the correct fuel line, have no connections inside the passenger compartment and it must use bulkhead fittings at each end, it should be OK. But it must also be able to be inspected, so covered by carpet is a no go.
  23. Looks like a serious bit of kit and would probably be overkill for anything other than an uber mega slam. IMHO bolt on = fuck off. Be like Mike and weld it in.
  24. I died a little / a LOT on the inside.
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