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  1. Also search pillar bolt - from memory they are sold in NZ by a company in Chch https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EARLY-HOLDEN-BARREL-BOLT-B-PILLAR-SEAT-BELT-MOUNTING-BOLTS-2-BOLTS-/264184270301 BTW - don't buy aluminum ones
  2. Are they a loaded arm and do they use a spherical rod end?
  3. I forgot that Hell-bows was the nickname for Phuel. Also sick new whip Phuel. Needs SSR Mk3's
  4. KKtrips

    KK's Honda Cub

    I would but I'm keeping it, there is something a screwy with it though, can't figure out for the life of me how the spring attaches, so off it comes and I'll stash it for servicing purposes.
  5. KKtrips

    KK's Honda Cub

    Pretty much ready to roll, need to weld on muffler and lose the centre stand. Then shakedown followed by a bunch of fixes. Thanks a shit tonne to Goat, Seedy and the general peanut gallery who make an appearance each week to encourage me with farts and general wise cracks... PFT After Summer will be the strip down and tidy up, right now I'm going rat-rod spec.
  6. Should probably get it ready for it's 10th anniversary of my ownership. No wait I mean 11th. Maybe make it 12th to be safe. Fuck it, lets go lucky 13th year of ownership reveal party.
  7. Progress is happening on the rust!! WooT!! Also went to do finally assembly on subframe today and had a bit of a hiccup with some nuts and washers, even though I gave the nut and washers to the guy to match, he still got them wrong, cue RAGE QUIT. (probably exacerbated by cunt of a job it is to get the lower suspension arms in, 4 things have to line up and they don't) But at least I got the brakes back together.
  8. Meeeeee? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  9. I have checked the paperwork and it was correct so I have got the wheels moving to get the plate remade. Go back and see Ian, hopefully by the time you see him, he should have the corrected plate on hand.
  10. Spent the morning cleaning up the last couple bits to put the subframe together, had the sexy @Steelies and his good lady Ms Steelies call in and say hi, then @LoveChild made a surprise visit soon after. Bloody nice of y'all. Decided I need a bunch of gold passivated bolts to make it all look pretty so compiled the bolts I need to buy and hopefully I can find them all this week. Anyhow after doing all those bits and pieces I got onto the bit I was not looking forward to which was to clean up the shitty looking brake calipers and mounts. Broke them down to the individual components and proceeded to wire brush the living shit out of them. I was going to vapour blast them but I'm happy with the outcome especially at the low low cost of 90 minutes of elbow grease and this before and after doesn't really do the justice of how much nicer they look now. So anyhow after a morning of filth and grime, I went to Ms Steelies coffee shop and rewarded myself with the finest coffee in Wellington (Coolsville in Hataitai for those who care) and currently kicking back in my tracksuit pants and hoodie in front of the heat-pump pretending its an open fire. Enjoying a windless but brisk Wellington winter afternoon listening to podcasts with my pussy giving me the stink eye. Your pal, Dave
  11. LVVTA Wheels and Tyre Standard says... Aluminum wheels must not be repaired unless the repair is carried out in accordance with the requirements specified for wheel repair within the Land Transport Rule: Wheels and Tyres 2001 (Rule 32013), in which case it is not a modification. Land Transport Wheels and Tyre Rule says... 3.2(5) A repair to an alloy wheel must: (a) be compatible with the material specification of the item to be repaired; and (b) restore the damaged or worn wheel so that it is within safe tolerance of its original state when manufactured, as able to be demonstrated by a physical test
  12. Yes, you need to have access in and out of the back seat. But you can get away with only one side having access in and out. So the drivers seat can be fixed back buckets.
  13. Depends, how good are the welds? I would say give it a DT and see how it fairs.
  14. I would check to see if it was actually classed as a 5 seater originally. If it did then it would have had 5 seatbelts from factory as that was the requirement in NZ from 1 November 1979. Officially - if it only ever had 4 seatbelts from factory, I would look at getting it reclassed as a 4 seater and also get your cert plate changed so it is compliant. Unofficially - it is unlikely to cause a problem for you unless someone was going over your car with a fine tooth comb which would not typically happen unless it was going through Low Volume or Entry Certification. The fact it has been through certification already says it passed a close scrutiny check once before so probably would't get picked up.
  15. FYI - returning a vehicle to stock there are 2 processes are called a Full Return to Standard or Partial Return to Standard Both require a certifier inspect the vehicle for any modifications that have been removed, and that they have been removed appropriately and safely and also that there are no subsequent modifications since originally certified. If the answer to both is yes, then the certifier will remove the plate and get in touch with LVVTA to advise a full return to standard. LVVTA will remove the reference to the plate out of Landata or if it is a partial return to standard then LVVTA will print a revised plate and send to the certifier for them to fit. Both require to pay the certifier for their time spent inspecting the vehicle, completing any paperwork and attaching the revised plate (if necessary) A partial return to standard also attracts a plate reprint fee from LVVTA. Keeping in mind that if you are changing a gearbox that was originally changed from Manual to Auto before certification and now going back to Manual and the replacement gearbox is not the same as the original OE manual gearbox, then a full recert is required, because it is not returning to stock, it is a further modification.
  16. I'm not sure its ready for my level of sarcasm.
  17. As stated above, it's not the lift that kicks a 4WD into requiring cert, it's the additional mods that come with it.
  18. Yes, the issue will come about from the angle of the steering drag link will be steep enough that you will probably need to fit a longer/adjustable drag link. That does require cert.
  19. Grab a copy of the threshold document. It lists all the modifications that don't require certification in one handy location. https://lvvta.org.nz/documents/suplementary_information/LVVTA_LVV_Cert_Threshold.pdf
  20. How do you decide that a vehicle you are inspecting for a WoF requires cert.
  21. It's not a 50mm lift that requires cert. It's how it is lifted that makes that determination.
  22. I haven't checked a WoF for 15 years, so I'm outta touch. Maybe @alltorque can correct me on the way things are done these days.
  23. Also, don't worry, I "argue" with people all day long. It's normally only the ones who take a highly unlikely modification and apply a requirement in a hypothetical situation that doesn't even apply to their own vehicle just to win an "argument". It's those people who wig me out.