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  1. Looking like mid afternoon for me and Ty. Allan is planning to leave hours earlier, so probably at the same time as us
  2. Im down for whatev's. If we don't have to book anything, shall we make a call on the day?
  3. For the picnic on Saturday bike ride, there isnt anywhere out haumoana to get food, the burger place we used to go to is i think now a coffee place? I'd suggest grabbing what you'll need on your way in on the Friday. Or if you're really keen, popping out early on the Saturday morning
  4. Next weekend you say? Hells yeah! If we can try keep the glass to a minimum that would be appreciated. @Leebo3 will you want to collect cans again this year?
  5. It was definitely a chilly one! Should've taken my own advice...
  6. 'ello, éllo Summers a coming so we are back to outdoor meets! This month we'll be heading to our regular seaside spot in Plimmerton. Map below, there is a parking area right next to the boating club. MAP Come along for some catch up and sharns!
  7. I'm just waiting to hear back from the camp. But at this stage looking at around 2.30-3pm?
  8. This is creeping up fast! Payments received in green below: OS Username Prison Tour Leeboe +1 Yes UTERUS Yes shavenYak Yes Timshadboltfan27 Dogwatch +1 Yes Tyler J Yes Mourning Cupcake Yes Seedy al Yes Goat Yes Shaz Yes Baby K Yes Beaver Yes AllTorque Yes OldnRusty Yes Lovechild +1 Yes Gasser +1 No Yowzer Yes Paid