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  1. Have had a suggestion for Bambuchisan (Lindsay's restaurant) in Hataitai for next month coz their burger sounds pretty good. But that doesn't help for this month!
  2. Hey Boys and Girls! Heading back to our old stomping ground, 1841 in J'ville. Booked for 7pm See you cats (and beavers) there!
  3. Anyone got any thoughts on where to go next week? Fishermans Table was great. You really missed out.
  4. This month we're convening a week early to suit Mr Vivaspeed's busy, busy schedule (lubs) At last months meet we had a chat about high class, fancy pants places to meet for the Winter/Cooler months and we decided on Fisherman's Table for this months dining experience. Deets: Day: Thursday 9th May Time: 7pm Where: Fisherman's Table, Paekakariki MAP! Please let me know in the discussion thread so I can book for semi accurate numbers. Who doesn't love a salad boat?!
  5. Boy, have I been man enough the past few years..
  6. @vivaspeed Lols. Well, when works for you? Otherwise we could be doing this all month
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