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  1. A bit earlier this time around as that is the only time they could fit us in, apparently it will be a busy night for them. Come along to 1841 in Johnsonville for a catch up and some eats. They have a special on Thursday of all mains @$24 each. Y'all dont need a map, you know where it is!
  2. I'm gonna book in 1841 for this Thursday. Will jam up a thing once i've booked it.
  3. No plans. We're still isolating with Covid. First day free is Thursday, but dont really want to risk infecting everyone on my first day of freedom just coz I can. Happy to book something if you guys want something though
  4. I am a tentative yes to all activities. The tentative part is mostly to breakfast. Whilst I will do my best to avoid a repeat of last year, nothing is guaranteed. NOTHING
  5. Hope everyone had a fantabulous Easter! Unfortunately the requested Gorilla burger was no longer available at the suggested locale, so have found the (almost) next closest. Brew'd Island Bay have done us well in the past (besides the aioli incident of 2018 (?) but who's keeping track?) This Thursday 7pm. Please let me know if you can make it so i can adjust the booking as needed. MAP
  6. Sadly, Gorilla burger is no longer available in Whitby. So. We can either go to Brew'd in Island by which is doing Gorilla burger, or Co-op in Whitby. Or anything else people wanna do really. The world is our Oyster
  7. Dont you ever let anyone tell you what you should/shouldn't like, Terry. YOU JUST BE YOU
  8. Co-op? I'm pretty sure Gorrilla burger is in there It is conveniently close to my house
  9. If anyone was hanging out for info, we're gonna have a vegetarian March. A. Covid. B. I forgot, life is hectic right now!. C. It's my dads birthday so I should probably go visit him. If anyone has any suggestions for a April meet, let me know!
  10. Oh hey, this is tomorrow! Weather is looking fiiiinne
  11. Getting in SUPER early this time! Usual 3rd Thursday of the month in the lovely Eastbourne. Basically follow the road to the end, map below of a non-existent place that is across the road from our usual meet spot. Bring a picnic blanket or some chairs and come see a lovely view of Wellington across the harbour and have some enchanting chats* MAP *Enchantment not guaranteed
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