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  1. Hey All, a super fun event is coming up in a few months, get amongst it!
  2. I am looking at the Napier prison as a possible activity. This would have an additonal cost of about $20pp. Would this interest people or should i keep searching?
  3. Without further ado, we have a registration form! FILL ME IN! Itinerary to come, but it will include a bicycle ride and casual drive about the neighbourhood
  4. We'll see ya tonight Terry! Most intimate Meet ever
  5. Hello, hello, hello! This month we are getting together, having some sharns and supporting a fantastic local business in the process! We will be heading to BambuchiSan in Haitaitai for some Japanese flavours. This Thursday 16th from 7pm. Please let me know in the discussion thread if you can make it, so I can adjust the booking if needed. Map menu
  6. Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, coz Hawkes Boes 2020 is coming! We are booking in our usual location in Haumoana/Clive in the lovely Hawkes Bay and Loz ( @LoveChild) are coming up with a few fantabulous activities for the weekend. When: Labour Weekend (October 23-26th) Should I attend: Absolutely! Stay tuned for a registration form and further details
  7. Alright you loveable weirdos, lets get back into the swing of things. Good ol' 1841 in Johnsonville this Thursday (18th), from 7.15pm for a chin wag and catch up They appear to still have their usual $22 mains and from $12 for jugs If you could please indicate in the discussion thread if you plan to come along so I can update the booking as required. Hope to see you there!
  8. Cool. Got anywhere you're gagging to go for a chinwag?
  9. Yip! I haven't booked a table or nothing so lets just rock up and see where the evening takes us
  10. OK. I won't put up a separate thread, coz lets be honest, I just can't be bothered. If you are interested in meet tomorrow night, 7pm at Parrotdog in Lyall Bay.
  11. You're place is far more suitable for a social gathering