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  1. Would you like buy a vowel?
  2. You guys have some weird wives
  3. KK's actually after the ladies singlet.
  4. Ol' Double T'shirt KK. Also, PAID!
  5. South Street West Motel? It's missing all the charm of the 'ding though.
  6. No. Not epicly rad. Not at all keen for 6 up.
  7. That might be the way Hayhole and Laura plan on going? Gotta get permission from the farm owner or something to do it. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly to correct me.
  8. It is an awesome event. I do rather enjoy the road trip down and the mountain expeditions in extremely inappropriate cars. And there was that one time with the sunglasses photoshoot. Is it August yet?
  9. Could try emailing them. I hear you can do that instantly between countries for free! Or atleast no more than it cost you to make that post
  10. Ha! Edit: Actually, I take that back. The quota of working cars at present is about 50/50. Pretty good!
  11. Keeeeeen