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  1. 'ello, 'ello. Don't forget camping this weekend! Otaki Forks, Fees: $8 per adult. Shall we meet, fully loaded, and convoy up? 2.30? 3? at Plimmerton Weigh Station?
  2. Mourning Cupcake

    Boozin Da Bayz - mk5

  3. Hopefully it wont be as stupid hot as last year...
  4. Maybe flick Joe a text? He's not coming on here ATM. And Oskar, because, well, Oskar
  5. Mourning Cupcake

    Boozin Da Bayz - mk5

    I've cleared my afternoon/evening for a collection and drop off of drunk people/Allan.
  6. How does the 8th December at Otaki Forks sound to everyone?
  7. Oh, plus Crown up on Axle stands to replace a heater pipe?
  8. He's now got 2x Hilux's to deal with. Plus that freaking truck with the inside out muffler. Kombi ain't high on the list....
  9. Extra ventilation? Though it probably already has enough... Allan also pointed out that we also have nothing to sleep in at present unless we take Austin. Yea.... maybe not. He scoffed at the tent idea. Not surprised.
  10. Oh hey, so it's quickly rolling into wagon/camping season. Maybe mid November? Early December?
  11. You photo good, kicker. Thanks everyone. Sweet meat
  12. Come one, come all! Now that daylight savings is well and truly over (or started?, I can never remember which way it is) we're back to beach meets and the like. To kick it off, lets meet at our usual Plimmerton beach spot (map below), plenty of parking, a bench and nice spot of grass. Bring along some eats if you like, or just come along for perve and some good chats Thursday 18th, 6.30pm. See you there! MAP P.S It's the carpark across from the house marked on the map. Don't wanna terrify the neighbours by all showing up on their doorstep
  13. Mourning Cupcake

    Hamilton Monthly Meet - Thursday 22 November 2018

    Hey Hamiltonians! got nothing to do Labour weekend? Or got something to do, but looking for something better? Come to Hawkes boes!
  14. Oh hey, you're an awesome bunch of people. In addition to this awesome monthly meet this week, you should also come to Hawkes Boes!