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  1. Our view from our room at the fine Bayview accommodations
  2. Hopefully see some of you cats this evening! Weathers looking overcast but not too shabby
  3. Annnnnnd Installed! Turns out, there is a kick panel in the footwells that I had completely ignored until I was all smug about finishing the door cards. Didn't take too much to get those done The Water pump pulley was on one hell of an angle which made Allan particularly nervous about loosing the belt mid drive. It was a good 10mm off. So he crafted up a couple of spacers to straighten that shit out and is now noice and aligned. (soz, no pics of actual wonkyness)
  4. Oh hey! Long time no see. Motukaraka point is a lovely spot if the weather does its part so come along for some chin wags/ Bring some dinner (if you're that way inclined) and a chair if the grounds a long way down for you. MAP (Yes, the map is on the Toilets. No, we are not meeting in the toilets)
  5. Might be cleaner to start a new discussion thread to go with the project thread!
  6. It is legal! All wof'd and reg'd up. Excitement. Also made some progress on door cards. So close!
  7. I've also started doing the door cards after procrastinating for a good few months
  8. Progress looks so backwards! Well, I'm told this is progress...
  9. A while ago I purchased this beastie off Maxted (his build thread below for reference). th Since then it had mostly just sat in the garage while other things took up all the time. THEN Allan got a bit motivated during lockdown and spent a day lowering and putting my wheels on it Ahh, sooo much betterer! We have plans to take this to Napier in the coming weeks, so the race is on to get 'er done. Allan took it for a WOF last week and it had some taillight problems and leaking brake caliper. Top of the list they go!
  10. We're also locked in. Shall defs chuck some bikes in!
  11. Thanks Guys. Lets skip this month and we can do an outside meet next month. See you there!
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