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  1. Details up! Thanks to Allan for the location suggestion. If you don't like it, you're welcome to turn up and hand in any complaints to him in person.
  2. Better late than never! The weathers looking like it might hold out for us so lets pop on down to the beach! Location: In that long carpark near Princess beach just round from Lyall Bay (Map coz my directions suck. Just ask anyone who came up to New Plym Boes in the Wellington Convoy..... Cheese anyone?) 6.45pmish. See you there!
  3. Oh hey, yea, I'm working on it. Was waiting for the weather to settle to make a plan. Looking like it might be alright! Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Summers a commin'! Back to the good ol' Beach meets Plimmerton Beachish (map below) 6.45pm, Thursday 17th October. Be there for some great sharns, vehicle ogling and laughs a plenty. I'M A MAP
  5. Hey guys, Get yourselves registered for a good time in New Plymouth over Labour weekend!
  6. September has come swiftly upon us and it is yet again time to get together and have a good ol' chin wag over some delicious eats and a bevvie or 2! Thursday 19th September, Kilim Petone, 7pm Please comment in the thread if you can make it so I can adjust the booking as needed. Map
  7. 'ello, 'ello This month we're heading back to Karori to get our meets on. One Fat Bird, Karori. 7pm on Thursday 15th. Hope to see you all there! Please let me know in the thread if you can make it along so i can adjust the booking as needed. Map Cheers!
  8. Actually, i did buy some floor pans! Kinda progress..