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  1. Good things take time and all that
  2. Hey hey hey. Good to see I'm getting more organised.... This month we'll be heading back to our old staple of 1841 in jville. Usual dealio. $22 (i think) mains and some sort of cheap jugs. 7.15pm Thursday 20th/in 2 days! See you there!
  3. See you guys tonight for some delightful burgers!
  4. Hello! Look at this! With 2 days to spare and everything. We are locked in for Seashore Cabaret on the Petone foreshore. It is 2 for 1 burger night which has worked out interestingly for us in the past... Thursday 16th, 7pm. See you there!
  5. Yip. 'Tis on my mind. Any thoughts?
  6. Ok. So I'm getting worse! I know, i know... Anyway, tomorrow night! 6.45pm 1841 in johnsonville. $22 mains ang jugs from $12. Hope to see you there even with my shocking organisation skills!
  7. Mourning Cupcake

    Automotive jobs in Welly?

    Hello. Quite possibly a mechanic job in Porirua. If your interested, let me know your phone number and I'll pass it on
  8. Wowee this week is disappearing on me! Lets get to it. Motukaraka point, just off Greys Rd round Pauatahanui. Tomorrow! 6.30ish Be there! MAP!
  9. I was thinking motukaraka point. Sorry, been a bit hectic round here. Will get something up!
  10. Mourning Cupcake

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

  11. Cracker day for it! Bring a coat.
  12. Hey you rapscallions, new deets up!
  13. Hello! Let's make the most of what remains of this summer weather and its matching beach meets with another trip to our favourite Plimmerton locale. MAP Across the road from the address marked on the map is a great parking area right on the beach front for those great sunset views. Come along, bring some eats, have a yarn. Fun Fun
  14. Hello! Does anyone have any recommendations for decent and well priced automotive upholsterers in the Wellington region? Please and thank you!
  15. Mourning Cupcake

    Upholsterer - Wellington Region

    Nah. Is for a guy at work. Wants his headlining done
  16. VERY late notice, but details up!
  17. Apologies for the late notice with this one! Nice and easy, Car park at the end of the road after Eastbourne (Map for your convenience) This Thursday from 6.30pm. The weather is supposed to clear up a bit by then, low wind, no rain. Should be good!
  18. Hellloooooo Campers! It's Wellington Anniversary weekend this weekend and we'll be heading over to the Catchpool Valley camp ground in Wainui for the Sunday night. Feel free to come along if you've got nothing on!
  19. Hello, 'ello Come one, come all to the last OS Wellington Monthly meet of the year! Car park around Redrocks, real easy to find. Drive to the end of the road. Done. Thursday 20th from 6.30pm. Bring some eats, a chair and some bevvies for some good yarns and catch ups before the family season descends.