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  1. Are you still bitter about being forgotten about last time?
  2. Thursday 15th April, Parrotdog Brewery/bar, Lyall Bay. Be there or be square. MAP
  3. Wont it technically start on the 3rd or 4th? Soooo 328 days.....
  4. I know! More than 1 days notice AND an ol' staple location.
  5. Another month, another meet. The cooler months are coming up fast, and I've had a request to go back to our roots and hit up Wholly Pizza in Thorndon again. Thursday 18th from around 6.30ish. Might be better if we can try stagger our ordering a bit so as to not overwhelm them. Park in the New World bottom car park. Here's a MAP for your convenience https://www.whollybagels.co.nz/the-pizza.php
  6. Hey! Look at this, a week early and everything. Go me. Since last months was cancelled due to many contributing factors (not just my late notice....) I'm just gonna Copy/pasta those deets for a fresh month. Noiiiccee Lets all meet for a chin wag and a slim chance of a look at some old cars, 6.30pm at Motukaraka Point off Grays Rd in Pauatahanui. Great spot. Even has toilets. FANCY. Map
  7. CANCELLED. Due to shit weather, people gots plans and my super late notice. Stay tuned for febs details which will likely be the same locale
  8. Ok. Looks like I'll cancel this month and start fresh in Feb. Oskar, it's super windy. I wouldn't recommend motorbicyling
  9. So the weather is rubbish. Is anyone interested in attending tonight? If so, I shall look to book something. Likely 1841 or Co-op
  10. Staying true to form, here's monthly meet deets at the last minute! 6.30pm tomorrow at Motukaraka point, Pauatahanui. I haven't checked the weather so be prepared for all kinds! Map
  11. Is anyone interested in a meet this week? Or too busy at this time of year?
  12. What a hectic week! Right, the forecast is looking rubbish so we'll go back to 1841 for a nice indoor meet. Thursday 19th November (for some reason I keep typing September....) Table booked for 7.15pm, if you can let me know in the discussion thread if you'll be making it so i can adjust the booking if necessary, that would be great. Map
  13. It was definitely a chilly one! Should've taken my own advice...
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