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  1. When I looked into it ~5 years ago I only found 3 types of 15in tyres that were manufacturer rated for a 10in wide rim, there's the Pirellis(?) that go on the back of a Countach/ 930 Turbo. some other high sidewall tyre and the only low profile tyre I could find was the Avon Semi slicks that go on the back of the fancy pants Caterham - these were $500/piece from memory. just a side note if you care.
  2. @Roman please DIY some superaccurate thermostat controlled oven that has ramp control. Post PowerPoint slideshow displaying results pls.
  3. Evan


    Autoblast from memory are $275+ GST/ hr. I got a text from them last month saying they were doing 15% off their rustproofing system for the month of March, if you go that way might be worth asking if they’ll still honour that.
  4. I imagine that was made with prepreg? Which would make alignment possible
  5. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCsx-HTIYPn3CiBQFd4rMyXw That guys done some cool stuff too making Carbon panels for hi Volvo Amazon.
  6. Hopefully someone picks up the tech and carries on, want me an Endo CVT
  7. I’m sure it’s possible, I’ve only ever run those discs on a polisher and it works well.
  8. Nylon strip discs - don’t put them on an angle grinder as it will spin them too fast and put too much heat into the panel, put it on a variable speed polisher so you can turn the rotating speed right down - it still removes the paint/bog but minimises heat (which warps panels). One disc will also last ages also. these things are what you’re after: https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/toolpro-toolpro-car-polisher-180mm/558317.html#q=Polisher&start=20&sz=60 https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/3m-clean-and-strip-disc-178mm-purple/p/265294
  9. The crossover pipe at the back of the heads in the below photo, can you unplug that heater hose and confirm there’s water in there/put some water in there? It looks like an obvious place for and airlock - I mean, how does the air get out of there? Also Google says thats a common place for an airlock and apparently it’s worse if you jack the front of the car up when filling the cooling system
  10. Put the OG manifold back on
  11. Still got the old water pump that you could put back into it?
  12. Worth getting the radiator cleaned out first to confirm its not partially blocked before you go pulling cylinder heads off? / convert it to meth
  13. Tried turning the heater on (I’m assuming it;s hooked up?) in case there is an airlock in that loop that’s upsetting coolant flow?
  14. I assumed they had swapped the mounts on the disco axles based on that article but maybe not? I’m sure Himalaya had a write up on it that I read awhile ago but I can’t find it now.
  15. Go fo Disco as a donor, like this one (not sure if its had the chassis swapped or just the running gear) https://bringatrailer.com/2015/04/08/impressive-build-v8-swapped-1967-land-rover-109-series-2a/
  16. +1 for giving it to Autoblast and paying them to deal with it, A+ people to deal with.
  17. I understand older versions are free until the end of the year (that's what the email I got said anyway) /switch to Fusion360.
  18. Evan


    the Salisbury version or whatever? does it have a 44 up front?
  19. Evan


    upgrading the Defender?
  20. What's everyone using for their air lines/fittings and how are they finding them for longevity/leakiness? Hard or soft lines? push to connect fittings? Swagelok fittings? duct tape? Paging @Nominal, @sheepers, @MRWEST, @_Matt
  21. Temperature has dropped and work has slowed. Have been deliberating over engine choices for aaaaages, was pretty set on running a M104 (basically a Merc RB/JZ), other alternatives included an M271 (supercharged 4 cylinder thing) or an OG M180. I flip flopped for about 18 months until this popped up on trademe for $1 reserve, it's mine now. So I brought a 54 year old engine that 'ran when parked' 20 years ago sight unseen. It's not an L series Datsun donk but rather a Mercedes M180 which is what these cars originally came with. It doesn't look half bad under the rocker cover but even with the plugs out and a bar on the front pulley it has no enthusiasm to turn over so could be seized, more investigating required..
  22. A man with silly hair in Hawaii bet you to it (skip to 5mins if the link doesn't go there automatically)
  23. Plot twist: It's a donor vehicle for the MS75