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  1. browndog

    Sod's 64 Cortina Cosworth

    I have no experience with them either, but always liked the look and the reviews sound great! I will rebuild it to stock, drive it around a bit to make sure it is all sorted, then start adding the Mountune upgrades
  2. browndog

    Sod's 64 Cortina Cosworth

    I have seen this car at Caffeine and Classics - love it, so cool, well done! 2 door Mk1 is one of my all time favourites, I have owned 2 of them, and wish I had kept at least one! I just bought a Mk3 Focus RS from a damaged vehicle auction, which I am rebuilding, so I think our tastes are probably similar!
  3. browndog

    Browndog's 1978 Ford Transit Sundowner

    I am the third owner. First was DB Breweries, until 1976, next was a guy Andy Walker, who pulled out the V4, fitted a 302 V8, C4 and 9" rear end, and used it to tow/service his Mk1 BDA rally car in the 1980's and 90's. It was parked up for about 10 years when I bought it off him around 2014. Needed a new battery, carb overhaul, as well as a few mechanical repairs, but was otherwise in pretty decnt shape. I have lots of NOS parts ad panels for it. Will be reinstating the original rear tail lights, deleting side windows, fitting an overdrive auto as well as a few other upgrades to make it nicer to drive. More about it here:
  4. browndog

    Browndog's 1978 Ford Transit Sundowner

    I had a call from the production studio last week, who are in season 5 of the TV programme "Westside" - a story set in the 70's and 80's about a West Auckland family trying to make it in the world. So I dragged out the Mk1 and Mk2 and cleaned them off, ran them up and down the road a bit, and then trailered them over to the TV studio. Feeling a bit guilty that I have not begun the restoration on them that was promised to them, but nice at least that they are out earning a few dollars to assist in this work which will happen eventually!
  5. browndog

    Browndog's 1978 Ford Transit Sundowner

    The Cobra Transit - yeehaa! What's it packing under the bonnet? Ford actually built a total of one of these back in the day................
  6. browndog

    Non cross-flow motors - what is out there ?

    love the ventilation system! Couple more pics I found of the 2.0 EB engine. This is the Focus ST version, with alternative alternator mounting. Might just fit in that box?! edit: just saw your post re column shift, that would make this engine (and many more) super difficult to achieve! You will almost certainly need to make a custom cable operated shift mechanism to mate with whatever gearbox you decide to fit.
  7. browndog

    Non cross-flow motors - what is out there ?

    here's my suggestion: 2013-ish FG Falcon Ecoboost. These are a 2.0 all alloy 16 valve Turbo, 270hp and I can't remember how much torque (lots!) coupled to a ZF 6 spd trans. You should be able to pick up a wreck for not much, I have seen a few go through NZ auctions for cheap. The engine is very short, and relatively narrow, turbo and inlet manifolds are tucked in tight, although the alternator hangs out a long way. And best of all, you are not cross pollinating!
  8. browndog

    Flash's 1965 Ford Thames

    Oh Gordon, didn't realise it was you! How you going over there? We (or rather my dad) had one of these when I was a little boy, I really loved it! Was a pale green colour going off my memory of it which was about 45 years ago! Any mods planned? Coyote V8 perhaps?
  9. browndog

    Flash's 1965 Ford Thames

    cool! I saw this advertised on the interwebs last year! Kinda quirky, and not a Kombi, I like it! Will follow your thread.
  10. browndog

    1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    for those wondering what became of the old Tranny.............. My brother bought it, and took it to Tauranga. He has fixed the brakes, and a few other bits and pieces, given it a good clean etc. and got it running and driving well. As I type it is now on its way to Avalon TV Studios in Wellington for its first job, starring in a NZ film about gang life in the 60's and 70's, as a Police van!
  11. browndog

    Browndog's Supervan 2 (yet another one!)

    I bought one of these Mk8 Transit Alcoa wheels,in 16x6 and 6x180. Going to try and fit them to the van. The plan is to fit a disc braked Mk7 DRW rear axle, with a ratio in the 3's. I will make adaptors or completely new hubs for the front to match the stud pattern. Tyres will be around 205/60x16 to get the circumference about right. I have always like the look of these style of wheels, and I think they will look badass on the old bus As an added bonus, they are 4kgs lighter per wheel than the 14x5.5' currently fitted!
  12. browndog

    Pushermans mk1 trannie

    How you going with this van, any updates?
  13. browndog

    Browndog's Supervan 2 (yet another one!)

    no room for a front mount, so it has to be a W2A But at least it means I could run an ice box if I wanted to!
  14. browndog

    Browndog's Supervan 2 (yet another one!)

    I think I will go straight to the intercooler! Problem is, I will have to mount the rad under the van, and duct it. There is no space up front. And I do like the look of the Whipple kit made by Yella Terra!.............. thank you cheers, it is much fun at the Auckland motorway on ramp traffic light Grand Prix
  15. browndog

    Browndog's Supervan 2 (yet another one!)

    Went to Meremere Dragway yesterday for Oldschool drags! Despite the non appearance of a couple of my fellow Transit owners, I still had a blast! It was my first time on a proper dragstrip, so had to learn quickly which amber light to take off on! Second one seemed to work best for me! Started at 15.7, went around straight to the back of the queue, and each consecutive run got 1-2 tenths slower, my fourth run netting a 16.2! (reaction times all similar) Decided to park up and have a think about it. Checked engine, and supercharger was quite hot, 65°C according to the infra red thermometer I found in my toolkit. Tipped my bottle of water over it, and that dropped it to 45°. A couple of trips to the hose and back with my water bottle and had it down to 25°. Let the engine cool some more, went out with temperature gauge not even registering and did a 15.2! So into the DYO, I dialled myself in at a 15.1. Was first to line up, and car in opposite lane dialled in at a 15.8. I led from the green, engine felt really strong and crossed the finish line a few car lengths in front. (I was told later my time showed at a 15.1) My happiness was short lived when on the return road one of the officials told me the computer malfunctioned, and we would have to run again! So got turned around straight away for another run (engine hot by now) Got quite a good start, but this time so did the guy in the other lane! I was closing in on him by the finish line, but he beat me by a bonnet length, I crossed the line at a 15.45 So that was me eliminated. Anyway, was a great day, and I learned plenty about the van. A decent intercooler, some more boost and I will be back next year chasing 14's! thanks to guywithaviators for the great pic And big thanks to all of the people who helped organise an awesome day