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  1. Progress has been a bit slow on this lately, with lockdowns etc. But I went to have a look last week, and we are getting close now. Really pleased with the quality of the work, it has not been a cheap exercise, but at least I will not be having to do it again the future! Still need to finish welding in the rear valance, repair some rust in the front spring hangers, rear seams of the front fenders, fit the mounting plate for the Mk3 power steering box, and notch one of the crossmembers to fit the 5 speed box, and that will complete this phase of the project.:)
  2. yeah nah, I have driven one of those, you wouldn't stand a chance!
  3. van wars anyone? It was a bit lonely in Supervan 2 last time. Will bring the Mk1 this time and burn some of Vitour's finest quality rubber
  4. Pickapart reopened yesterday in Auckland, and there was a mad rush for all of the good stuff! I have never seen it so busy, queueing to get in, car park full, big queue getting out. Bloody hot day too, I think I suffered a bit of sunstroke in my mad rush to grab the good shit! (this was only a small part of my parts haul below BTW, lots of parts for my race car were had too!) Anyway, the point of this trip was to get some better brakes for the Mk1. They have always been a bit scary - anything more than moderate pedal pressure will lock up the rears, not ideal! After some measuring, I discovered that the rear pistons on the Lincoln calipers were 65mm, whereas the fronts on the old Falcon XA calipers were only 61mm. The brake discs are similar size front to rear. So it actually has more braking on the rear than the front, which explains its tendency to lock the rears, not ideal for any car, especially a van with a relatively light rear end ! So, the solution I reckon will work is Mk4 Mondeo rear calipers with integral handbrake, discs and cables for the back end, and AU3 Falcon 2 pot front calipers, which will fit nicely on my existing slotted DBA rotors. I will rebuilt and paint them, and need to make some suitable mounting brackets, but hopefully that should sort the brake issues! All for around $250 https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/45289-browndogs-1972-v8-transit/page/4/
  5. Photoshoot on Tuesday at the Whitford Wharf for NZ Classic Car magazine. These are a couple of my crappy iphone pics, no doubt theirs will be much nicer, but you get the idea https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/45289-browndogs-1972-v8-transit/page/4/
  6. I have been trying to sort the ride out a bit lately on the Mk1. I replaced the rear multi leaf springs which were really stiff (5 or 6 leaves? ) with a pair of 2 leaf springs I nicked out of one of my Sundowners. This lowered the rear 40mm, and softened the ride up at the same time. At the front, I replaced the multi leaf springs which again were really stiff, with a pair of single leafs out of Mk2. This lowered the front about 20mm. The rear already had an ARB fitted, so I fitted an ARB to the front axle to give some balance to the front/rear roll stiffness. I had to fit the front ARB virtually inside the front axle beam, to clear the sump pan, but it all seems to works well. It drives and rides much better now, and grip has improved somewhat. Okay I probably won't be able to load 600 kgs of cement bags in the back now, but its working days are long over! A few pics of the front end: I also got rid of the hydraulic throttle, which was always getting air bubbles in it, and limiting throttle opening. Being bottom hinged made it feel quite awful to drive, a bit like an old VW or Porsche with bottom hinged pedals. I replaced it with a Lokar pedal, and fitted a matching pedal pad to the brake pedal. Browndog's 1972 V8 Transit - Page 3 - Project Discussion - oldschool.co.nz
  7. A small update. Left rear wheelarch repair panel welded in, and lower rear inner panel repaired and welded back in. There is a small triangle panel which I was waiting for which is the lower inner arch, now the this has arrived my guy can weld it in, as well as the lower outer rear quarters, as well as the rear valance. Super happy with the quality of the job so far, it is really nice when you find someone who does this level of work
  8. Went to panel guy's place this morning to drop some parts off, and check on progress. This guy just amazes me every time with his sheetmetal skills! Door steps had some rust holes in them, so he fabbed up new ones, complete with correct swaging. Check out the detail, once painted it will be impossible to tell from original. Same goes for the chassis section which carries the LH rear spring shackle. Compare to the pic above, perfection! It is quite nice going up there and seeing progress.
  9. C4 for a 4.1 or Clevo? I have a C4 in my Transit (302C) that I am going to swap out for an AOD that has been tucked under the bench forever. I sold a 4.1 C4 not that long ago!
  10. My panelbeater has already made a start on the repairs. Rear valance removed, and new part sitting in place. Lower rear quarters removed, which will be replaced too. Some rust repairs to lower body sections will be required before these can be welded in, and a repair to the LH chassis rail behind the rear spring hanger, where it looks like the spring has made contact and punched it upwards! Quite excited to see it progressing already
  11. only close? Damn, I will have to try harder!............ : ) yep that Jumbo was a mission and a half wasn't it? Looks good though, he should be happy with that.
  12. yes correct, I towed if from Whitford to Warkworth on Wednesday, so it was probably me!
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