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  1. yes it did. I put a little poster on each of the side windows telling its life story, and I think a lot of people enjoy that. I was walking past at one point and overheard one guy say to his friend "it's the Westside van!" World famous in Noo Zulland!
  2. a few more pics......... Browndog's 1972 V8 Transit - Page 3 - Project Discussion - oldschool.co.nz
  3. completed last week, and took it to the Auckland All Ford Day on Sunday Browndog's 1972 V8 Transit - Page 3 - Project Discussion - oldschool.co.nz
  4. I thought it was time for an update. Been a bit busy on other things, so the Mk1 has not had a lot of attention lately. But just cracked into it a week or two ago, and it is nearing completion now. Lots of NOS parts being fitted, which is always fun. A few pics to show the progress.
  5. I spent a few hours today bolting on some parts; lots of NOS parts which I have been collecting for this project. Headlights temporarily fitted, new bezels, bumpers, clear front indicators, tail lights and rear reflectors. The headlights I bought a few years ago are an interesting thing for trainspotters like myself; a pair of Cibie Biodes. Invented in the late 1960's, before the H4 dual filament halogen bulb was invented, they take 2x H1 halogen bulbs. There is a separate reflector in the lower part of the headlight (which you can see) that is the high beam, and t
  6. thanks guys. A lot of new shiny parts to go on, so this is really where the fun begins
  7. First job, get some bling on! Browndog's 1972 V8 Transit - Page 2 - Project Discussion - oldschool.co.nz
  8. Merry Christmas everyone! I picked up my Christmas pressie on the 24th, after months of being at the paint shop. It has been painted Ford :"Ermine White" although it does appear more creamy than I think it probably should be. No matter, I am quite happy with the result, it has been many years, decades actually, since this van was one solid colour!
  9. I checked up on the Mk1 yesterday. Panelbeater is doing a great job, and it is getting very close to final paint!
  10. yep mine was the same colour, same engine etc as that one. But none of the sound equipment! I did the YB conversion on that wagon too, I had forgotten about it to be honest!
  11. I removed the Cossie engine and sold it separately, put the awful twin cam back in, then sold the car! I think it is still around?
  12. I had one of these (actually I have had several!) but the last one I had was the most memorable. Magenta in colour, I removed the horrible 8V twin cam and repowered it with a YB Cosworth, put the Cossie suspension in, with Escort Cosworth wheels. Boost turned up a bit, it was pretty badass.
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