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  1. A small update. Left rear wheelarch repair panel welded in, and lower rear inner panel repaired and welded back in. There is a small triangle panel which I was waiting for which is the lower inner arch, now the this has arrived my guy can weld it in, as well as the lower outer rear quarters, as well as the rear valance. Super happy with the quality of the job so far, it is really nice when you find someone who does this level of work
  2. Went to panel guy's place this morning to drop some parts off, and check on progress. This guy just amazes me every time with his sheetmetal skills! Door steps had some rust holes in them, so he fabbed up new ones, complete with correct swaging. Check out the detail, once painted it will be impossible to tell from original. Same goes for the chassis section which carries the LH rear spring shackle. Compare to the pic above, perfection! It is quite nice going up there and seeing progress.
  3. C4 for a 4.1 or Clevo? I have a C4 in my Transit (302C) that I am going to swap out for an AOD that has been tucked under the bench forever. I sold a 4.1 C4 not that long ago!
  4. My panelbeater has already made a start on the repairs. Rear valance removed, and new part sitting in place. Lower rear quarters removed, which will be replaced too. Some rust repairs to lower body sections will be required before these can be welded in, and a repair to the LH chassis rail behind the rear spring hanger, where it looks like the spring has made contact and punched it upwards! Quite excited to see it progressing already
  5. only close? Damn, I will have to try harder!............ : ) yep that Jumbo was a mission and a half wasn't it? Looks good though, he should be happy with that.
  6. yes correct, I towed if from Whitford to Warkworth on Wednesday, so it was probably me!
  7. Hahaa! How is Peter's Transit collection going? They were available in a range of colours, with two tone green, or orange/red stripes. This is the first one I have seen with blue stripes. I have emailed Ford Australia to find out some more history on it. They seem to be pretty good at responding to request from owners of old Fords for information.
  8. And fast forward to yesterday, I stripped out the interior, loaded up the van with some NOS panels from my "stock", Loaded in the trailer and took it to my panel guy who did the Mk1 for me - exciting!
  9. So I gave it a good cleanout, removed all of the old shelving etc. I gave it a machine polish, as it was very dull, and I wanted to see what the finished product would look like. It had probably never been polished in 40 years, lots of blue coming off on the mop!
  10. just a nice restoration to standard. Might add some boost though
  11. yes correct. I prefer the blue colour, no other reason.
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